Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Well friends, whenever I feel low or depressed, I prefer to be amidst the nature. Since the natural objects rejuvenate me to live my life vivaciously. What I feel is that life which is devoid of enthusiasm and some aim is futile. So...I was telling you how the natural objects help me to surmount my negativity. Well, whenever you are reluctant to be in the company of your friends or family members, you better, go out for a walk and feel the gentle breeze. Believe me, it will have a soothing impact on your body and mind. You will forget about the can of worms due to which you are restless. Wind blows in various forms: sometimes it is like a gentle breeze, sometimes it is fierce, sometimes it is hot and humid and many a time it is freezing. So we learn a lot from the wind. As human beings, we should endeavour to face each and every situation of our lives boldly but calmly. Friends, let me tell you that aggression and anger are also significant traits of our personality but they should be expressed at the right time, and to the right people as their intensity may ruin our personality. 
So go through the poem The Wind which I composed recently.

Where you come from,
Where you go to,
Difficult to perceive, so calm
Wild sometimes, crazy and frenzy too.
None can imagine your appearance,
White or black, or red or blue,
Unable to guess your hue;
Serene it is when you blow,
Scares all when you hound;
Blow far, near and across the seas,
Soothes scares and freezes.
See the trees waving and clattering
Tossing, shaking and rattling,
This is the time when we feel you exist. But
Where you come from,
Where you go to,
Difficult to perceive, so calm
Wild sometimes, crazy and frenzy too.
It’s tough to be like the wind,
Diligence persistently and without any end;
Work that exists but comprises no identity,
And we strive only for identity.
But living for others full of ecstasy,
Love, sympathy, charity and mercy
Allow your conscience,
To shower them all;
Satisfaction you’ll find and,
Be praised by all.

Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself.
Mamta Sharma


  1. Thanks a lot Lucky. It's been almost a month since I wrote my last blog. But your comment has motivated me to blog once again.


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