Life after Hopelessness!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? Well folks, day before yesterday, I came across a report regarding increasing suicide cases in a village of India and I was shocked to read that almost 80 people committed suicide within last three months...The news also included the reasons behind such deaths. According to a psychiatrist, depression, hopelessness, and lack of willpower made people to take such extreme step...So through my blog today, I wish to draw your attention toward a fact that there is a life after tough and unfavourable circumstances. yes I know...that sometimes the pain, agony and situations are insurmountable yet  no crisis is bigger than our willpower. Nothing is as giant and mighty as our internal strength...Then why to take such step??? Life is the name of grand celebration but we can't live it at our own condition all the time...hence devotion and patience can help us to overcome our problems and grief. Losing hope and killing ourselves is not the ultimate solution. We should always remember that the Supreme power has sent us to this world intentionally  and we should express our gratitude towards Him for this great favour. 

Life is a history,
Full of mystery;
None can recognize it,
None can understand it;
Everyone has to play his role,
According to the Divine Soul;
Since Life is a history,
Full of mystery.
So till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and make your 'self' stronger and believe me this internal power will dwarf all your problems.
Mamta Sharma
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