Meditation: A Medium to Create a Positive Aura! (Part 1)

Dear friends, I keep emphasizing on the significance of meditation in almost all of my blogs. In the present scenario, the importance of meditation has enhanced.Due to the hustle and bustle of life, we all are living the lives of pressure, chaos, and stress.

Meditation therefore helps us to live a calm and peaceful live. It is a strong and powerful mantra, which helps us to gain positive vibes and inner strength. Meditation can help us to secure our metal and emotional well being. But before we commence meditation, it is very important for us to filter our thoughts. In order to acquire the qualitative and the peaceful life, it is mandatory to remind us of our inner strength. This awareness can help us to wade through the problems.
Very often in our lives, we come across several tough situations due to which we lose our patience and we get swayed by them.Friends, such situations create pathetic repercussions but with the help of meditation, we can create an aura of positivity and optimism. 
How can we create positive vibes in our 'Selves'? The very first step in this process, is the cleansing process. The cleansing process refers to the filtering of our thoughts. In order to do so, we would have to get rid of our habit of being judgmental and criticizing others. 
Moreover, meditation is not about being ourselves and talking to our 'selves' only, it is a long process which includes our entire thought process, decision making skill, and behaviour with others also. Friends, generally, we all have a habit of dominating or controlling others but when we are learning how to meditate, we'll also have to learn how to accept others, as they are. 
The second and very important step in the process of cleansing our thoughts, is to not to be carried away by the adverse circumstances. When all the people around us are getting worried and tensed, we would have to learn to be patient and calm. This may sound very weird to you,  but once we start working on this skill, we will emerge as mentally and emotionally stronger people.
So this is the time to say good night to you all. Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy and love yourself. Folks kindly ponder about the importance of cleansing process which helps us in meditation.
Mamta Sharma
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source: Lecture of BK Shivani


  1. Meditation...the ice breaker b/w ur mind nd soul....of utmost requirement in the present scenario

  2. yup Lazy this world which is full of chaos and constant struggle
    , meditation is a strong medium to survive.


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