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This Deepawali Let's Enlighten Our Soul!!

The grand festival Deepawali is being celebrated with great zeal and fervor. Deepawali, the festival of lights is celebrated on the Amavasya which means a dark night. Surprisingly the diyas lit in the nook and cranny of the place doesn’t let us notice how dark the night is! How beautiful they seem with twinkling tiny lights! But allow me to state that these diyas emit light till there’s oil left in them. So we keep filling the diyas with oil throughout the night so that the small lights don’t extinguish. Hence we need two vital things: one is oil which is essential to keep the wicks burning and other is our efforts of putting oil in diyas.
Well, we can have the same philosophy in our life too. If we yearn to live a successful life, we require two pivotal elements. One is vigour to achieve success and the other is willingness to take pains to go extra miles. Actually we are not familiar with the enormous strength lying within and thus it often remains unleashed. Due to lack of appropria…

Expiry Date...

While purchasing some products, we are very curious to know about its brand, company, its manufacturing date and ingredients used in it. But let me share with you an important piece of information about ourselves. Like products, we all have an expiry date in this world. Sorry to make you feel offended but we must remember that each of us will just go one day. And this mere thought can surely excel us as individuals day by day. This stage is the commencement of Yoga as this helps us to see beyond physicality. #Maira believes that this philosophy can help us to wipe out the problems such as selfishness, mean mindedness, anger, and several other problems which are threat to our society. Take care. Bye

Life is more than Sex and Money!!!

Well, in today’s world, the young generation is laced with innumerable modern technologies. Fortunately, people are in a blissful world where they have access to things which used to be beyond our imagination 60 years ago. So let’s discuss the impact of such a wonderful time on our lives and personalities. Because of the use of modern technologies, we’re blessed with the enormous convenience which has transformed our lives entirely. Despite a drastic transformation in all the walks of life, we are living our lives with long faces. So much dejection and angst is prevailing everywhere. People especially young generation, are in total dilemma as they think that acquiring immense wealth and doing sex is the  real aim of their lives. There’s nothing wrong if one desires to accumulate money or to fulfill the physiological needs but getting mad after these things make us physically and mentally sick. We can’t deny how significant money is for our survival and it is a cause to distress in the …