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This isn't Over...

On Sunday morning, I was travelling, when someone called me up to share something very significant. It was very disappointing to hear the news as it was about a young school boy who committed suicide. The boy was scolded for riding a bike without license because he hit a cycle rickshaw. The boy was sent back home by the principal with a warning to not to repeat the mistake. Everything seemed OK but nobody comprehended what the boy was going through. As soon as the boy reached his place, he took out his father’s revolver and shot himself. Unfortunately, his parents were not present at that time or this tragedy would have been avoided. The young boy, who would have several dreams about him, couldn’t fulfill them. What a life his parents would have imagined for him but alas this conversation seems futile now. But through my blog, I would like to give a message to all the young boys and girls to not to raise such a step as their lives shouldn’t be ended in this way. No matter how much anno…

Plans for Our Old Age

Well folks, how are you all? Very often, I interact with the aging people and find out that they are filled with immense apprehension about their retirement age. Such as, what they would do after their retirement, how they would they spend their time, they are reluctant to go to their children’s places as they have their own lives. Apart from that they feel aloof in the new places and in new neighborhoods. There are several questions which cloud their minds and these multiply their tension. Well, they are right, up to a certain extent. After spending several years of a routine life, they are scared of not having any disciplined life as they would have abundance of time after their retirement. Their children wish them to be busy so that they don’t feel alienated and bored but what should they do? Let me share a real story with you all. Last week, I happened to visit my relative who lives in my city only. He is retired and has his wife, only son, his working daughter-in-law and two sweet …

Let’s Be Fear Proof and Healthy

Well folks, these days we all prefer the items which have strong protective layer on them such as waterproof watches, shoes etc. We like them because they are durable in their protective coating. Let’s ponder about the things which are required to make our lives longer and durable. This might sound strange to you yet there are certain protective layers which if we’ve on our minds, will help us in leading to extraordinary and healthy lives.  Yes, I mean it. I am talking about fear proof lives. Let’s cast a glance over our daily routine and interestingly, we would come up with innumerable habits and things that make our lives not less than hell. There are certain fears which remain with us constantly and turn out to be hazardous due to their negative side effects.   We have the following fears: Fear of DeathFear of diseasesFear of Natural DisasterFear of HeightFear of Losing our JobsFear of ExposureFear of losing our family members, friends, or someone specialFear of Public SpeakingFea…

Accessories Add Charm to Our Personality

According to Google dictionary, an accessory is a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive. Indeed, they do. A person with simple looks and ordinary clothes gets an extraordinary looks if he or she knows how to select the right kind of accessories. People love to have a collection of sunglasses, watches, scarves, earrings, bindis (a patch made of plastic, available in different shapes and colours), valets, shoes etc. Accessories have become the inseparable part of our day to day life. Going out with them seems an impossible task and we feel very confident while wearing them.

But in this blog, I’m not talking about the accessories which we use in our day to day life. I wish to focus on something else. I’m talking about the real accessories which we already have and don’t have to purchase them from anywhere else. These accessories are fantastic and add some extra charm to our personality. We need to explore them within us.

Selfie Smile Vs Real Smile

Well folks, these days, selfie is in rage and so is the selfie smile. I love to see how people make their best efforts to get a perfect selfie. We make faces, have pouts, smile (sometimes weirdly) or pose differently to get the best shot. We are ready to do anything to add to the best effects to our selfie. Sometimes our efforts pay and sometimes they don't.

Now comes the next step and this is to upload our selfie on some social networking sites. This is followed by an elongated wait for our friends' complements and likes. Our endeavors seem to succeed if our posts receive expected (or unexpected) number of likes. If our posts don't grab the attention of the viewers, our endeavors fail due to which we feel apprehensive sometimes.
Have we ever thought how many extra endeavors, we make just to attract peoples' attention? How much time we spend in getting clicked? But let me ask you what extra endeavors we make to get our minds and bodies relaxed or cheerful.
We all are famil…

Brighten Your Spirits and Succeed

If someone asks you what does brighten up your spirit, just think, what your answer would be. Which thing or person instillsyour lives with enthusiasm and happiness? What does uplift your spirit to do something which gets you to the next level? Is it your family, your passion, your work, your ‘me-time’, the smile of your little baby or the social service you do? Just think and let your ‘self’ know about it and note it down in a journal.
No matter how old you are or where you are living or what kind of life you are leading to, what matters the most is how much willingness you have to raise the level of yourself, your life, and your happiness.

I urge you all to take out time to let yourself know about such fantastic things and feel the drastic transformation in your lives.  Many times when we feel low or uninteresting, we can surround us with such people or things which make us feel better.

If we really wish to move ahead in our lives, it's significant to gather positive things and peop…


Give Priority to Yourself to Live Successfully Well folks, how are you all? Last month while having a discussion with one of my family members, I had to face his annoyance. He got angry with my statement which was ‘WE SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE.’ He said this thought showed my petty perception and self-contentedness. You won’t believe that the accusation made me dejected and disappointed and I left the room at once. Later, I kept thinking where I was wrong and why I was misinterpreted. After a contemplation of 2 hours, I found no change in my viewpoint. That small tiff steered me to write my today’s blog that ‘WE SHOULD LOVE OURSELVES MORE THAN ANYBODY ELSE.’
Now let me share the reasons why I have such an opinion. We’ve several concerns and responsibilities in our lives. We’re so trapped in them that sometimes, it becomes utterly tough for us to prioritize them. But on the basis of my experience, I can say that nothing matters as much as our own ‘selves’.

We c…

Change Your Thoughts to Win!!!

Well Folks, have you ever thought, what do you do when don’t do anything? A bit confusing question! But still you need to find out the answer. So let me respond that we keep talking to our ‘selves’ when we are sitting idle. The persistent chattering in our minds makes us uneasy and unhappy. We feel stressed out, irritated and depressed without knowing that such negative self-conversations ruin our mental peace.  We seem relaxed and quiet outwardly but we’re trapped in a whirlpool of thoughts. This seems unbelievable yet it’s significant for us to get familiar with the role of such interactions in our lives.
Let’s focus on what this self-talk is all about. When we notice, we will figure out that generally these self-talks are pessimistic and negative. negative self-talks on our well-being. We keep blaming ourselves for the previous mistakes and failures etc. We keep uttering the negative declarations such as why my life is not as good as others’? I’m not lucky.  I don’t get the retur…