Public Speaking: a Life Changing Skill!

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Well folks, do you feel comfortable while speaking to a large gathering? If the answer is 'Yes', it shows that you are confident yet you need many such opportunities which can enhance your skills as a public speaker and if your answer is 'No', then nothing to worry, since none of us wants to show one's vulnerability to others, especially to the strangers. Though learning this wonderful skill can not only change our personality but also our lives. While talking with my students regarding their public speaking skill, I find most of them reluctant to speak out their minds to a crowd. Further, most of them are unable to muster their courage to face their audience. Moreover, the reason behind their reluctance is not the lack of fluency in a particular language, but it is their fear and helplessness of  coming out of their comfort zone. it is really tough to face the people, because we are scared of the things such as criticism, negative feedback, losing our confidence, mocking people, dealing with the tricky questions so on and so forth. This list is very long but if we give in to our fear, nothing will help us. 
So here are some simple rules which we all can set to overcome our fear of public speaking

Self-believe: We are the only people, who know who we actually are. So there is no need for hiding anything from our selves. It is better to jot down the points where we are lacking or inexperienced. After gathering this valuable information about us, we require to plan our further strategies to tame our weaknesses. 
100% Competence is Impossible: Well friends, generally what happens is that we lose our morale to know about our flaws, since no body wishes to ponder about one's fragility. We are fond of praises and admiration but we would have to cajole us that in order to improve, it is essential to know and accept our flaws. One significant thing is that 100% competence is very rare yet we may endeavor to acquire it.
Watching Motivational Videos: We should not compare ourselves with others but in order to become a successful and confident public speaker, we can watch motivational videos, available on-line. Though everybody has a unique style but we can learn how the other public speakers are different from each other and what kind of content they provide while addressing public.

Practice, Practice and Practice: I won't say that practice makes a man perfect because all of us know this saying very well. Yet it is vital to know how useful it is in our lives. While watching and attending the sessions of other public speakers, we might think about how immaculate performance they make or how picture perfect presentation they make! but let me tell you, that they have acquired this impeccable style of public speaking because of their devotion and hard practice. If we make something our habit, nothing can prevent us from going ahead. So we'll have to practice, till we become expertise in the art of public speaking.
Apart from the points, mentioned above, we require to have self-motivation to make a headway. As the American motivational Guru, Jim Rohn says, Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going.
We'll have to develop our reading habit which may help us to enrich our knowledge. So I think...this is sufficient for today. We'll surely meet tomorrow with a new topic of discourse, till then take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and remember nothing can stop you, if you are determined to do something. 
Mamta Sharma


  1. Ur best audience is your neither jeers nor chuckles unlike a mob...speak ur heart out...its response will be exactly as good as your speech

    1. Very true dear...persistent practice is required to be a perfect public speaker.


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