Silence has its own Language!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well...friends, silence is an essential part of our life...words are important but not always...We often land up in uncontrollable situations sometimes...because of  the wrong choice of words and sometimes words create an entire mess in our lives...So one thing that works brilliantly well with such chaotic instance, is silence. Let me tell you, it has its own language which is serene and has essence of tranquility. It is a divine quality which draws our attention towards our "inner selves".

Silence has its own language,
Though it’s serene and strange;
It’s dumb like cattle,
But chats like a rattle.
Difficult it is to get its language,
Because silence is needed to get its message.
Lo, it’s the Nature’s part insignificant,
Since Nature has beauties magnificent.
Far from this hustle and bustle,
There’s a world of silence, mute but does rustle.
Since it preaches us to seek inside,
For the light divine that has to reside,
Forever in our heart,
So never keep it apart.

So till our next meeting, take safe, healthy and happy and don't waste your words and make silence your language...and you will see the best result.
Mamta Sharma
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