Life: A Wrestling Bout!!!

Hello Everyone,
Living life is easy if we know the art of living successfully and if we're familiar with this art, we will stop thinking about destiny...So read the poem...Life: A Wrestling Bout which I composed recently...the poem shows how despite grappling with certain tough issues we, all try our best to live and come out as the winners...

Among a great crowd while people do shout,
 Two combatant stout do struggle in a huge bout.
Rolling, reeling, punching and knocking down,
Screeching, yelling and bellowing with a frown. 
Tossing each other with contort and scowl,
Frenzy and whirl all-around referee watching like an owl.
No one is ready to retreat,
Enterprising hard to beat.
Finally one perches on the other,
Making his rival miserable and smother.
Multitude is praising the winner’s valor,
Staring with sarcasm, at the laying pallor.
This was all about the wrestling ring,
Have we forgotten the glory of the King?
This world is a bout and we struggle with our Destiny
Rolling, reeling, punching and knocking down
Screeching, yelling and bellowing with a frown.

Still strive to live the life uncanny.

Now it is time to say bye to you all...So take care, be safe, healthy and yourself...and don't let destiny knock you down...because your strength, positive attitude and wish to live a wonderful life, will get you reach for the sky...
Mamta Sharma


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