Overcome Negative Thoughts

It was a very significant day for me. I had been waiting for this day since very long. It was my first day in my new office. I was excited since I was the boss there. I was ready in time. I took my car out and left for the office. I was 20 Km away from my destination and took the route which is generally not very busy. After a 15- minute drive, I was aghast to find a traffic jam. I remained positive and expected that it would open up within five to seven minutes. Let me mention that this was long before people had cell phones. I came out of the car and inquired of the policeman on duty, who informed me that it might take time. On hearing this, I panicked. “O God, I don’t want to be stranded for hours”, I thought. I didn’t know how to inform my new employer. It would ruin my impression on him. I remained in that jam for 25 minutes but that time seemed like 24 hours. I kept thinking about the repercussions of being late. Now, after several years, this incident m…



Bring You Success!

Bird Mystery

I noticed that everyday I was awaken by a special kind of chirping, a bird's chirping. It seemed quite uncanny and mysterious to me! How could the same bird could wake me up?? I asked this question to my Self several times.
Friends, let me mention that I always wished to join the group of early risers however despite all my efforts, I could not do so! Therefore, I started a new practice which was to give instruction to my inner self every night to wake me up at 5 AM sharp. This might sound unbelievable to you all but this is true that every morning I was awake at sharp 5 without any hassle.! And most interestingly I used to feel very fresh!
So, coming back to the birdmystery, it seemed to me as if it was the same bird which used to sing outside my window. I was not able to spot it since there are 6 small but dense trees in my lawn. The bird used to sing in a different tone! I mean its voice was unique and then I tried to interpret it. To my surprise, it seemed to say,…

Money is God!

Recently, I was having an interaction with one of my acquaintances who is quite opulent. In the middle of our talk, he said, 'I hate money'. This bewildered me entirely since despite having enormous wealth, he hardly ever shows any concern for the needy or the poor. Though I don't like to argue on any issue however I took my stand and I asked him why he detests money. He responded, 'Since he has to make lots of efforts in order to manage his wealth.' This annoyed me! So I kept quiet!
Friends, I know that gentleman has an immense attachment with his money but he doesn't want accept it publicly. Friends, this is a very common mindset. We all love and cherish money but still we have a sort of hesitation in accepting this fact.
The reason being is that we've been trained in such a way to that money is root of all the evils! And this sows a seed deep inside our heart that thinking about earning money is an evil thought and we must be corrupt in order to acquire…

Emotional Well-Being!

'I'm going to salon.' She said to me hastily! I looked at her and smiled since I didn't have words to respond. She slammed the door on my face and rushed to the salon as she didn't want to get late for her appointment. She is my best friend who hails from a metro city. I really appreciate her sincere efforts that she makes for her own self. She goes extra mile when it comes to her looks and physical well-being. She makes sure that she goes to her beautician twice a month. She hits the gym every single day. She is well familiar with what she should have on her diet chart. Undoubtedly, she's pretty, elegant and seems younger than her actual age.

Hence there's something that bugs me consistently. She's unaware of her emotional health. She hardly has any control over her emotions. She's like a wound up spring when she babbling on and on! She wallows in self-pity as she feels that everyone avoids her. There're two different personalities. She beams …

Anger Management (Hindi)


5 Changes in order to get immediate Confidence!

Friends, let me mention that we should never get scared of change. This is true that we lose several things when a change occurs however we should also not forget that change may lead to a wonderful transformation.
Now let's discuss what kind of changes may transform our life. A positive change can help us to transform our entire life.

If we know who we really are then we never ever look up to others in order to judge our own 'Selves'. So the first change is stop looking to others for their judgement about you.We often trust others' perception when it comes to assessment of our personality or perception which exhibits our low self-esteem. Hence, believing in us is the second significant change in our behaviour that is also known as 'Self Belief.' The third very important change is a change in our habits. Actually we are slave to our habits which bring us misery. Therefore, if we are determined to change our habits, we can see us excelling each and every moment.T…