Are We Addicted to Something???

Adieu Addictions As This Is My Life!!!

The term 'Addict' refers to a person who cannot stop doing or using something, especially something harmful. It’s a Latin verb addico which means ‘giving over’ either in a negative or positive sense. Actually, there’s a restrictive definition of the word addiction since it’s linked with the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking etc but this has a wider interpretation as well. Surprisingly, in today’s scenario, all of us seem in the ecstasy of being addicted for instance; someone has addiction for drugs, someone has addiction for watching pornography, someone loves watching television for hours, somebody is addicted of his/her lover, somebody has a craving for some dish, so on and so forth. Hence, there is a long list of our addictions. So this is obvious, that we need to think beyond the traditional meaning of addiction.

Why does this addiction exist?

This is a decisive question, which we need to ask from ourselves. WHY DOES ADDICTION EXIST? Why do we surrender ourselves to our addiction? Why do we prove frail or puny to our habits? I read somewhere that addiction is not by chance, it happens by choice. I mean addiction can’t be categorized as some disease which refers to some physiological malfunction. When someone is addicted to something/someone, it is his psychological choice. When we feel pleasure while having or doing something, it’s considered addiction. No doubt, there’s a pleasure incorporated when we satisfy our mind by doing something over and over, yet we can’t deny the repercussions which cause immense pain, when we’re not able to satisfy our yearnings. Let me share my own experience with you all. Few months ago, I felt a strong craving for having green cardamoms. I couldn't notice when this habit intensified over a brief span of time and I started eating 20-25 cardamoms one after other every single day. This led to certain problems such as respiratory problem, shortness of breath and chest problem etc. That was the moment; I decided to not to have it anymore. It was really very tough and unstoppable exercise for me. Yet, I was determined to get rid of this addiction of mine.
After all, it's my life and I can't let some small thing like a cardamom, to rule me. I preferred pain of not satisfying myself over the pleasure of having it. Initially, I vowed not to have it for 1 complete week. I noted it down in my journal and whenever I felt a craving for it; I used to read my promise out loud. Gradually, I increased the time period from 1 week to 1 month and now I'm almost out of this addiction.  

Well folks, what are you addicted to? Just think and don’t forget to read the remaining part of my blog Adieu Addictions As This Is My Life!!!
Mamta Sharma



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