To light a candle is better than to curse the darkness.!!!

To light a candle is better than to curse the darkness.

Hello Everyone,
                           Yesterday...while reading an article by Ruskin Bond which was published in The Sunday Times, I was mesmerized by one of the sentences as it exhibits the real philosophy of life. Well dear friends...generally we keep brooding about our problems, failures, or impediments persisting in our lives and unknowingly we happen to create a negative aura around us...and after a certain period of time and being in the same negative state of mind, we emerge as optimistic fellows and propagate utter negativity all around. So dear friends...don't you think it is better to seek for the solutions of our problems rather than criticizing them. We all have heard...A bad workman always blames his tools. So these hindrances should be considered as new exposure that may end up in various opportunities. We all love the idea of being successful but it is not east to do task. Please go through the life stories of successful opportunities and possibilities have not fallen into their laps...they have acquired success which involves their blood, sweat and tears. So dear friends, please allow me to share some powerful ways to change our failures into golden success...if we really wish to excel in our is essential to have ambition along with determination to change our situation and this will surely come to fruition but have patience...Now after this, we proceed to our intrinsic strength...we will have to take care of our internal all might be thinking why almost in all of blogs...I emphasize on our internal power....friends in this materialistic world...people think that putting on branded clothes, shoes, diamonds....getting an unusual hairstyle which is in vogue...and using expensive i-pads, cars...we can project us as the most confident people...but is not that...confidence comes from within...prayers...meditation, spirituality, humility and humanity make us more our tummy requires balanced diet for physical well-being in the same way our mind too needs good thoughts for being mentally and emotionally stronger. The other very significant step is to be silent about our strategies which we are likely to implement to get success. Very often I hear people boasting they are going to acquire riches within a very limited period...friends these plans are for ourselves and not for the world...because our success stories will automatically reach the people all around...if our strategies work. We should never forget that silence has its own language...In the meantime, I would like to draw your attention toward our superficial knowledge of success which is often misinterpreted...SUCCESS DOESN'T REFER TO ACCUMULATING IMMENSE WEALTH...being successful means we have enough to live our lives satisfactorily. And if we are full and our conscious allows..we can think about helping others as well. OK... here come the last steps..we should not get scared of taking risks and facing we have nothing to lose...we should not worry about what people would say if our plans fail...our lives remain for a short span of we are not here to appease others...we've to refrain ourselves from the people who have negative such vibes won't let us go ahead in our it is time to wind up our discourse...
So till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy and yourself...and change your perception to celebrate your  life...even the Almighty wants us to do the same...
Mamta Sharma.



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