Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Life, Passion, and Success!

Hello Everyone,
Two days back, I met up a young girl who was pursuing her professional degree in a small city. She was smart, intelligent, funny, and prudent but after conversing with her for a while, I got an impression that she was not in the pink of her health. She seemed to have suffered immensely because of her family problems. Moreover, she belonged to a well-off family but it was the emotional void which kept troubling her now and then. Because of which, that girl could neither concentrate on her studies nor could she enjoy her life. She lost the vivacity, vigor, and pleasant vitality from her life and this worried me lot. But friends, life is too short to have the long term grudges. It is essential to mold our lives positively for better future.
Well friends, we all know that life is the most precious gift, though we can’t control over the occurrences such as which parents we would be born to or which family we would live in, yet we can transform our lives later, if we are adamant to do so. Folks, there is a vast difference between the life which is lived wonderfully and the life which is just lived. A life without any specific aim goes in vain and therefore we need the lubricants such as passion, self-motivation, self-belief, and yearning to run our lives efficiently and successfully. Friends, life is beautiful as long as we remain joyous, healthy, and successful. In order to equip our lives with these blissful qualities, we must break the monotonous and vicious circle of persistent instances which teach us to live the ordinary lives. I mean, it is essential to ponder about the kind of lives, we are leading to. Do we have some reason which ignites us to move ahead? Where is the spark in our lives? Do we have intense motivated and pleasant lives? Or we simply are dragging our lives aimlessly? So, let me mention here that without finding out the answers to these questions, none of us can live a meaningful life. But what should be done to transform our lives?
 "My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."
In the above mentioned quote, Steve Jobs gave an incredible mantra to live a successful life and in which he asserted that our lives can be changed entirely and positively if we know about this most significant resource, which exists in our lives, and this asset is TIME.  I guess that it was the proper and prudent investment of time only, which made Jobs’ innovative and charismatic ideas a huge success within a very short span of time. It was his passion to do something new the each and every moment in his life which made him unique. Even though fired from his company, Jobs never got depressed or dejected as he considered that time as a break which he dedicated to improve his skills as an individual and a professional.
Another very vital aspect to fill our life with exhilaration is that we believe in action and consistent deeds. Until and unless, we are active, we cannot expect from our ‘selves’ to lead to extraordinary lives. Believing in karmas and coming out of our comfort zone can make our lives unexpectedly fabulous.
"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations."
On our way to success, we come across innumerable problems and one of them is fear of making mistakes. So as doers, we must learn to accept our mistakes as nothing can prevent us from going ahead if we indoctrinate this habit. Knowing and accepting our mistakes is a step forward towards our success. So we need to recognize our own caliber of creating something new which is not only beneficial for us but also for our society. So through my blog, I wish to convey my message to all my readers to not to forget the real aim of their lives because luckily we’ve got the human life and we should not waste it in experiencing grudges against someone or something.

So till our next meeting, take acre, be safe, healthy, and happy and love yourself.
Mamta Sharma
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Hello Everyone,

How are you all? Well friends, whenever I feel low or depressed, I prefer to be amidst the nature. Since the natural objects rejuvenate me to live my life vivaciously. What I feel is that life which is devoid of enthusiasm and some aim is futile. So...I was telling you how the natural objects help me to surmount my negativity. Well, whenever you are reluctant to be in the company of your friends or family members, you better, go out for a walk and feel the gentle breeze. Believe me, it will have a soothing impact on your body and mind. You will forget about the can of worms due to which you are restless. Wind blows in various forms: sometimes it is like a gentle breeze, sometimes it is fierce, sometimes it is hot and humid and many a time it is freezing. So we learn a lot from the wind. As human beings, we should endeavour to face each and every situation of our lives boldly but calmly. Friends, let me tell you that aggression and anger are also significant traits of our personality but they should be expressed at the right time, and to the right people as their intensity may ruin our personality. 
So go through the poem The Wind which I composed recently.

Where you come from,
Where you go to,
Difficult to perceive, so calm
Wild sometimes, crazy and frenzy too.
None can imagine your appearance,
White or black, or red or blue,
Unable to guess your hue;
Serene it is when you blow,
Scares all when you hound;
Blow far, near and across the seas,
Soothes scares and freezes.
See the trees waving and clattering
Tossing, shaking and rattling,
This is the time when we feel you exist. But
Where you come from,
Where you go to,
Difficult to perceive, so calm
Wild sometimes, crazy and frenzy too.
It’s tough to be like the wind,
Diligence persistently and without any end;
Work that exists but comprises no identity,
And we strive only for identity.
But living for others full of ecstasy,
Love, sympathy, charity and mercy
Allow your conscience,
To shower them all;
Satisfaction you’ll find and,
Be praised by all.

Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself.
Mamta Sharma

Monday, 16 May 2016

Meditation: A Medium to Create a Positive Aura! (Part 1)

Dear friends, I keep emphasizing on the significance of meditation in almost all of my blogs. In the present scenario, the importance of meditation has enhanced.Due to the hustle and bustle of life, we all are living the lives of pressure, chaos, and stress.

Meditation therefore helps us to live a calm and peaceful live. It is a strong and powerful mantra, which helps us to gain positive vibes and inner strength. Meditation can help us to secure our metal and emotional well being. But before we commence meditation, it is very important for us to filter our thoughts. In order to acquire the qualitative and the peaceful life, it is mandatory to remind us of our inner strength. This awareness can help us to wade through the problems.
Very often in our lives, we come across several tough situations due to which we lose our patience and we get swayed by them.Friends, such situations create pathetic repercussions but with the help of meditation, we can create an aura of positivity and optimism. 
How can we create positive vibes in our 'Selves'? The very first step in this process, is the cleansing process. The cleansing process refers to the filtering of our thoughts. In order to do so, we would have to get rid of our habit of being judgmental and criticizing others. 
Moreover, meditation is not about being ourselves and talking to our 'selves' only, it is a long process which includes our entire thought process, decision making skill, and behaviour with others also. Friends, generally, we all have a habit of dominating or controlling others but when we are learning how to meditate, we'll also have to learn how to accept others, as they are. 
The second and very important step in the process of cleansing our thoughts, is to not to be carried away by the adverse circumstances. When all the people around us are getting worried and tensed, we would have to learn to be patient and calm. This may sound very weird to you,  but once we start working on this skill, we will emerge as mentally and emotionally stronger people.
So this is the time to say good night to you all. Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy and love yourself. Folks kindly ponder about the importance of cleansing process which helps us in meditation.
Mamta Sharma
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source: Lecture of BK Shivani

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Don't be the Control Freak Parents!

Apart from the several festivals which we celebrate throughout the year, the most popular fest is known as 'Lucknow Mahotsava' which is conducted in December, every year. All of us look forward to this wonderful occasion, since apart from several cultural and social programmes and performances, the shopkeepers from all over the country come to sell their diverse paraphernalia such as antique jewelry, pickles, furniture, clothes, and many more such things which are unique and are available at affordable rates. This fest is like a center of attraction for the foodies also, since the City of Nawabs is famous for its delicious Muglai Cuisine, makhan malai, and palatable sweets. 
So let me share one of my experiences, when I visited the fest. Then I came across some kids who were all set for their cultural performances. I wanted to click those kids who were dressed as Shahzada-e-Awadh and Shahzadi-e-Awadh, they all were looking very attractive and cute. But they all seemed restless since they had been waiting for their turn to perform since very long.  Their mothers seemed more wound up and pressurized about their kids’ performances. All the kids were traumatized because of the delay in their performances.In the meantime, two kids started crying for biscuits since they were feeling hungry and they had been waiting in their full make-up since very long. But I heard their mothers asking them to keep quite because eating biscuits could spoil their lipstick. The mothers promised the kids to treat them with chocolates, if they performed well.  I was bewildered to see the narcissist mommies. It was a scary scene which still has a profound impact on my mind. 
Well friends, I often come across the mothers, who see their children as their own extension, which is not justifiable. I understand that parents have some expectations from their children and there's nothing wrong with this feeling. But burdening them with our own dreams and aspirations, is like snatching our children's wonderful childhood. 

Childhood is the very initial stage of our lives and right upbringing works as a perfect mold to shape out children's personality. Hence it is essential to understand Child Psychology. Further, it helps us to establish a healthy relationship with them. In order to make our children confident, self-motivated, and better performers, it is significant for us, as parents, to realize their liking and disliking. 
So, it's time to wind up...till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy, love yourself and please don't be control freak parents in order to make your kids successful.
Mamta Sharma
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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Life of Detachment in Attachment!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well friends, we all know that death is the ultimate reality of life. One who is born will have to die one day. Yet we own this world as if we have drunk the elixir of immortality. In order to make our lives comfortable, we endeavored to acquire materialistic things which proves to be a wild goose chase. So what I feel is, it is futile to accumulate immense wealth since it has been with us till we are alive. Death will snatch everything from us one day. So we should be believe of detachment in the attachment. 

No one wishes to die,
They own the world as if they would never die;
They say they never lie,
But often lie about not to die;
This world seems so magnificent
As a never lasting place luminous and brilliant,
If God Himself asks human
May he wish to go to heaven?
He agrees joyously
To the Heaven’s journey,  
But after knowing the truth
Vanishes his joy and mirth;
He wills to be the inhabitant
Of the place called Heaven
Without leaving this world outstanding
This comprises his valuables, and relatives demanding;
His greed knows no bound,
And forgets to have smiles but is always frowned;
Live as if there’s no tomorrow,
Detach from this world and feel no sorrow;
Humanity, charity and Sympathy,

They are Godly traits and ability. 
Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and learn to do charity.
Mamta Sharma
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Friday, 13 May 2016

Public Speaking: a Life Changing Skill!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? How was your day?
Well folks, do you feel comfortable while speaking to a large gathering? If the answer is 'Yes', it shows that you are confident yet you need many such opportunities which can enhance your skills as a public speaker and if your answer is 'No', then nothing to worry, since none of us wants to show one's vulnerability to others, especially to the strangers. Though learning this wonderful skill can not only change our personality but also our lives. While talking with my students regarding their public speaking skill, I find most of them reluctant to speak out their minds to a crowd. Further, most of them are unable to muster their courage to face their audience. Moreover, the reason behind their reluctance is not the lack of fluency in a particular language, but it is their fear and helplessness of  coming out of their comfort zone. Hmm...so it is really tough to face the people, because we are scared of the things such as criticism, negative feedback, losing our confidence, mocking people, dealing with the tricky questions so on and so forth. This list is very long but if we give in to our fear, nothing will help us. 
So here are some simple rules which we all can set to overcome our fear of public speaking

Self-believe: We are the only people, who know who we actually are. So there is no need for hiding anything from our selves. It is better to jot down the points where we are lacking or inexperienced. After gathering this valuable information about us, we require to plan our further strategies to tame our weaknesses. 
100% Competence is Impossible: Well friends, generally what happens is that we lose our morale to know about our flaws, since no body wishes to ponder about one's fragility. We are fond of praises and admiration but we would have to cajole us that in order to improve, it is essential to know and accept our flaws. One significant thing is that 100% competence is very rare yet we may endeavor to acquire it.
Watching Motivational Videos: We should not compare ourselves with others but in order to become a successful and confident public speaker, we can watch motivational videos, available on-line. Though everybody has a unique style but we can learn how the other public speakers are different from each other and what kind of content they provide while addressing public.

Practice, Practice and Practice: I won't say that practice makes a man perfect because all of us know this saying very well. Yet it is vital to know how useful it is in our lives. While watching and attending the sessions of other public speakers, we might think about how immaculate performance they make or how picture perfect presentation they make! but let me tell you, that they have acquired this impeccable style of public speaking because of their devotion and hard practice. If we make something our habit, nothing can prevent us from going ahead. So we'll have to practice, till we become expertise in the art of public speaking.
Apart from the points, mentioned above, we require to have self-motivation to make a headway. As the American motivational Guru, Jim Rohn says, Motivation is what gets you started and habit is what keeps you going.
We'll have to develop our reading habit which may help us to enrich our knowledge. So I think...this is sufficient for today. We'll surely meet tomorrow with a new topic of discourse, till then take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and remember nothing can stop you, if you are determined to do something. 
Mamta Sharma

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Being Old is like Living our Childhood Once Again!!

Being Old is like Living our Childhood Once Again!!

Hello Everyone, 
How are you doing? We often hear people saying that with age come experience, contentment, maturity, and spirituality. But this is the one aspect of the coin, as with age, comes negativity too, which sometimes fills us with insecurity, fear, depression, tension and stress. Well folks, today I want to discuss the importance of old people in our lives.

Since my childhood, I have a habit of spending my time with the elderly people because I feel that they need company. They have innumerable tales and narratives to share with us but due to lack of time, spending time with the old people is considered as waste of time. On account of this solitude, their lives are devoid of happiness, excitement, and the spark which they would have at their young age. In a country like India, where joint families are broken into nuclear families, and I feel that the old people are rejected and dejected now. There used to be the time, when big and extended families used to live under a roof. Everyday seemed like a celebration or fest. Each and every member of the family had a bond with each other.
The old grandparents would give the valuable guidance to their grandchildren. We were cushioned against the odds because of their existence in our lives. And they also, never felt unwanted or aloof in their families but now with the changing scenario, everything has changed drastically. The increasing number of old age homes proves the lessening significance of the old people in our lives, families, and society. So folks, why is it a must to take care of the old people emotionally, physically, financially, and personally? 

The answer is...because they are an inseparable part of our family which plays a major role in our upbringing, personality development, character formation, and  success. One more reason of why we should look after the elderly people, since everybody in this world is getting old. It is said 'Try to treat others, as you would want them to treat you". Therefore, it is essential to empathize with the old people because we expect from our children to take care of us, when we'll be old.
I agree with the fact that there is a generation gap between us and our aging parents but it is important that we listen to their suggestions and there is no harm to follow them, if we find them useful. 
Now I realize that our parents' blessings can fill our lives with miracles. So making them happy and rejuvenated by wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries, throwing surprise parties for them, planning a family outing together, or preparing food of their choice won't cost us too much.
Friends, just think about the pains, sufferings, and countless nights without sleep, that our parents went through when we were sick. So now, it is our turn. Can't we be by their side, when they need our company badly? 
So till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy and value your aging parents  and express your gratitude towards God, if they are with you.
Mamta Sharma

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Time is Money!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? I have been occupied these days hence, I couldn't talk to you.
Well folks, today our discourse shall revolve around the importance of time. We all are familiar with the fact that time is money, yet it is quite hilarious that we waste time, and keep saying I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF. So how can we stop time to fly? How can we get smart with time? How can we get extra time? Well folks, just rack your brains and  come up with some valuable outcome. 

Friends, this is the time of SMART WORK not of HARD WORK. I mean to say that it doesn't matter what amount of time we are spending to get a work done, but what matters is how much we achieve in the given time period. Time Management is an essential life skill which helps us to be more productive. So this is crystal clear that Time Management ensures our success.
Let me tell you friends, that there are specifically three Time Killers which prevent us to be more productive. The very first Time Killer is Laziness, the next Time Killer is Indecision and the third Time Waster is being Inactive. 

Hence, it is a must to overcome these three demons to avoid time wasting and to live our lives successfully. But how can we do so? The very first thing is to make a priority list. We keep complaining that despite lots of work, we are unable to get the positive result. This is due to the lack of proper priority list. We can wake up early so that we can have extra time to do our work. Folks, if we want to get rid of indecision, and anxiety, meditation can help us. Since it helps us to have control over our thoughts. Moreover, regular mediation helps us to concentrate on the right things which results into optimism and this will surely help us to take the right decisions. 
We'll have to acquire the skill of delegation of work and labour division. The mastery over these two skills can make us to save our time. Further, we'll have to be our best critic in order to find out the reasons of our inefficiency. Once we  figure out these reasons, it'll be easier for us to avoid the disturbance which creeps in our daily routine. So sleeping at the right time, waking up at the right time and thinking in the right direction can help us to manege our time and to be more productive.
So it is time to wind up, till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy, love yourself and learn how to manage your time.
Mamta Sharma

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Life Without You Maa

Dear Mom,
This long journey of life would have been more beautiful, had you been there with me. How happy you would have been to see me blossoming in terms of knowledge, progress, and maturity. Mom, today on this wonderful occasion, I want to tell you that I miss you very much. I regret the fact that you never gave any priority to yourself. You never paid any heed to your desires and aspirations. The old memories are still alive in my mind, when you would keep sitting beside me when I was not feeling well. Mom, you sacrificed your precious life in order to raise me up and to give me a quality life. I always took your love and care for granted, as you had become my habit. Like we can’t survive without breathing yet we never realize its significance in our lives. We think of it only when we feel suffocated. Mom, I miss you more when I find myself aloof and lonely in this world. Mom, I want to say sorry for my unreasonable behavior and vent of anger. Had you been there with me, I would have helped you to achieve your dreams; the places you wanted to visit, the people you wanted to meet, and the things you wanted to do. Now when I’ve become mature and older, I’ve come to realize, your sacrifices and immense love for me but it's too late. You left me for your ultimate journey to the heavenly abode yet you will reside in my heart forever. Mom, I will work harder to fulfill your expectation which you had from me and I'm sure that one day, you will be proud of me, mom

I Love you, Mom

Soaring Like a Kite!!

Hello Everyone,
Kindly go through the following poem, which I composed today itself. The name of the poem is Soaring Like a Kite. We all like to see the flying kites which include diverse colors, shapes, and sizes. Folks, have you ever thought about the spirit and optimism of Kites? They always desire to measure the limitless sky. It is very sad to see a Kite wobbling down while its tether is cut, snapped, or broken. But at that time also, it seems dancing as if it is celebrating the end of its life. Since it has a firm faith that its new owner will fly it again. So I wish to live my life as a Kite since it lives its life full of pleasure and satisfaction.

I wish to be like a kite,
Soaring high to the sky.
I wish to have a brief but colorful life,
I wish to dance at the music of fife.
Amid odds and spaces uncanny,
I fancy exploring the paths many.
I wish to be like a kite,
Soaring high to the sky. 
Flying, dancing and wobbling,
I wish to flow with the wind, bobbling.
I wish to be like a kite,
Soaring high to the sky.
Unknown to the fate and consequence,
Still has vigor to at life’s expense.
I wish to be like a kite,
Soaring high to the sky.
Either I would exist or disappear,
Yet no regrets to live in fear.
I wish to be like a kite,

Soaring high to the sky

So like a Kite, we should also celebrate our lives, since the end of one life signifies the commencement of a new chapter i.e. a new life. Now it's time to say bye to you all, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and celebrate each and every moment of your life.
Mamta Sharma

Tears and Cries...Part of our Lives!

Last month, I went to a university to deliver a lecture on Emotional Quotient. After it got over; a student came to see me in the department of journalism, where I was having coffee with the dean of the department. I was astounded to see him…I remembered his face very well, as he was sitting in the first row and during my entire presentation of 2 hours, he kept mum. He seemed lost in his own world. As a presenter; sometimes it is very challenging to come across such an audience. I tried to make the lecture interesting and interactive by including humour and cracking jokes yet there seemed no impact on him and then to avoid digression, I thought to not to pay heed to him. ‘So…what is he doing here? And why does he want to see me?’ I asked myself. He waited till all the other professors left the room and then he began with his conversation. He had tears in his eyes which made me more restless. He narrated his entire story which included his emotional imbalance, weakness and feeling self-accusation. He told me that he was very weak emotionally and due to which he would cry very often. He talked about his family members who also made of a fun of him by saying ‘Why do you behave like a girl as crying is a girlish trait?’ Because of this habit, he avoided meeting people, social gatherings and even coming to the college. This affected his performance as a student and a learner very badly. He wanted me to tell him why he was so weak emotionally and how could he overcome surmount his problems. ‘I'm no psychologist,’ I told him ‘but I will try to help you.’ Then I asked him several questions regarding his personal life. After talking to him for about 40 minutes, I managed to jot down all the relevant points about his personal life such as how he lost his father at a very young age, how his mother got depressed because of this sudden turmoil, how due to financial crisis, he didn't have a penny to pay his fees and how inferior he would feel to see the boys of his age around him, putting on their best clothes, shoes and playing in the evening so on and so forth.

I didn't utter a single word during those 40 minutes except listening and nodding my head to him and in this way, I let him pour his heart. Now it was my turn to express my point of view and I started to counsel him. The very first thing, which I revealed to him, was that he was not unfit emotionally as our crying is a humanly instinct. Tears are a way to express our emotions of sadness and happiness. Though they are considered a weak trait of a person but everyone has unique personality and individuality and we cannot compare one person with the other as our personality is formed on the basis of our surroundings and circumstances as well. The person who expresses his feelings in such a way, never burdens his soul…I mean he expresses whatever he has in his heart and never lives with a heavy heart. He is honest as he can’t hide anything from the person close to him so we should not get scared of tears just because they project as vulnerable people. While talking to him, I could see a beam of hope on the boy’s face. I suggested him to start writing a journal or a diary to express his pent up emotions. I also told him to come out of his comfort zone and to start interacting with people around him as he would have to get rid of his fallacy that everyone is selfish and self-centered and this would surely provide him with lots of confidence. Books are the best friends that never betray us so I asked him to befriend them. Reading crams us with lots of knowledge which would help him while speaking with the people from diverse fields. I suggested him to set his small goals and to make strategies to achieve them. At the end of our conversation, he assured me that he would work on his emotions by following my suggestions. After expressing his gratefulness, he left the room and I could see a change in his swagger. Thank God…the purpose of my lecture was fulfilled!! 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Life after Hopelessness!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? Well folks, day before yesterday, I came across a report regarding increasing suicide cases in a village of India and I was shocked to read that almost 80 people committed suicide within last three months...The news also included the reasons behind such deaths. According to a psychiatrist, depression, hopelessness, and lack of willpower made people to take such extreme step...So through my blog today, I wish to draw your attention toward a fact that there is a life after tough and unfavourable circumstances. yes I know...that sometimes the pain, agony and situations are insurmountable yet  no crisis is bigger than our willpower. Nothing is as giant and mighty as our internal strength...Then why to take such step??? Life is the name of grand celebration but we can't live it at our own condition all the time...hence devotion and patience can help us to overcome our problems and grief. Losing hope and killing ourselves is not the ultimate solution. We should always remember that the Supreme power has sent us to this world intentionally  and we should express our gratitude towards Him for this great favour. 

Life is a history,
Full of mystery;
None can recognize it,
None can understand it;
Everyone has to play his role,
According to the Divine Soul;
Since Life is a history,
Full of mystery.
So till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and make your 'self' stronger and believe me this internal power will dwarf all your problems.
Mamta Sharma
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Silence has its own Language!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well...friends, silence is an essential part of our life...words are important but not always...We often land up in uncontrollable situations sometimes...because of  the wrong choice of words and sometimes words create an entire mess in our lives...So one thing that works brilliantly well with such chaotic instance, is silence. Let me tell you, it has its own language which is serene and has essence of tranquility. It is a divine quality which draws our attention towards our "inner selves".

Silence has its own language,
Though it’s serene and strange;
It’s dumb like cattle,
But chats like a rattle.
Difficult it is to get its language,
Because silence is needed to get its message.
Lo, it’s the Nature’s part insignificant,
Since Nature has beauties magnificent.
Far from this hustle and bustle,
There’s a world of silence, mute but does rustle.
Since it preaches us to seek inside,
For the light divine that has to reside,
Forever in our heart,
So never keep it apart.

So till our next meeting, take care...be safe, healthy and happy and don't waste your words and make silence your language...and you will see the best result.
Mamta Sharma
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Hello Everyone, 
Please go through the following story 'Sainthood' and give your feedback...since it is a real story.
“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
   But I have promises to keep,   
   And miles to go before I sleep,   
   And miles to go before I sleep.”
                                                            ‘Robert Frost’
I love the above stanza which I have extracted from the poem ‘Stopping by the Woods’ written by Robert Frost, a well-known American poet. The poem is about how the poet reminds himself of his duties over the worldly beauty. If we all have the sense of our duties…no pleasure or enjoyment can drift us from our path of ‘Karmas’. However in this insensitive and materialistic world which is full of selfish, practical and self-centered people, we hardly find anyone, who renders his service and affection to others selflessly. Yet there are still people around us, who keep themselves detached even leading to a life in this materialistic world and their perceptions are beyond religion, race, caste and creed as they believe in humanity. Though a very few in number, yet they exist and what I feel that the goodness prevails because of them only. However their deeds remain unrecognized many a time, but they keep working silently and continue to head on the self carved path, which leads them to sainthood.
Now let me introduce KAKU whose character encouraged me to write this story. He is a retired Public Works Department employee who lives in my neighborhood with his simple and homely wife. The childless couple seems to be made for each other. Kaku, the embodiment of simplicity, is a scraggy and feeble old man, always attired in a white kurta- pyjama, with a sleeveless jacket and a Gandhi cap on his head.  There seems nothing extraordinary in this story but there is a magnetic power in Kaku, which is because of his goodness.

My morning is never fulfilled without getting his blessings in the response of my ‘Namaste’ to him. But since past few days, I didn’t see him. This made me utterly perturbed. So after entire one week passed, I decided to visit his house. I bonged the doorbell and after few minutes there came Kaku’s frail wife with a familiar smile on her face. I smiled back and asked her where Kaku was since I had not seen him for the past one week. She ushered me to his room where he was lying on an old charpoy. He had not been feeling well because of biting cold of Lucknow. I was thankful to God to know that there was nothing to worry and he was down with fever only.
So Kaku is such a person whose heart flows with the immense love for humanity and all the other creatures of the earth.  His morning starts with offering water to the sun, the Lord of light and energy. Then he travels a long and arduous journey on foot, with a huge bag, dangling on his left shoulder. After I rented a flat in that locality, it was beyond my imagination, why early morning, Kaku left for a certain destination with his cloth bag and why the smoke kept coming out of the kitchen chimney when there are only two members in his family. It was much later when I learnt that the toil was made not for him or his family but for those creatures who keep roaming unnoticed. In order to feed animals such as ants, sparrows, parrots, monkeys, dogs, cows and buffaloes, he has various small cloth bags of food grains, flour, chapattis and breads inside a huge bag. Today when the entire world is pondering about how to save the sparrows that are at the verge of extinction, and Kaku’s house can be heard echoing with the chirps and twitters of this tiny sweet bird.
Life was never a bed of roses for Kaku. He’s a candid and straightforward fellow who always listened to his heart and never cared for the consequences. During his job, once he had an argument with his officer and for was suspended for such a petite reason. For twenty long years, he had to lead to a wretched and miserable life, but this turmoil strengthened his determination and he kept on fighting against the unjust happened to him. During this span of time, he had to work as an electrician and a salesman in an Ayurvedic medical store to meet his daily expenses.
Nevertheless, feeding the mute and dumb animals was still the integral part of his routine. No blow of brutal time could budge him away from performing his duties that he’d been making since his boyhood. Like a Pole star, he was determined to fulfill his resolution.
Destiny had to give in at last to his stern and staunch character, he won and got his job back but his precious twenty years had flown away to never to come back.
Still Kaku can be seen wandering on foot, prescribing people Ayurvedic treatment for their ailments. Even sometimes he himself gives the medicines to them free of cost with the precaution to be taken while having them.
What a life of devotion and sacrifice! What a work that desires no appreciation, no recognition! But the tremendous contribution of his wife should also be considered that supported Kaku in each and every decision of his. It is not his nature to talk too much about his ordeal but after having been nudged, once he told me how people started avoiding him when he was jobless. But people’s bizarre behavior couldn’t make his life negligible.
Kaku’s wrinkled face reveals the story of his unbearable plight and his tough struggle with time and penury but still many secrets are unraveled. How he would have fed the animals when he himself did not have enough to eat? What would have made him so strong to devote his life to the unnoticed creatures? What would make him keep going?
I pay my reverence to Kaku. When there’s chaos everywhere and people hardly trust anyone, people like him usher us to the winding but right path which leads to humanity.

Mamta Sharma

Thursday, 5 May 2016

This shall too pass

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? What's new in your life? Well...our journey of life seems very tough sometimes...as majority of us are disillusioned and keep acknowledging the persistent resistance in the form of various fears and apprehensions. Would we get a good job? What would happen after when we would become old? What would happen at the time of death? so on and so forth...Innumerable negative thoughts enter our minds through different sources, such as the type of people we meet, the kind of occurrences that take place in our personal or professional lives etc. These negative vibes, fears and apprehensions don't let us settle for a while. Sometimes, we are afraid of our own shadow. So what to be done to overcome such problems? Folks, we can't flee from these negative thought...since the more we would ignore them, with more intensity, they would bounce back to us. Moreover their impact on us is so profound that several other problems crop up such low mood (depression), irritation, frustration, despair and emptiness etc.So it is essential to confront them with great confidence and valor. I've already described the immense strength of our internal self in my previous blogs. So let me tell you friends that there is no hindrance on our way to attaining self control. It can be done easily, if we have perseverance and determination to do so. These days people are familiar with the significance of their physical strength to live a quality life  and in order to do so, many of us go out for walk, do exercise, try to have healthy food but what about our mental health? Are we taking enough steps to have mental fitness?. How can we be strong mentally and emotionally? The answer is...we'll have to train our minds, emotions, and the way of thinking. We must endeavor to do self actualization and believe me it seems very difficult in the beginning but once we are expert in it, there is no impediment. 
So the next time, when your suffer from low mood and your mind lets you know that you are not able to control the situation because you are feeble and puny, you will have to get rid of this thought. Hmm...how can you refrain yourself from such negative thoughts...by reining your negative emotions. Develop a habit of spending some time with yourself. Make meditation the part of your routine and just after waking up and before turning in, pray and tell your 'Self' that you don't have to worry everything is possible as you are very powerful. You are beyond all the petty worldly affairs. Try to read positive literature, meet optimist people and pray and keep yourself reminding that nothing in this world is permanent...everything changes in due course of time...the same happens with us also...just think and tell me if you agree with me...This shall too pass...
Mamta Sharma

Smile, Laugh and Live a Better Life!!!

Hello Everyone,
Do you remember the last time, when you burst out laughing? The object of your laughter was probably your boss, peer, neighbour or a fleshy guy with a big belly. My question might bewilder you but this is the topic for today's discourse 'Significance of Smile or Laughter in our Life'. Folks...gone are the days of our childhood when our life was like Alice in Wonderland...I mean no work pressure, no broken relationships, no burden of how to acquire bread and butter...and now we rarely find any reason to smile. However despite the hustle and bustle of our lives when we happen to get time to recall the sweet memoirs of our childhood days, the faint pictures start flashing across our minds...free spirit, innocent smile, kiddish games, our toys and bed time stories used to be all we cared for...Our small but wonderful world was devoid of any malice, tension, apprehension, argument etc. Hmm...hang on for a moment...are you there?? It seems everything gets changed with the passing years...when we are kids, we aspire to grow up because at that time we find our parents in a better situation but our innocence and kiddish pleasures disappear into thin air as soon as we become mature with the increasing years. Well...why smile and laughter should be an inseparable part of lives and how we can get the reason to do so in this fake and artificial world.
I don't know about the other countries...but in India...several laughter clubs have become the source of seeking happiness, motivation and inspiration. Now every morning, it has become a common sight to see diverse groups of people standing in a garden and laughing their heads off.
OK let's count the benefits of smiling and laughing...the very first point is smile which is complementary to our personality. A smiling face is a synonym to a confident, optimistic, youthful and friendly person. It is contagious and has a favorable impact on a smiling person's companions as well. Nobody likes to be in the company of a rude or fussy person. Moreover smiles and laughter create a magic on our physical and mental health. It is believed that people who laugh their heart out, seldom fall sick because they rejoice each and every moment of their life. Such people are good at socializing so they have more friends than the people who hardly smile or give a crack smile.  
In today's stressful life, a smile can make the things easier...as it lightens our mood. A smile on our face makes us more comfortable and assertive while being interviewed or while making a presentation. 
So get ready with a smile on your face to face the challenges of life...laugh away the trivial issues and wear a smile on your face and fortune will smile at you...
So till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself...and don't forget to make laughter and smile the part and parcel of your life.
Mamta Sharma

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Invaluable Value...

"Long ago, Ben Graham taught me the price is what you pay: Value is what you get"
                                                                                                                             Warren Buffet
Good Morning Dear Friends,
How are you doing??? Yesterday while going through the corridors of the Architecture Department of my college...I happened to see the above quote painted on the walls by the architecture students. I liked it immensely and noted down instantly. Friends...do we ever measure our success....or achievements....do we ever compare our present performance with our past performance?? How much progress we have made since we started our career and are we satisfied with its pace? Are we valuable to our market place? If the answer is 'yes' then it is a must to focus on our future strategies to enhance our value so that we don't lag behind in this tough competitive era and if the answer is 'no' then we require lots of time, energy, and self-analysis. Friends, mulling over the aspects, which can ensure our success, is inevitable. The American motivational guru, Jim Rohn says we never like our children to remain in the same class for several years bec'A Zen Master was asked the secret of his happiness. He replied, 'When I wake up in the morning, I ask myself: Do I want to be in heaven or hell? I vote for heaven, and create heaven in every moment.' So what are we doing to bring happiness to our lives? How are we converting it into heaven? Let me share with you friends....our attitude, philosophy, our willingness to change our levels, activity and right decision can steer us to the right direction...and we can enhance our value in our pursuit to success... 
ause a life without any headway and betterment is futile. A beautiful quote, which I came across in today's news paper is
Now allow me to take your leave...till our next meeting take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself...and brood over the ways which can change your life...and never be reluctant to learn new things daily as the new learning add invaluable value to our lives...
Mamta Sharma

Our Time Will Come!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Friends...some times nothing goes as per our wishes...it seems, we are getting weaker and weaker...despite our best efforts, nothing positive happens. There is no ray of hope...the entire world seems like our enemy...even the best friends, family and well wishers also seem very far...and we are aloof, dejected and disappointed. This is the time when we decide to give up...we stop having self belief...we feel that everyone is our enemy...Don't worry...and be positive...don't be apprehensive...our failures are not the end of the world. If we are in crisis...we should muster our courage to fight with it. In addition to that, we should stop paying any attention to the world....what people would think about us...what would they say at our failure....how would people react if we happen to make some error??? Friends...if we really wish to be at ease and want to lead to meaningful lives...we'll have to stop thinking absurd. Appeasing people is not the goal of our lives...as we are here for our selves...and we won't let ourselves down. So friends...please go through the following poem which I composed yesterday...I'm sure you would like it.
Time may be tough,
Paths may be rough.
People may not be supportive,
Our voice may be unassertive.
Our body may be worn out,
Our legs may be tired out.
Despite prevailing darkness everywhere,
Despite no one familiar anywhere.
Remember your inner voice and confidence,
Remember there is a light of His existence.
Don’t let your faith in Him fade away,
Winter before spring has gone away.
No darkness can overcome light for a long,
No winter before the spring can prolong.
Your day will come one day,

Have patience and wait for that day.

So till our next meeting, take care...be safe, healthy and happy...love yourself and learn to flow with the circumstances so that you, without losing your energy and hope, can get the destination. Since each lock has its key and each problem has its solution...We are never alone...a positive energy is flowing with us...only we have to learn to recognize it and then to use it for our own benefit.

Mamta Sharma