Being Old is like Living our Childhood Once Again!!

Being Old is like Living our Childhood Once Again!!

Hello Everyone, 
How are you doing? We often hear people saying that with age come experience, contentment, maturity, and spirituality. But this is the one aspect of the coin, as with age, comes negativity too, which sometimes fills us with insecurity, fear, depression, tension and stress. Well folks, today I want to discuss the importance of old people in our lives.

Since my childhood, I have a habit of spending my time with the elderly people because I feel that they need company. They have innumerable tales and narratives to share with us but due to lack of time, spending time with the old people is considered as waste of time. On account of this solitude, their lives are devoid of happiness, excitement, and the spark which they would have at their young age. In a country like India, where joint families are broken into nuclear families, and I feel that the old people are rejected and dejected now. There used to be the time, when big and extended families used to live under a roof. Everyday seemed like a celebration or fest. Each and every member of the family had a bond with each other.
The old grandparents would give the valuable guidance to their grandchildren. We were cushioned against the odds because of their existence in our lives. And they also, never felt unwanted or aloof in their families but now with the changing scenario, everything has changed drastically. The increasing number of old age homes proves the lessening significance of the old people in our lives, families, and society. So folks, why is it a must to take care of the old people emotionally, physically, financially, and personally? 

The answer is...because they are an inseparable part of our family which plays a major role in our upbringing, personality development, character formation, and  success. One more reason of why we should look after the elderly people, since everybody in this world is getting old. It is said 'Try to treat others, as you would want them to treat you". Therefore, it is essential to empathize with the old people because we expect from our children to take care of us, when we'll be old.
I agree with the fact that there is a generation gap between us and our aging parents but it is important that we listen to their suggestions and there is no harm to follow them, if we find them useful. 
Now I realize that our parents' blessings can fill our lives with miracles. So making them happy and rejuvenated by wishing them on their birthdays, anniversaries, throwing surprise parties for them, planning a family outing together, or preparing food of their choice won't cost us too much.
Friends, just think about the pains, sufferings, and countless nights without sleep, that our parents went through when we were sick. So now, it is our turn. Can't we be by their side, when they need our company badly? 
So till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy and value your aging parents  and express your gratitude towards God, if they are with you.
Mamta Sharma


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