Personality Development and Swami Vivekananda

Hello Everyone,
Well…friends toady I would like to discuss entirely different issue with you all…So kindly tell me which kind of personality attracts you…I it a handsome and dashing fellow with tall height, dark hair and perfect physique? Or a damsel with carol lips, pretty face, fair complexion, etc.. appeals you more? Just take out some time to brood over this interesting fact. Friends…let me ask you few more questions…what do you think the term personality is all about? And how can we have the best personality? If we consult the Oxford Dictionary, the term personality means the qualities that form a person’s character. Generally, it is considered that personality is the combination of IQ and EQ, So Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient play a pivotal role to form our personality. Interestingly, there is abundance of content pertaining to how to have a perfect personality, available on line. Some includes the information about how to have immaculate communication skills for our effective personality, some consists of knowledge of general etiquette and mannerism and the most hilarious and weird guidelines or videos that we can access to is about how to have the most extraordinary personality traits to impress our girlfriends. 

But Swami Vivekananda, a Hindu saint, an avid reader, a philosopher and revolutionary character, believed that life is a long process of learning and the experience which is acquired day by day, lays the foundation of our personality and a considerable life.
In the present scenario, everyone is suffering because of ‘I’ and this 'I' refers to egoism. So minimizing this habit of self-importance makes us more sympathetic and empathetic. We will have to behave as self-critics…which means knowing about our drawbacks and weaknesses and working on them to have perfection. Friends without doing so, we won’t be able to have a flawless personality.  

Swamiji says fortune is like a flirt; she cares not for him who wants her. So running after fortune is a huge mistake and if we really wish her to be our side…we’ll have to make certain changes in our 'selves'… we will have to be the master of our own fate as fortune goes to a master not to a slave hence being the slave of bad habits won't  help us to build our character. Moreover, it is essential to have mental, physical and emotional strength so that we can have dynamic personalities. Friends..last but not the least...if we we are sick or broken...the perfect communication skills or branded clothes can not create any charisma it is mandatory to work on our intrinsic qualities and this change will help us through out our all the other things are secondary.
Till our next meeting...take safe, healthy and yourself and work on your intrinsic qualities for a better personality.
Mamta Sharma


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