I Wish to be a Child Once Again!!!

Where have you all gone?
You have gone as you never existed before,
I still remember your love and care,
That you'd scatter over me,
This love is still very rare!
And I seek it out but never see.
How selfless your love was!
Still I remember your affectionate scolding;
How you make me survive like a fledgling.
Where have you all gone?
Crestfallen and disappointed this heart is,
Don’t you love and care for it now?
Don’t you feel its agony and pain?
Alas!  So Distant and silent you are!
And don’t hear my cries so far.
Shower your affection once again,
Since I want to be a child once again,
Yours is a selfless and love eternal!

Yearn to secure your love paternal!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? Sometimes I feel...I'm a nostalgic...as I love to relive my childhood days when I had all my close ones around me showering their immense love over me...How safe and sound...I would feel in their arms!!...I had a feeling that they would not let me fall...but I still remember...how dejected and disappointed I was when they all abandoned me here in this mundane world!! How could they do so?? I would interact with my 'self'...I commenced pondering about it hours and hours and in this course of time...I started developing a closeness with the Almighty...and friends you won't believe how safe and peaceful I feel after being in this relationship as I know He is not going to let me fall...He is not going to leave me alone like my worldly relatives did...He can never be far from any of us...He wants us all to feel closeness with Him...so forget about your sufferings and pains since He is there with us to lessen our grief and agony...

Till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy, and happy, love yourself...and try to have a communion with the Almighty...as only He can usher us through the darkness of this world!
Mamta Sharma


  1. Thanks a lot Snigdha...Kindly give more such comments so that I can do better.


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