Life: A Wonderful Gift!

Hello Everyone,

How are you all? 
Well friends...we should smile for we've been gifted one more wonderful day to live...thank God we are granted to experience one more beautiful day!!! Friends...but how for granted do we take our lives??...We spend our days in the way as if we are going to be here forever. But Steve Jobs once said that every day he thinks as if it is the last day of his life...and that's why he combated all the odds and pains in his life...he worked to perfect his each and every moment of his life...and he acquired name, fame and success. He left the world at a young age but he kept fighting till his last breathe. Friends...let me share the secret to live a glorious successful life...Never rest till you get the desired goal...Dr A PJ Kalam said that your dreams should not let you sleep....if you are living a monotonous and tired means you are wasting are going against the Almighty's will. Don't live a mediocre life...decide what you want to do....plan how you would like to implement your plans....and with your whole heart, work…work…and work till you get the desired success. Your belief in yourself has power to achieve anything. Nothing can stop you if you have resolved to do something. Take out your apprehensions and worry since they will dissuade you to move ahead. Refrain from the company of pessimistic and negative people as they are going to ruin your positivity. Friends…some introspection is required…get ready with the plans that you wish to work upon. Life is uncanny, unpredictable but a process of consistent get ready for your surprise...
Till our next meeting...take safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and take your life seriously....
Mamta Sharma


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