Don't be the Control Freak Parents!

Apart from the several festivals which we celebrate throughout the year, the most popular fest is known as 'Lucknow Mahotsava' which is conducted in December, every year. All of us look forward to this wonderful occasion, since apart from several cultural and social programmes and performances, the shopkeepers from all over the country come to sell their diverse paraphernalia such as antique jewelry, pickles, furniture, clothes, and many more such things which are unique and are available at affordable rates. This fest is like a center of attraction for the foodies also, since the City of Nawabs is famous for its delicious Muglai Cuisine, makhan malai, and palatable sweets. 
So let me share one of my experiences, when I visited the fest. Then I came across some kids who were all set for their cultural performances. I wanted to click those kids who were dressed as Shahzada-e-Awadh and Shahzadi-e-Awadh, they all were looking very attractive and cute. But they all seemed restless since they had been waiting for their turn to perform since very long.  Their mothers seemed more wound up and pressurized about their kids’ performances. All the kids were traumatized because of the delay in their performances.In the meantime, two kids started crying for biscuits since they were feeling hungry and they had been waiting in their full make-up since very long. But I heard their mothers asking them to keep quite because eating biscuits could spoil their lipstick. The mothers promised the kids to treat them with chocolates, if they performed well.  I was bewildered to see the narcissist mommies. It was a scary scene which still has a profound impact on my mind. 
Well friends, I often come across the mothers, who see their children as their own extension, which is not justifiable. I understand that parents have some expectations from their children and there's nothing wrong with this feeling. But burdening them with our own dreams and aspirations, is like snatching our children's wonderful childhood. 

Childhood is the very initial stage of our lives and right upbringing works as a perfect mold to shape out children's personality. Hence it is essential to understand Child Psychology. Further, it helps us to establish a healthy relationship with them. In order to make our children confident, self-motivated, and better performers, it is significant for us, as parents, to realize their liking and disliking. 
So, it's time to wind up...till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy, love yourself and please don't be control freak parents in order to make your kids successful.
Mamta Sharma
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  1. Very well said ...its inspiring for me !

  2. Very well said ...its inspiring for me !

  3. I am grateful to you for your inspiring words.


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