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"Long ago, Ben Graham taught me the price is what you pay: Value is what you get"
                                                                                                                             Warren Buffet
Good Morning Dear Friends,
How are you doing??? Yesterday while going through the corridors of the Architecture Department of my college...I happened to see the above quote painted on the walls by the architecture students. I liked it immensely and noted down instantly. we ever measure our success....or we ever compare our present performance with our past performance?? How much progress we have made since we started our career and are we satisfied with its pace? Are we valuable to our market place? If the answer is 'yes' then it is a must to focus on our future strategies to enhance our value so that we don't lag behind in this tough competitive era and if the answer is 'no' then we require lots of time, energy, and self-analysis. Friends, mulling over the aspects, which can ensure our success, is inevitable. The American motivational guru, Jim Rohn says we never like our children to remain in the same class for several years bec'A Zen Master was asked the secret of his happiness. He replied, 'When I wake up in the morning, I ask myself: Do I want to be in heaven or hell? I vote for heaven, and create heaven in every moment.' So what are we doing to bring happiness to our lives? How are we converting it into heaven? Let me share with you friends....our attitude, philosophy, our willingness to change our levels, activity and right decision can steer us to the right direction...and we can enhance our value in our pursuit to success... 
ause a life without any headway and betterment is futile. A beautiful quote, which I came across in today's news paper is
Now allow me to take your leave...till our next meeting take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself...and brood over the ways which can change your life...and never be reluctant to learn new things daily as the new learning add invaluable value to our lives...
Mamta Sharma


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