Hello Everyone,
How is life going? Today...while invigilating the class during examination, I could see one of the students trying his level best to copy from the student, sitting next to him…but as soon as he found me staring at him…he started smiling…held his ears and whispered ‘Sorry’…his innocent way of accepting his mistake, made me smile and I decided not to punish him. Dear friends…just after this instance, the sentence which flashed across my mind, was BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING…
Friends, this is not the name of any reality show….this refers to the requisite reality of our lives…yes the Big Brother is watching us all the time yet we are unfamiliar with this fact. I hope you have got the gist of our today’s discourse…so it is pertaining to the ignorance of human beings. We say ‘To err is human and to forgive is divine’ and we don’t hesitate in making mistakes…sometimes unknowingly and sometime deliberately. Moreover there is no problem if these mistakes are small and harmless but we go through immense problem if these mistakes are severe and horrendous…but still we endeavor to not to be caught by the police, law or the people of our country. We are on the top of the world that nobody knows about our wrong deeds and we can move freely. And if we happen to be caught…we hire best of the lawyers to fight our case and if still we are held innocent…we see into eyes of the rest of world brazenly. But we ever give our thought to the idea that all our actions are being scrutinized by the Big Brother…now I’m going to let the cat out of the bag…the Big Brother is no one else but the Almighty…He knows everyone and everything…we should not take His silence for granted as He never likes to chide or punish His children. He just observes and listens to our deeds without revealing our mistakes. We, the humans are considered the best creation of God…and we should always remember that we are here to perform our roles, finish it and to bid adieu to this world to join the Divine Kingdom…Friends sorry for being so philosophical but this is the ultimate goal of life. So the moral of the entire discourse is that we should avoid hurting or harming anyone deliberately…and if we get trapped somewhere and happen to make errors there should not be any hesitation in accepting the reality. He has immense love for all his children and He will forgive us for our errors.

 So it is time to go for some meditation...till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and yourself and don't forget to confess everything to the Big Brother as we can't hide anything from Him..and He will pardon us.
Mamta Sharma


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