Live Like Clouds!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? Well friends...have you ever observed the flying clouds???...Go through my poem and try to inculcate their characteristics...combativeness, nonchalance, free but never aimless...they seem to have their eyes on their goals...

Flying clouds,  
Silver, golden, black and brown;
Appear gay sometimes,
And sometimes do frown.
They seem to teach us something vital,
Reach the height but be benevolent;
Work diligently and never be brittle,
Aggressive for the aim but be nonchalant.
Walk without rest and eye on the aim,
Don’t let anything to pain you or tame;
Not only thunder but also the rain,
Makes everyone do some gain.
Live a life that you should be proud of,
Devoid of selfishness and it really pays off.

So friends...we have to practice to retain all the qualities which make us a perfect person...perfection in terms of self-learning...since there is nothing as beneficial as self-learning...we can not have a control over the circumstances, people or happenings, that take place in our lives, yet we can change ourselves by becoming disciplined...Jim Rohn, the American motivational Guru says YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE SEASON BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOURSELF. It's my belief...friends, just by making certain changes in our habits and with firm determination...we can achieve whatever we wish more thing....why aggressiveness plays an important role in our lives...we'll discuss in our next discourse. 
So till the next meeting...take healthy, safe and yourself...and be sure to change yourself to live a quality life...
Mamta Sharma


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