Smile, Laugh and Live a Better Life!!!

Hello Everyone,
Do you remember the last time, when you burst out laughing? The object of your laughter was probably your boss, peer, neighbour or a fleshy guy with a big belly. My question might bewilder you but this is the topic for today's discourse 'Significance of Smile or Laughter in our Life'. Folks...gone are the days of our childhood when our life was like Alice in Wonderland...I mean no work pressure, no broken relationships, no burden of how to acquire bread and butter...and now we rarely find any reason to smile. However despite the hustle and bustle of our lives when we happen to get time to recall the sweet memoirs of our childhood days, the faint pictures start flashing across our spirit, innocent smile, kiddish games, our toys and bed time stories used to be all we cared for...Our small but wonderful world was devoid of any malice, tension, apprehension, argument etc. Hmm...hang on for a moment...are you there?? It seems everything gets changed with the passing years...when we are kids, we aspire to grow up because at that time we find our parents in a better situation but our innocence and kiddish pleasures disappear into thin air as soon as we become mature with the increasing years. Well...why smile and laughter should be an inseparable part of lives and how we can get the reason to do so in this fake and artificial world.
I don't know about the other countries...but in India...several laughter clubs have become the source of seeking happiness, motivation and inspiration. Now every morning, it has become a common sight to see diverse groups of people standing in a garden and laughing their heads off.
OK let's count the benefits of smiling and laughing...the very first point is smile which is complementary to our personality. A smiling face is a synonym to a confident, optimistic, youthful and friendly person. It is contagious and has a favorable impact on a smiling person's companions as well. Nobody likes to be in the company of a rude or fussy person. Moreover smiles and laughter create a magic on our physical and mental health. It is believed that people who laugh their heart out, seldom fall sick because they rejoice each and every moment of their life. Such people are good at socializing so they have more friends than the people who hardly smile or give a crack smile.  
In today's stressful life, a smile can make the things it lightens our mood. A smile on our face makes us more comfortable and assertive while being interviewed or while making a presentation. 
So get ready with a smile on your face to face the challenges of life...laugh away the trivial issues and wear a smile on your face and fortune will smile at you...
So till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself...and don't forget to make laughter and smile the part and parcel of your life.
Mamta Sharma


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