Life, Passion, and Success!

Hello Everyone,
Two days back, I met up a young girl who was pursuing her professional degree in a small city. She was smart, intelligent, funny, and prudent but after conversing with her for a while, I got an impression that she was not in the pink of her health. She seemed to have suffered immensely because of her family problems. Moreover, she belonged to a well-off family but it was the emotional void which kept troubling her now and then. Because of which, that girl could neither concentrate on her studies nor could she enjoy her life. She lost the vivacity, vigor, and pleasant vitality from her life and this worried me lot. But friends, life is too short to have the long term grudges. It is essential to mold our lives positively for better future.
Well friends, we all know that life is the most precious gift, though we can’t control over the occurrences such as which parents we would be born to or which family we would live in, yet we can transform our lives later, if we are adamant to do so. Folks, there is a vast difference between the life which is lived wonderfully and the life which is just lived. A life without any specific aim goes in vain and therefore we need the lubricants such as passion, self-motivation, self-belief, and yearning to run our lives efficiently and successfully. Friends, life is beautiful as long as we remain joyous, healthy, and successful. In order to equip our lives with these blissful qualities, we must break the monotonous and vicious circle of persistent instances which teach us to live the ordinary lives. I mean, it is essential to ponder about the kind of lives, we are leading to. Do we have some reason which ignites us to move ahead? Where is the spark in our lives? Do we have intense motivated and pleasant lives? Or we simply are dragging our lives aimlessly? So, let me mention here that without finding out the answers to these questions, none of us can live a meaningful life. But what should be done to transform our lives?
 "My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."
In the above mentioned quote, Steve Jobs gave an incredible mantra to live a successful life and in which he asserted that our lives can be changed entirely and positively if we know about this most significant resource, which exists in our lives, and this asset is TIME.  I guess that it was the proper and prudent investment of time only, which made Jobs’ innovative and charismatic ideas a huge success within a very short span of time. It was his passion to do something new the each and every moment in his life which made him unique. Even though fired from his company, Jobs never got depressed or dejected as he considered that time as a break which he dedicated to improve his skills as an individual and a professional.
Another very vital aspect to fill our life with exhilaration is that we believe in action and consistent deeds. Until and unless, we are active, we cannot expect from our ‘selves’ to lead to extraordinary lives. Believing in karmas and coming out of our comfort zone can make our lives unexpectedly fabulous.
"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations."
On our way to success, we come across innumerable problems and one of them is fear of making mistakes. So as doers, we must learn to accept our mistakes as nothing can prevent us from going ahead if we indoctrinate this habit. Knowing and accepting our mistakes is a step forward towards our success. So we need to recognize our own caliber of creating something new which is not only beneficial for us but also for our society. So through my blog, I wish to convey my message to all my readers to not to forget the real aim of their lives because luckily we’ve got the human life and we should not waste it in experiencing grudges against someone or something.

So till our next meeting, take acre, be safe, healthy, and happy and love yourself.
Mamta Sharma
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