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Are We Addicted to Something???

Adieu Addictions As This Is My Life!!!

The term 'Addict' refers to a person who cannot stop doing or using something, especially something harmful. It’s a Latin verbaddicowhich means ‘giving over’ either in a negative or positive sense. Actually, there’s a restrictive definition of the word addiction since it’s linked with the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking etc but this has a wider interpretation as well. Surprisingly, in today’s scenario, all of us seem in the ecstasy of being addicted for instance; someone has addiction for drugs, someone has addiction for watching pornography, someone loves watching television for hours, somebody is addicted of his/her lover, somebody has a craving for some dish, so on and so forth. Hence, there is a long list of our addictions. So this is obvious, that we need to think beyond the traditional meaning of addiction.
Why does this addiction exist?
This is a decisive question, which we need to ask from ourselves. WHY DOES ADDICTION EXIST? Why do…

See How Ugly We Look!!!!

Beauty, what a wonderful word it is! Each of us yearns to achieve it. Our eyes love to see beautiful objects, our ears intend to listen to beautiful lyrics, and our heart wishes to have the most beautiful face, so on and so forth. It appears that life without beauty doesn’t exist. But unfortunately, we all often misinterpret the word ‘beauty’ since we are only familiar with the superficial meaning of this term. In order to enhance the outer beauty, we keep looking for several methods. Here, I can give many examples that prove that we all are in the constant hunt for this beautiful mirage. The situation aggravates when we get trapped in the false promises made by some newly launched cosmetic products, fairness creams, emerging dermatology centers, well-equipped beauty salons,  and fitness centers etc. 
Phew! But in this search, we all forget about the beauty that lies within. I mean, nothing in this world is devoid of beauty then why do we lose our confidence if we’ve dark complexion or…

MIRA (Mai.ra): Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

MIRA (Mai.ra): Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?: Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection? I could see new young boys and girls strolling around on campus, giggling and having fun. A...

Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?
I could see new young boys and girls strolling around on campus, giggling and having fun. All of them seem obsessed about how they looked. I mean they all were too concerned about their appearance and looks. Few of them seemed nervous, timid and very shy to open up. Naturally it’s tough for most of them to cope with the new environment as they had come far from their families and cities for the first time in their lives. But after a fortnight, I find an entirely new scenario, as many of them seem to have found their dream partner. Attraction for different sex is very obvious and there’s nothing wrong yet before we land up in a new relation, we should ponder about it thousand times. After befriending with someone special, we don’t feel at ease since we keep thinking about him or her constantly. We don’t wish to part with him/her even not for a minute. Gradually, no relation seems as stable or firm as this newly formed relation and this persisten…

I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

Energetic, vivacious, exuberant, and chirping students on college campus remind me of my college days. The wonderful days when we consider ourselves the conquerors as our minds are buzzed with the revolutionary thoughts. We presume that we can achieve anything and everything and we all live with such thoughts constantly (probably till the age 27-28). We really don’t notice when our dreams turn into the nightmares. Our vision about success is entirely unusual since we think that it will come to us naturally. We intend to achieve each and every goal but without any preparation. Indeed, we have big and peculiar dreams but we're not fully prepared to fulfill them. Most of us are unfamiliar with our actual potential, real dreams, and specific plans to achieve those goals.  So, the best time of our lives is spent in following the herd (being the followers), making wrong choices, imitating what others are doing, and pulling off nothing at th…

Be Unstoppable!!!

Friends, since childhood, it was my hobby to watch the eagles flying high in the unlimited sky. The most surprising thing about them was they could fly without flapping their wings. They seemed gliding lazily but once I read somewhere that while flying, it is actually very active and agile and if we watch its movements through binocular then we find its outer wing feathers and tail feathers in constant motion which helps it to steer through moving wind currents.
So, making efforts to steer us in to the right direction is mandatory since we can't attain anything effortlessly. During my training sessions, people discuss their problems such as despite lots of efforts, they are not able to achieve their goals and hence they are thinking to quit. Their impatience bewilders me because a new venture or learning a new skill requires our patience, time, and lots of attention.  
Secret to Achieve your Goals  Self-Belief Helps Us To Be Successful
Actually, due to our ignorance, we focus more on …

Pain of Discipline Vs Pain of Regret!!!

Everybody seems busy and occupied these days. Work is worship and we can’t survive without work.  Agreed! In order to live a fantastic life and to support our families, we’ll have to work longer and harder. Hence, our life is confined to certain boxes; I mean we all are trapped in the similar rut of life. Our day commences with commuting from our houses to workplaces and ends with coming back exhausted and worn out. So, having the same routine often aggravates our pain. Moreover, many of us return home with the unfinished assignments which are to be discussed the next day. Whenever we’re free, we keep scheduling and planning for how to succeed. We strive to focus on perfection in all the aspects of our lives. In this whole process, we skip our meals very often without thinking about our health. We manage to take out time for our meetings but we find it tough to find out time for our health check-up. Where are we heading to? Should we be glad to see our constant growth? What about our …

Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Dear Friends,
How are you all? What’s new in your life? Well, while interacting with the diverse variety of people, I find a very common phenomenon and this is a desire to excel in life. As a motivational trainer, I feel on cloud nine to see people so desperate to achieve and to enhance their life standard. Indeed! We’ve all rights to ponder about the ways to make us joyous, healthy, and well-intended people. But friends, does this ever happen? And the answer is this happens…but it a rare occurrence. Why? And the answer is because we’re not determined to make the requisite changes in our lives.

So, my today’s blog is about why despite our best efforts, we’re not that successful. And the answer is we procrastinate. All of us seem exuberant, energetic, vibrant, and believer to achieve yet we’ve not gratified with the pace of our success. So do we’ve scarcity of talent, calibre or tenacity? Absolutely not! Friends, let me tell you that only having intense bu…

ये दिल मांगे More!!!

Self-Investment for Self-Enhancement!!!
Hello Friends, How are you all? Well, yesterday I happened to meet a young girl who is pursuing her B.Tech. in Computer Science and I could see how passionate and determined she was for a wonderful career. The girl lost her parents and now she’s entirely inclined towards her goal-achievement. On this Rakshabadhan, her brother gave her Rs. 3,000/- to buy a dress but that tiny girl decided to invest that money in a course of Advanced JAVA which was required for skill-enhancement. So, through this small instance, I would like to draw your attention towards how right investment in ourselves can help us to gauge the unfathomable sky.
We should be Mindful while Spending Money
So, today’s blog is about Self-Investment for self-transformation and a wonderful future. We, especially youth, are extravagant and keep wasting money without giving a damn.  What Plans do we've?
What future plan do we have for our career? If we’re pursuing some course at this jun…

MIRA (Mai.ra): Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!

MIRA (Mai.ra): Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!: Dream, Envision, and Achieve!!! Winner's Attitude “A week before leaving Rio, Sakshi Malik made her mission statement. She...

Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!

Dream, Envision, and Achieve!!!

Winner's Attitude “A week before leaving Rio, Sakshi Malik made her mission statement. She chose a photograph, got it framed and placed it prominently. The snapshot shows Sakshi with the tricolour in the backdrop and three words printed: I Will Win.” Late on Wednesday night, the 23 year old fulfilled her promise. 

Philosophy to Envision our Dreams

Well friends, the above lines are not from any fictional work. These lines prove the determination and will power of an athlete from India, whose name is Sakshi Malik. After going through her story, published in the newspapers, my faith in 'the philosophy to envision our dreams' has affirmed. Though, we can’t deny the consistent hard work, which Sakshi had done to be where she is today.

Be Responsible for your Deeds Well, during motivational sessions, I often meet people who are neither gratified with the rate of their success nor with the sort of lives they are leading to. People blame others, situation…

MIRA (Mai.ra): Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part ...

MIRA (Mai.ra): Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part ...: Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!!  Part 2 Hello Friends, I thank you all for going through my blogs and givin...

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part 2

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!!  Part 2

Hello Friends, I thank you all for going through my blogs and giving your valuable feedback. Believe me; your comments enhance myself-esteemwhich helps me to delve into more new topics which are useful in making our lives better and meaningful. So, let me continue with the same topic how poor self-esteem is a hindrance to success and how this affects our personality and lives severely. This results into self-pity which worsens the situation drastically. Since, people with poor self-esteem, become diffident, crippled, and self-centered. On account of which they suffer from several other problems such as stammering, nervousness, stage phobia, and taking initiatives etc. One of my friends, who had stage freight, shared how in his childhood, he used to hide himself under the table whenever he had his turn for speech deliverance.But later, he comprehended the significance of public speaking and he excelled at the skill of public speaking and…