Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Are We Addicted to Something???

Adieu Addictions As This Is My Life!!!

The term 'Addict' refers to a person who cannot stop doing or using something, especially something harmful. It’s a Latin verb addico which means ‘giving over’ either in a negative or positive sense. Actually, there’s a restrictive definition of the word addiction since it’s linked with the use of drugs, alcohol or smoking etc but this has a wider interpretation as well. Surprisingly, in today’s scenario, all of us seem in the ecstasy of being addicted for instance; someone has addiction for drugs, someone has addiction for watching pornography, someone loves watching television for hours, somebody is addicted of his/her lover, somebody has a craving for some dish, so on and so forth. Hence, there is a long list of our addictions. So this is obvious, that we need to think beyond the traditional meaning of addiction.

Why does this addiction exist?

This is a decisive question, which we need to ask from ourselves. WHY DOES ADDICTION EXIST? Why do we surrender ourselves to our addiction? Why do we prove frail or puny to our habits? I read somewhere that addiction is not by chance, it happens by choice. I mean addiction can’t be categorized as some disease which refers to some physiological malfunction. When someone is addicted to something/someone, it is his psychological choice. When we feel pleasure while having or doing something, it’s considered addiction. No doubt, there’s a pleasure incorporated when we satisfy our mind by doing something over and over, yet we can’t deny the repercussions which cause immense pain, when we’re not able to satisfy our yearnings. Let me share my own experience with you all. Few months ago, I felt a strong craving for having green cardamoms. I couldn't notice when this habit intensified over a brief span of time and I started eating 20-25 cardamoms one after other every single day. This led to certain problems such as respiratory problem, shortness of breath and chest problem etc. That was the moment; I decided to not to have it anymore. It was really very tough and unstoppable exercise for me. Yet, I was determined to get rid of this addiction of mine.
After all, it's my life and I can't let some small thing like a cardamom, to rule me. I preferred pain of not satisfying myself over the pleasure of having it. Initially, I vowed not to have it for 1 complete week. I noted it down in my journal and whenever I felt a craving for it; I used to read my promise out loud. Gradually, I increased the time period from 1 week to 1 month and now I'm almost out of this addiction.  

Well folks, what are you addicted to? Just think and don’t forget to read the remaining part of my blog Adieu Addictions As This Is My Life!!!
Mamta Sharma

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See How Ugly We Look!!!!

Beauty, what a wonderful word it is! Each of us yearns to achieve it. Our eyes love to see beautiful objects, our ears intend to listen to beautiful lyrics, and our heart wishes to have the most beautiful face, so on and so forth. It appears that life without beauty doesn’t exist. But unfortunately, we all often misinterpret the word ‘beauty’ since we are only familiar with the superficial meaning of this term. In order to enhance the outer beauty, we keep looking for several methods. Here, I can give many examples that prove that we all are in the constant hunt for this beautiful mirage. The situation aggravates when we get trapped in the false promises made by some newly launched cosmetic products, fairness creams, emerging dermatology centers, well-equipped beauty salons,  and fitness centers etc

Phew! But in this search, we all forget about the beauty that lies within. I mean, nothing in this world is devoid of beauty then why do we lose our confidence if we’ve dark complexion or short height or achenes on our faces or extra flab on our bodies? Many times, our confidence lessens the intensity of our flaws yet undoubtedly rigorous work is required to get rid of this ridiculous perception. Simultaneously, we can focus on the positive inborn qualities or skills. Yesterday someone told me about his lady boss who is handicapped. She lost both of her hands in an accident and now she uses her legs to write, to unlock or open her car and to operate the laptop computer. She is beautiful in a real sense. She doesn't complaint for what she doesn't have but she focuses on what she is left with. 

For acquiring beauty we must have few qualities and indeed, we can't look beautiful when we lack in these skills. Let’s discuss the significance of real beauty which we don’t think about. Let’s share when we really don’t look beautiful.
  • When We Lose Our Temper

Folks, in this world of tight schedule and tough competition, we’ve become impatience. We wish everything to happen as per our wishes and if it doesn’t happen, we show our anger, annoyance and irritation which ruins our whole personality. Let me state that our curriculum vitae and skills can’t help us to achieve the desired success until and unless we give up our habit of getting angry frequently. Beauty lies in a smiling face and we look really ugly when our face is distorted or contorted due to anger. You can see the image below :)
  • When We Are Pessimistic

A face with positivity seems confident and it manifests the real beauty. But if someone is full of negativity or pessimism, then he/she can’t look beautiful even in the best dress or full make-up. We must inculcate the skill of being positive, which will surely lead us to the path of real beauty.
  •   When We Ditch Someone

Integrity is one of the most important qualities which we, the humans, must possess and we prove to be the most repulsive fellows, when we don’t have this pivotal quality. If we’re loyal in friendship or relationship, our beauty automatically exhibits to the people around us. We know that it’s not a child’s play to cope with the crunches which sometimes crop up in a relationship and to be with someone when he/she really needs us, enhances our true beauty which makes us a wonderful human being.
  • When We Quarrel

Oh gosh! While commuting from our homes to the workplaces, we often find ourselves indulged in some brawl or argument. Sometimes a petty disagreement takes the form of a fierce scuffle, and in this process of ‘who is more powerful?’, we don’t know that our beauty evaporates into thin air. There seems no difference between humans and animals at this juncture. Beautiful is one who knows how to be calm and compose in such a situation!
  • When We’re Arrogant and Discourteous

A mild smile, a polite behavior and a simple nature is the crux of true beauty. We can’t even imagine what an ever-lasting impact, these qualities have on the people around us! Moreover, we must have a boundary defined for our behavior. When our presence makes people happy, it means we're beautiful.
  • At The End

So at the end, I would like to mention that we have immense beauty lying within yet we all appear more concerned for the outer beauty which will fade away after a certain span of time. Now this is all up to us what sort of beauty we really wish to acquire…

Mamta Sharma
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Reference: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/this-how-you-become-unattractive-and-youre-not-aware.html

Sunday, 28 August 2016

MIRA (Mai.ra): Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

MIRA (Mai.ra): Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?: Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection? I could see new young boys and girls strolling around on campus, giggling and having fun. A...

Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

Someone Special: Is it Love or Affection?

I could see new young boys and girls strolling around on campus, giggling and having fun. All of them seem obsessed about how they looked. I mean they all were too concerned about their appearance and looks. Few of them seemed nervous, timid and very shy to open up. Naturally it’s tough for most of them to cope with the new environment as they had come far from their families and cities for the first time in their lives. But after a fortnight, I find an entirely new scenario, as many of them seem to have found their dream partner. Attraction for different sex is very obvious and there’s nothing wrong yet before we land up in a new relation, we should ponder about it thousand times. After befriending with someone special, we don’t feel at ease since we keep thinking about him or her constantly. We don’t wish to part with him/her even not for a minute. Gradually, no relation seems as stable or firm as this newly formed relation and this persistent thought makes us aloof and we intend to spend time either with that person only or we prefer to live in solitude. But then something happens and our dreams shatter. After spending lots of time with our partner we change our perception about him/her. And now feel that this is not the person we were in constant search of. We feel ditched and cheated. We try to assess and reassess what went wrong between us. This impacts our personality positively or negatively. I mean when we break up with that someone special, we either feel tormented or become pessimist and swear never to trust anyone in the world.
Let’s have a look over certain aspects which show we are associated with the wrong person and we must come out of it.
  • Damaging Behaviour of our Partner

If we feel that our partner’s behaviour is affecting our self-esteem in a negative way, we should try to perceive the problems in the relationship. Such as incessant criticism and nagging makes us lose our self-confidence. Surely there’s no formality is a true relationship yet if our partner is taking our courtesy for granted repeatedly then this an alarming bell.
  • If Our Relationship is One-sided:

Sometimes, in a relationship, we feel that our relationship has fallen off as there’s no return of our favours to our partners. Actually we don’t establish a relationship for the sake of favours yet if we’re not valued in a relationship, we hurt our self-esteem badly.
  • If Our Friend is Always Doubtful

Many a time our partners don’t allow us to be in touch with the friends outside our relation. This is a sign of jealousy and insecurity.  So if there’s no personal space in a relation, then there’s no use to carry it. I often meet boys or girls who are undergoing such problems in their relation and this drastically affect the self-value of the other person. We should naturally enjoy our relation and there shouldn’t be dominance.
  • Dishonesty

If our partner doesn’t have integrity then there’s sign of not coming back. I mean our fundamental virtues include honesty and integrity in absence of which we’re no better than animals. Our feelings, emotions and integrity must have reciprocal favours and if despite our best efforts, we’re being ignored or devalued then we must get ready to say goodbye to such partners.
  • At the End

Well folks, we should consider ourselves lucky if we have right soul tie. Yet we shouldn’t feel devastated or disappointed if we plunge in a wrong association. We should take time to determine who could be our best partner and in case our decision proves wrong, we should muster our courage to come out of that relationship.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

I Wish I had Known the Reality During My 20s!!!

Energetic, vivacious, exuberant, and chirping students on college campus remind me of my college days. The wonderful days when we consider ourselves the conquerors as our minds are buzzed with the revolutionary thoughts. We presume that we can achieve anything and everything and we all live with such thoughts constantly (probably till the age 27-28). We really don’t notice when our dreams turn into the nightmares. Our vision about success is entirely unusual since we think that it will come to us naturally. We intend to achieve each and every goal but without any preparation. Indeed, we have big and peculiar dreams but we're not fully prepared to fulfill them. Most of us are unfamiliar with our actual potential, real dreams, and specific plans to achieve those goals.  So, the best time of our lives is spent in following the herd (being the followers), making wrong choices, imitating what others are doing, and pulling off nothing at the end. We are left bewildered thinking what mistake we made! And then each of us states, ‘I wish I had known the reality during my early 20s!!!
Hence, there’re several reasons due to which we keep lagging behind and fail to secure the best outcome from ourselves.

  • We Follow The Crowd
This is a very common phenomenon. We prefer to do the same things in the same way with the same people now and then. We hardly exhibit fresh ideas or take premeditated risks. On account of which neither we’re capable to exhibit our leadership skills nor do we determine the incredible opportunities. The best time of our lives goes in vain and unfortunately we don’t perceive it. But later, we say to ourselves, “I wish I had known the reality during my early 20s!!!"

Success Doesn’t Come Naturally

I heard a well-known motivational speaker saying that success is not something we stumble upon. It’s something we plan for. We all wish to succeed yet we don’t have any strategic blueprint or foolproof scheme for our success.  Opera says, “I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity.” So, are we ready for the opportunities that we may come across? Only waiting and yearning about the best possible opportunity in our life or career prepares us for failure not for success. Or at the end of the day we'll say, "Had I known this reality during my early 20s.!!!"
Till my next blog, take care of yourself, be happy and healthy and love yourself. Merely living in fantasies can't help in achieving our goals, so we need to prepare ourselves for the next step which could change our lives fully.  

Mamta Sharma
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Be Unstoppable!!!

Friends, since childhood, it was my hobby to watch the eagles flying high in the unlimited sky. The most surprising thing about them was they could fly without flapping their wings. They seemed gliding lazily but once I read somewhere that while flying, it is actually very active and agile and if we watch its movements through binocular then we find its outer wing feathers and tail feathers in constant motion which helps it to steer through moving wind currents.

So, making efforts to steer us in to the right direction is mandatory since we can't attain anything effortlessly. During my training sessions, people discuss their problems such as despite lots of efforts, they are not able to achieve their goals and hence they are thinking to quit. Their impatience bewilders me because a new venture or learning a new skill requires our patience, time, and lots of attention.  

Secret to Achieve your Goals 

  • Self-Belief Helps Us To Be Successful

Actually, due to our ignorance, we focus more on outside happenings and we ignore the inside strength which plays a decisive important role in our success. One of the basic hindrances on our way to success is the lack of self-belief. ‘I can do it.’ ‘I will do it’. ‘I’m unstoppable’.  We can enhance our strength by making these sentences our dictum. These will unquestionably help us in strengthening our self-belief.
  • Repetition Of Our Motto Over And Over

This sounds weird and absurd to us yet this works. Whatever we wish to acquire must keep replaying in our minds. Suppose, someone wants to improve his communication skills must repeat this goal over and over in his mind. This is no magic. Actually persistent repetition of our goals doesn’t let us to be at ease. This makes us uncomfortable which results in the appropriate efforts and as I mentioned earlier efforts never go in vain.
  • Conversation With Successful People

Interaction with successful people fills us with great energy. Our conversation with such people provides us with a new affirmation to our yearning of goal achievement. Their success story prepares us to take risks and to make constant action. They are successful today but they would have started somewhere. I mean how they started or what they did to achieve their goals can be a constructive and valuable lesson for us.
  • Reading Leadership Books

We may not have an inborn gift of leadership but this can be acquired with efforts. We must include reading in our routine. Books on leadership facilitate our efforts to be expert in our prospective fields. Brain Tracy says, "Books contain a wealth of riches that can enable you to function at a much higher level." So reading for 20-30 minutes can change our entire life.
  • Time Is Money

We all know this yet fail to follow. Time wastage is a fundamental interruption to achieve success. We must have a small calendar to remind us of our promise with ourselves. I mean the schedule that we’ve fixed for our goal-achievement. We can prevent us from killing our time if we wish to be unstoppable.
  • Practice Determinedly 

If we practice the skill we wish to acquire, it can help us up to a great extent. Practice makes a man perfect is a well-known fact yet we find it a very monotonous and fatigued activity. But reminding us of the final results can motivate us. Intrinsic encouragement is immense and unlimited. This never ever let us forget our high priority i.e. the goals, we yearn to achieve for ourselves. 
  • Association With The Right People

We know that Human is a social animal and can't survive without company. It proves that company is a must in our lives but one thing which we mustn't forget that association with a wrong or negative person can mess up our entire plan for a successful life. Therefore we must be cautious while picking a friend or companion. 

At the End 

Three days ago, one BS student of mine came up to me and said, 'Ma'am, I read your blogs and let me tell you that they are good. But I feel that they are like sermons as there're lots of 'musts'. I smiles and kept mum. So, my today's message is we require to replace our 'Shoulds' with 'MUSTS' if we really wish to be unstoppable. So, till our next meeting, take care, love yourself. Be happy and healthy and don't forget your goal to be really unstoppable.
Mamta Sharma
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Pain of Discipline Vs Pain of Regret!!!

Everybody seems busy and occupied these days. Work is worship and we can’t survive without work.  Agreed! In order to live a fantastic life and to support our families, we’ll have to work longer and harder. Hence, our life is confined to certain boxes; I mean we all are trapped in the similar rut of life. Our day commences with commuting from our houses to workplaces and ends with coming back exhausted and worn out. So, having the same routine often aggravates our pain. Moreover, many of us return home with the unfinished assignments which are to be discussed the next day. Whenever we’re free, we keep scheduling and planning for how to succeed. We strive to focus on perfection in all the aspects of our lives. In this whole process, we skip our meals very often without thinking about our health. We manage to take out time for our meetings but we find it tough to find out time for our health check-up. Where are we heading to? Should we be glad to see our constant growth? What about our physical and mental well-being?  Where are we lacking? What is our real goal?
  • Be Disciplined

Well, friends, we must look after our bodies and minds like a rider takes care of his horse to win a race. Why do we fail to notice the most vital thing on which our entire life depends? This is Discipline. We have two options: be disciplined or regret later. Let me mention here that both these options result in immense pain. The first sort of pain is hard to bear but has wonderful results whereas the other kind of pain is laced with the painful and debilitating repercussion which blocks the road to success. So, it’s indispensable for us to comprehend what we wish to prefer if it’s pain of discipline or pain of repentance. This is all our choice which sort of pain we can endure.
  • Pain of Being Disciplined 
Being disciplined is not a child’s play because we have to relinquish the habits which prevent us to think about our betterment, for instance, to wake up early, to meditate, having our breakfast on time, taking out time for our family, to go out for a walk, reading some inspirational book so on and so forth. If we’re adamant to inculcate any such habit, we must be prepared to feel the pain. During biting cold, getting up early to exercise when everybody else around us is sleeping really requires lots of audacity and intense yearning to excel physically and mentally. Brian Tracy, a motivational Guru says, good habits are hard to form but easy to live with whereas bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.' If we're committed to our goals then bearing pain of discipline will become lesser so in other words, if we really wish to change our life then we'll have to be ready to go through this pain.  
  • Pain of Regret 

Pain of regret is wastage of time which is unbearable. Later, we're left with no option but to repent. What we are today, it is because of our past habits or decisions. Hence (God forbids) if we're going through the crisis pertaining to financial issues, health issues or emotional breakdown then we can have a quick glance at our past habits. Though, we shouldn't replay the past instances yet pondering about our past mistakes can pacify us. So now when we are living the same monotonous lives without any new positive change, we should reconsider our routine and habits so that we can find new possible ways to trasnform the  course of our lives. 
  • Bust one Habit at Time

Friends, let’s try to bust one bad habit at a time. In order to kick a bad habit, we can restrict it for 1 week first. Gradually, we can replace 1 week with 2 or 4 weeks.  This practice needs lots of patience and determination to fulfil our goals. Although it’s tough yet we can just practice it.
  • Make a Journal

We can make a list of the habits that we’re adamant to kill and we can make short term goals to fulfil the long time goals. For example, if at this point we are determined to lose weight then we’ll have to include regular exercise sessions in our routine. We’ll have take out 20 minutes daily to exercise. Following a strict diet can also help us to be in shape.

  • Bad Habit to be Replaced With a Healthy Habit

We'll have to find the triggers which provoke us to not to be committed to our decisions. Suppose we're in a habit of eating junk food, we can figure out when we are unable to resist ourselves. We can think about some alternatives which could replace our junk food. 
  • At the End 
There're many other ways that can sink in a bad habit but the most important thing is our commitment to our own decisions. We'll have to loyal to our decisions. We'll have to remind us of the repercussions of a bad habit on our health and life. We must remember if we change, everything will change. So till our next interaction, take care of yourself.

Mamta Sharma
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Monday, 22 August 2016

Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Someday, I’ll be Successful!!!!

Dear Friends,

How are you all? What’s new in your life? Well, while interacting with the diverse variety of people, I find a very common phenomenon and this is a desire to excel in life. As a motivational trainer, I feel on cloud nine to see people so desperate to achieve and to enhance their life standard. Indeed! We’ve all rights to ponder about the ways to make us joyous, healthy, and well-intended people. But friends, does this ever happen? And the answer is this happens…but it a rare occurrence. Why? And the answer is because we’re not determined to make the requisite changes in our lives.

So, my today’s blog is about why despite our best efforts, we’re not that successful. And the answer is we procrastinate. All of us seem exuberant, energetic, vibrant, and believer to achieve yet we’ve not gratified with the pace of our success. So do we’ve scarcity of talent, calibre or tenacity? Absolutely not!
Friends, let me tell you that only having intense burning desire to achieve something can’t solve the purpose. In fact, we’re not ready to change our attitude but we wish to attain a lot.

  • Stop Procrastinating
The first and foremost attribute is to get rid of our habit of procrastination. We keep delaying the execution of our plans deliberately. In our self-talks we remind ourselves 'Someday, I’ll attain that goal'. 'Someday, I’ll start exercising to be healthy or to lose weight'.'Someday, I’ll be successful.' Folks, this ‘SOMEDAY’ never comes. This is an excuse to give up on our dreams and plans. So we’ll have to believe in TODAY. There’s nothing as beautiful as TODAY as we know about today not about our future.

  • Oh Gosh, I love Sleeping

आराम बडी चीज़ है मुह ढँक  कर सोइये is the philosophy of our lives. But we don't know that sleeping is one of the biggest killers of our dreams. Taking proper rest rejuvenates us but oversleeping makes us lethargic and inactive. Until and unless, we take pains to fulfil our dreams, we can’t expect for wonderful results. It is said that nothing is impossible but what is our contribution to unleash the possibility. We are awake till late night and jump out of our beds in order to avoid being late to our colleges or workplaces. Apart from this haphazard starting of the day, we skip our workout sessions, breakfast, and even small morning prayer of gratitude which shows  our gratefulness to the Lord for keeping us alive.  So friends, oversleeping may satisfy us for a while but it has several bad side-effects on our physical and mental health. 

At the End 
So, friends, we'll have replace our 'SOMEDAY I'll...' with 'I CAN' 'I WILL' and 'I WILL HAVE TO'. Our immense energy lies within and we must set it free or it'll go waste. Take care, be happy and healthy. Love yourself and change your philosophy to change your life.

Mamta Sharma

Saturday, 20 August 2016

ये दिल मांगे More!!!

Self-Investment for Self-Enhancement!!!

Hello Friends,
How are you all? Well, yesterday I happened to meet a young girl who is pursuing her B.Tech. in Computer Science and I could see how passionate and determined she was for a wonderful career. The girl lost her parents and now she’s entirely inclined towards her goal-achievement. On this Rakshabadhan, her brother gave her Rs. 3,000/- to buy a dress but that tiny girl decided to invest that money in a course of Advanced JAVA which was required for skill-enhancement. So, through this small instance, I would like to draw your attention towards how right investment in ourselves can help us to gauge the unfathomable sky.

  • We should be Mindful while Spending Money

So, today’s blog is about Self-Investment for self-transformation and a wonderful future. We, especially youth, are extravagant and keep wasting money without giving a damn. 
  • What Plans do we've?

What future plan do we have for our career? If we’re pursuing some course at this juncture then what strategies we have made to excel in our respective fields? Do we know about our dream companies where we desire to be placed? Apart from our studies, are we focusing on the course, training, or internship for our skill-enhancement? If we know, what extra efforts are we making to go the extra miles in our professional lives? There are several questions which we must answer to and no one else can take up this responsibility for our better career. 
  • 3 Cs

Today, I have come up with 3 Cs which can help us to accelerate our progress.
  1. Commitment
  2. Complement not Criticize
  3. Competition with Self

Commitment:  Commitment means promise, pledge or vow and here I’m talking about commitment with us. What promises we’ve made with ourselves for a better life, better career and better personality? Presently, the word ‘Committed’ is interpreted superficially but if understood properly; it can transform our life entirely.

Complement not Criticize: Self-complement plays a vital role for over-all personality development. We must acknowledge our shortcomings because chiding ourselves consistently won’t solve the purpose. We must pat us for our achievements and must vow to not to repeat indecision or infirmity which cause inefficiency.

Competition with Self: We’re habitual of comparing us with others and this, sometimes, affects our competence and effectiveness. There’s nothing wrong if others’ success inspires us still we require to compete ourselves over the changing time span. Where do we see ourselves one or two years from now? Is our progress is consistent or stagnant? Are we in the same position since very long? If yes, then this is warning bell and we must introspect its causes.
  • At the End

So till our next meeting, take care of yourself and love yourself. Be healthy and happy. Friends, being average means living an average life. If we wish to acquire more, we'll have to invest in ourselves more. Hence, if ये दिल मांगे More...then we'll have to become more in terms of skills, education, training, and development. 

Mamta Sharma

Friday, 19 August 2016

MIRA (Mai.ra): Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!

MIRA (Mai.ra): Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!: Dream, Envision, and Achieve!!! Winner's Attitude “A week before leaving Rio, Sakshi Malik made her mission statement. She...

Success Needs Winning Attitude!!!

Dream, Envision, and Achieve!!!

  • Winner's Attitude
“A week before leaving Rio, Sakshi Malik made her mission statement. She chose a photograph, got it framed and placed it prominently. The snapshot shows Sakshi with the tricolour in the backdrop and three words printed: I Will Win.
Late on Wednesday night, the 23 year old fulfilled her promise. 

  • Philosophy to Envision our Dreams

Well friends, the above lines are not from any fictional work. These lines prove the determination and will power of an athlete from India, whose name is Sakshi Malik. After going through her story, published in the newspapers, my faith in 'the philosophy to envision our dreams' has affirmed. Though, we can’t deny the consistent hard work, which Sakshi had done to be where she is today.

  • Be Responsible for your Deeds
Well, during motivational sessions, I often meet people who are neither gratified with the rate of their success nor with the sort of lives they are leading to. People blame others, situations, circumstances, or things for not being successful. But we must comprehend that if we’re not successful, we, and only we, are to be blamed. We can’t hold ourselves innocent in any situation, as we’re responsible directly or indirectly. Our thoughts and response to different situations has led us where we’re today.

I know all of you are still in dark. I mean, how Sakshi’s story is pertinent with the whining unsuccessful people. Hold on! It won’t take you much time in getting the clear picture.

  • Change your Attitude
I just wish to emphasise that each of us can have a better life but if we’re prepared to change our attitude and habits. Let’s allow ourselves to dream big and to envisage our dreams turning to reality. Generally what happens, that we have a dream, we strive to vision it but we fail to acquire it due to duality in our thoughts.

Actually, what need to understand what we really wish to achieve and if our dreams are realistic or not. And then starts the process of stretching ourselves.

  • Train your Mind and Body
So my today’s message is dream, envision the dream, and to stretch us achieve it. I mean for achieving our goals, we need to train our minds to vision our success and our bodies to endeavour incessantly. 

  • At the End
So till our next meeting, stay blessed, be happy, healthy, and safe. Love yourself. Don't forget to change your attitude start visioning yourself pursuing your goals.

Mamta Sharma

Quote: TOI, 19/8/16

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

MIRA (Mai.ra): Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part ...

MIRA (Mai.ra): Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part ...: Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!!  Part 2 Hello Friends, I thank you all for going through my blogs and givin...

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! Part 2

Poor Self-Image is a Hindrance to Success!!! 
Part 2

Hello Friends,
I thank you all for going through my blogs and giving your valuable feedback. Believe me; your comments enhance my self-esteem which helps me to delve into more new topics which are useful in making our lives better and meaningful.
So, let me continue with the same topic how poor self-esteem is a hindrance to success and how this affects our personality and lives severely. This results into self-pity which worsens the situation drastically. Since, people with poor self-esteem, become diffident, crippled, and self-centered. On account of which they suffer from several other problems such as stammering, nervousness, stage phobia, and taking initiatives etc. One of my friends, who had stage freight, shared how in his childhood, he used to hide himself under the table whenever he had his turn for speech deliverance. But later, he comprehended the significance of public speaking and he excelled at the skill of public speaking and now he trains people at this wonderful art.

There’re some reasons, why a person suffers from poor self-image such as his miserable past, financial crisis, unfavorable circumstances, life devoid of emotional support, and so on and so forth. Sometimes even not being fluent in a foreign language also causes distorted self-image. But nothing can prevent us, if we’re determined to change the course of our lives. 

Folks, we should not mess up with our lives which are so precious and valuable. I heard somewhere that we can’t fix a person who doesn’t wish to fix himself. So, if any of us is going through poor self-esteem, he should not wait for anyone else to come forward to help him. There’s no magic wand which can help him but of course, if he himself takes the responsibility of correcting his ways, nothing can stop him from going ahead.

So, what do we need to do to transform our personality? There are many simple and easy ways to do so and the very first thing is Attitude. Friends, we must change our ATTITUDE as this teaches us to how to live. Though difficult initially, yet it’s not impossible, if we practice to change it consistently. At this point of time, I don’t need to narrate you the story of whether glass is half-empty or half-filled as we all are familiar with this story.

The next pivotal step to figure out where we are lacking and to plan how to mend the problem/s. Continuous training and self-learning can foster our overall development. Let me say that it’s not an overnight make-over, and we need to invest lots of efforts, time, and energy consistently and persistently.
Nobody is born with poor self-esteem, so it is crystal clear that we can improve it if we wish to do so.

We’ll have to take out time for our hobbies. ‘Things which we love to do’ can help us to come out of the miserable and pitiful moments.
Each of us is unique. God has created each of us and has gifted us with wonderful talents to make our lives extraordinary so who have stopped us to move forward. We shouldn’t compare ourselves with others for having better opportunities, facilities, or jobs. If we’ve our competition with us then we can see ourselves excelling day by day and this also enhances our self-confidence.

Exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet keep us healthy and a healthy person can think of being wealthy and wise. Reading the motivational books nurtures our minds and this is also a fantastic way to get rid of poor self-image. 
Socialising with people can also help us to overcome our nervousness or diffidence up to some extent. Discussion makes us ready men. I mean during discussion, we come across others' viewpoint as well and this enriches our knowledge.

We mustn't feel self-pity no matter who we are and where we are from. Focusing on our accomplishments can help us more to achieve self-confidence. We can't grow or move ahead if we keep paying heed to our failures only. Failures and predicaments are inseparable part of our lives as they also teach us immensely. 

So friends, I'd like to say that the world won't value us till we value ourselves. If our self-evaluation and self-expectation are high then we should strive to achieve that level and once we're committed to our decisions, no obstacle can hinder us from our goal attainment.


Take care, be happy and healthy. And don't forget that we are unique and hence our goals are also unique. We can't be like others as our competition is with ourselves not with others.

Mamta Sharma
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