Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Sound Sleep a Key to an Energetic Day!!!

Taking a sound sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. Due to our busy schedule, we sacrifice our sleep and become habitual of sleeping late at night. At first our body retaliates but gradually it becomes habitual of our odd schedule. People tell me that they night people which means they prefer to work at late night but the same people complain about how they are suffering from headache, insomnia, nausea, constipation, acne, depression and several other problems. So friends, if any of us is disturbing his body clock and suffering from such health problems, it’s sure that we need to reschedule our routine and to inculcate habits to improve our health.
Following steps can help us to overcome the aforementioned health problems:

1.    Switch off our electronics gadgets after 10 p.m. Though we all are fond of our electronic gadgets but for a sound sleep, it’s pivotal to switch off these gadgets. Initially, we may feel ourselves aloof in absence of our favorite toys but later we will feel ourselves at ease.
2.   Have Food at around 8 p.m. Having food a bit early can help us to remove such health problems. We must take simple home cooked food for 6 days a week. This will improve our health.
3.   Drinking sufficient water is a healthy habit. 7-8 glasses of water daily have a wonderful impact on our health, hair, and skin.
4.   Inculcate the habit of reading books. We still remember the bed-time stories which were read or narrated to us by our parents or grandparents. This habit can still help us to take a sound sleep.
5.   A meditation for 10-15 minutes relaxes our minds which is necessary for a good sleep.

O gosh…it’s too late and I think it’ll be very tough for me to get up early in the morning. So, let me take your leave at this point of time but before I bid you good bye, let me tell you that a sound sleep is essential for our overall well-being. So, don’t sacrifice your sleep and be happy.
Mamta Sharma

Friday, 23 September 2016


Hello Friends,
How are you all? I had been grappling with several issues in my life and I could not figure out how to overcome them. After lots of introspection, I came across a wonderful conclusion that there is only one today and several tomorrows in our lives. I mean, we keep planning out certain things in our lives such as we'll visit our favorite hill stations after our responsibilities get over or we'll live our lives on our condition once our family duties end up, so on and so forth. But unfortunately, it never happens as after we're done with our responsibilities and assignments, we feel no craving for our own desires or dreams. 

Hence, I believe that there is only one today and several tomorrows in our lives. Well, for days, I had been thinking about what should be prioritize: mind or brain? There was a tough battle between mind and brain which subsequently made me confused.

Eventually, after lots of retrospection, I found out that we ignore our heart throughout our lives. Most of us are habitual of listening to their brains as it is perfect at calculations which, we think, guarantees beneficial results. If you don't believe me, you please ponder about when you listened to your heart the last time. I hope that you've got the answer. Poor heart keeps putting forward its proposals but we quieten it by giving various excuses so in brief, it is always dominated by brain. (Poor fellow!!!)

Life, like a bubble, seems shiny and beautiful yet none of us can predict when it'll burst. Therefore, friends, let's listen to our heart and live our live to its full. We must visit the places, we love to visit, we should learn the skills, we yearn to learn, and we must take out time for ourselves whenever we wish. Since we have only one life, one today (or may be very few tomorrows) and we have to find out the ways which make us feel happy and gratified. Why do we keep procrastinating the moments which make our ‘selves’ feel blessed, loved and cherished? Why do we’ve our entire attention towards others’ satisfaction, love, and appreciation? So, we should save money for ourselves, so that we can see the world. So, we should schedule our time so that we can acquire the skills to make our personality wonderful. We should quit a job if we gives no satisfaction. (though we should wait for the right opportunity to quit it) So, we should do the things which make us feel elated. As we must be familiar with the fact there’s only one today but several tomorrows in our lives.

Take care bad bye.
Mamta Sharma

Monday, 19 September 2016

Side-Effects of One-Sided Love!!! Part 2

Well, friends, life is what we make it. If we’re full of pessimism, there’s no life and each moment seems extremely long and full of remorse and monotony. The same happened with my friend whose story I shared with you the last week. She lost her vigor for her life after her proposal was turned down by the love of her life. She even didn’t talk to me on the way back home. I didn’t see her after that unfortunate day.

Today, in the morning, I received a call from her and she asked me to meet at a restaurant as that is the place where we could sit and chit chat for some time. After placing an order for my favorite dishes (I was flattered to see that she still remembers the names of my favorite dishes).
I was curious to know about the remaining story which transformed her personality entirely. While having our coffee, we recalled our old days, teachers, and our pranks and so on. Then I asked her how come she changed this much. I could see the changing expressions that gave a stern look to her face and she started recalling her story.

She told me that she desired to write a book on her bitter experience as she didn’t want any young girl or boy to go through the trauma if he/she is rejected by someone. After that devastating incidence, she attempted suicide but was saved by her brother and after that her life became like a hell. Everything seemed to have changed overnight. Her parents, who used to shower their love on her, couldn’t bear her presence for a single minute. She kept crying for several months without having food. It was like the end of the life!
But she kept taking revenge from her ‘self’ and from her ‘body’ which led to several diseases such as insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, and interest in her life and now even her parents wanted her to die. This situation bent out of shape and eventually made her existence negligible in her own family.

One evening, (after 4-5 months) while flipping over the pages of the folder which contained her certificates which she had won in several academic competitions, made her realize that she was bearing the brunt for nothing and she decided why she’s sacrificing her time, career, and life for someone who didn’t value in her life anymore.  At that very moment, she took a resolution to give one more chance to her life. Back then, it was a big thing to fail so her parents rejected her decision of further studies as they wanted her to marry. But she was adamant and she managed to cajole them that she would bear the expenses of her studies. That year, she filled up the private form for her class 10th. In the meanwhile, she joined a part time job. She invested her money in books and painting which was her passion. In spite of very busy schedule, she was enjoying this phase of learning.
Yoga had become an inseparable part of her daily routine. Gradually, transformation in her personality was visible. She became confident and people were startled to see the change in her. Her parents also changed to see her progressing in her life. She completed her graduation, shifted to Delhi and later got selected in an MNC. Since then, she didn’t look back and she’s thankful to that boy who declined her proposal otherwise she would not have acknowledged and unleashed the potential she had. During our three and the half hours of conversation, I could see a different smile and strong determination on her face. Later we bid goodbye to each other with a promise to meet frequently. I continued to see her swagger and elegantly flipping her bag over her shoulder and disappearing in her expensive Mercedes car.
So, folks, rejection in a one-sided love, leave a person in lurch which makes his life difficult enormously. This damages his self-confidence and self-respect up to a great extent.

According to Abraham Maslow, a well known psychologist, Self-Esteem is a requisite in the hierarchy of human needs. Like physiological, social, and security needs, the need of self-esteem also gratifies us. If someone is not able to fulfill this need of his, he finds no vibrancy in his life.
Many a time he decides to end his life due to lack of determination. Though it’s very hard to come out of the misery yet it’s not impossible. But how is it possible?? It’s really very simple, after failing in our love affairs; we need to divert our thought process. Rather than avenging from our ‘selves’, it’s better to change the object of revenge. “There is no better time to be motivated to push the limits of your body than after a break-up.” We can take a plunge in to the world of solitude but our ‘selves’ must be pampered and taken care of.
In order to overcome the angst and trauma of break-up, we can hit the gym. This relaxes us, makes us look better and helps us to get inner strength which doesn’t let our morale down.

The other way to release the tension after a heart-break is yoga. This is not about twisting and twitching our body parts only but this can transform our life at a large scale as it provides us with enormous confidence.

Self-worth is something which decides the success paths of our life. Exhibiting poor self-image gives others a chance to underestimate us which should not be allowed at any cost. So now on, no self-pity or self-denial since no one else can decide our fate. We are the master of our own fate!!!

Mamta Sharma
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reference: Revenge served, Sunday Times of India Sep 4.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Side Effects of One-Sided Love!!! Part 1

Hello everyone! Well, let me share a real story with all of you today. Last week, I met an old friend of mine, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Oh gosh, she was a changed personality now! A svelte, delicate, elegant, and charismatic person had replaced an overweight, double chinned, damsel whose oily face was sprayed with acne always. 

Firstly, I couldn’t recognize her but her smile reminded me of my school friend who shared the tits and bits of her life with me during our free lectures. I couldn’t resist myself from appreciating her magnificent and impressive persona. Though she seemed unaffected by my complement. I found myself spellbound while having interaction with her as she appeared to have acquired very impressive communication skills. I revealed my curiosity to meet her. Like an old school friend, she promised to meet me the next to next week as she had some urgent meeting at in New Delhi and she didn’t want to miss her flight.

No sooner did I bid her good bye than I went into the flashback. I started replaying our school days, when we used to be in high school and she had a crush on a boy who would stay in her vicinity. The boy was very handsome and dashing and he had his own bike which was a big thing back then. But the problem was that he never ever noticed my friend as several girls were his friends. 

My friend revealed her secret to me and I tried to explain my level best to not to get into any affair business as that year was very crucial for us. 10th boards were approaching but this girl was adamant to spill the beans as she was unable to pay any heed to her studies.

 One day, she urged me to accompany her and like a good friend, I did so. But I told her that I would be standing at some distance and she agreed. I could see her approaching toward the boy who looked handsome as usual. Although, I couldn’t hear what conversation took place between them yet I could see the changing expressions of the boy's faces only since the girl had her back toward me.

Within 5-8 minutes, the girl came rushing to me and I saw her face was red because of the embarrassment of rejection. She was crying badly. I couldn't muster my courage to look back yet I did hear a peal of laughter. The gist of the entire episode was the girl's proposal was declined by the boy in a very humiliating way.

I couldn't see my friend for several days as she stopped coming to the school. Her house was very far from mine so I couldn't visit her and mobile phones were not very common those days.

Later she appeared in her board exam and unfortunately she failed. After that I lost my contact with her as I took admission in some other school after I scored well in the exams.

So, the side-effect of one sided love ruined her result and tarnished her image in the school and in her neighborhood. She became the butt of everyone's jokes. 

But after my meeting with her that day, I could see how she bounced back and succeeded. I'm waiting for our next meeting so that I can share her entire story with you all. Please don't forget to go through the remaining part of this blog.
Mamta Sharma
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Monday, 12 September 2016


Well, we all know that knowledge plays a pivotal role in our lives. This is a gift to the human beings which makes us superior to the other species of the world. Throughout our lives, we keep accumulating knowledge which is really mandatory for our survival. Our life seems brief as treasure of knowledge is immense and enormous. We keep learning some or the other thing deliberately or unknowingly which increases our efficiency and productivity exhaustively. 
I Know This

But the irony occurs when people around us expect from us to know each and everything which is not possible for any of us. This aggravates the situation since gradually we become so pretentious as we start saying "I know this." This eventually gives birth to our habit of boasting off and no sooner do we get a chance, we start exhibiting the level of knowledge. 
What Would Happen if We Start Saying "I Don't Know the Answer"?

Well, folks, why can't we say, "I don't know the answer?" What would happen if we utter this statement in the answer to some question? After all we can’t know the answer to each and every question.
We get Scared
Just think about the entire scene such as few people would laugh at us sarcastically, others may grin at our ignorance, while few more would declare us stupid and would make it the talk of the town. Indeed! We would feel offensive and apprehensive at such a dent on reputation in public  and this thought might ruin our several days replaying the same scene in our minds. 

'I Know' vs 'I Don't Know'

The answer, 'I don't know.' is much better than 'I know.' since if we keep saying, 'I know.' we shut the doors to the new information. I read somewhere that we've become like over-brimming cups which can't be filled with more tea anymore. Similarly, we are not receptive to the new knowledge as our minds are crammed with our existing knowledge.  

We're Curious to Learn 

Well, 'I don't know.' is the expression which shows we're curious to learn and curiosity lays the foundation of a successful life. So, next time, when we don’t know the answer to some question, we can simply say “I don’t know the answer” and believe me this will open a new phase to learning and self-confidence. Why to care for others as it’s our lives and learning should never stop.
Mamta Sharma
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You Can Smile!!!

We all know that laughing is the best exercise. Psychological studies prove that laughter frees us from stress and frustration. But have we ever noticed how many times we smile or laugh every single day? I mean, all of us aspire to be successful in our lives and we have some role models who’re extraordinarily flourishing in their specific fields. But, when we look at them while attending some public forums, we find their faces tensed with frowning. How stressed out or offensive they seem!!! They appear much offensive and there’s no sign of joy or satisfaction on their faces. So, it means success brings tension, apprehension and depression along with it. Thus, why do we yearn to be successful when it does bring no pleasant feelings with it? How can we’ve role models who seem to have accumulated immense materialistic wealth yet no intrinsic happiness, satisfaction or peace?

In pursuit of success, we’ve covered a great distance but unfortunately, it still seems very far from us. We don't hesitate to leave our families, cities, even countries sometimes to chase it yet we're not able to pace with this glittering and shining thing. Since morning till late night, we all are rushing and running aimlessly and ironically, we don't know how to grab it.

We all keep planning out to make our lives better without thinking about the intensity of tension or agony we go through for the sake of it. Therefore, the price for our success is more than our expectations and if after acquiring success (each of us has his own definition of success) leads to a life devoid of smile, laughter, mirth and amusement, it's futile and in vain. Life is being wasted away!!! So sad!!! And we’re ignorant and unaware. 

During my motivational session which was conducted recently, I met up a gentleman who said, 'Madam I am successful and happy as well. Every year, I travel different places with my family and I have a sort of life which people can't even imagine of.' I smiled and congratulated him on his golden success. Then I started inquiring about his family and he told me that his old parents preferred to live in the country. I asked him if his parents who're ailing and old are not included in his family, his expressions conveyed how offensive he was feeling at my question. After that, he didn't spoke too much and left.

The best part of our success is that we know what we require and how much is required to live a happy and satisfactory life. Our family which consists of our spouse, children and parents (fortunate people have their parents with them) can multiply the happiness of our success celebration.

At the end

While chasing the non-existential goals of our lives, we shouldn't forget to smile and laugh so that we don't look like aliens to the people who desire to step in our shoes. 

Thus we should smile, laugh and celebrate our success as there's no tomorrow and after we're full, we can think about those people who don't have any reason to smile. 

Mamta Sharma

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Why Me???

Well, this is a very genuine question which keeps hovering over our minds all the time. Why Me??? Actually, we all wish to have fantastic lives which equipped with all sorts of smoothness and pleasantness and a small intrusion of unpleasantness or unfavourable condition is not welcome by any of us.
I wake up in the morning and no sooner I come out of our bed I find our parents discussing my weekends plans. O gosh! I don't want this because I wish to spend our time with our friends and not with my relatives or family members. In spite of my best efforts, I'm not able to cajole my parents about my own plans as they seem entirely intact by my efforts.There comes a voice from within...Why Me???

In my college, I find everyone in a very light mood as everybody is yelling, hooting and shouting at the top of his voice and dancing weirdly but as soon as do I join them all, than the teacher comes and starts scolding me as I'm the only person who he points out. Then again I ask myself, "Why Me???'

There comes a sweet and pretty girl in the college. Everybody is talking about her and I also find myself on the list of the aspirants. Fortunately, she offers me a lift in her car when she sees me dragging on my foot. I can see the boys in my surroundings getting jealous and annoyed at my lucky stars, and then I keep a mum and don't utter a single word ("Why Me"???) about this wonderful chance.

There's a long queue of interviewees waiting for their turn in the open space. I become judgemental for a while. I start comparing myself with those present there. I feel demotivated or rather devastated to see their smartness, tall height and smart appearance and then again I hear a voice which comes from within, Why Me???

After interview gets over, I'm confused since I'm not much satisfied with my performance.
Now my mind is rewinding the entire interview session and gives several options to each questions and I guess I've better answers now. O.M.G.! I could do better. Again I say to myself, "Why Me???"

I've almost forgotten about my interview and all of a sudden, I receive a call from the H. R. of the company who informs me to get ready for the next round of my interview and informs me that I'm almost selected and the next round is  a mere formality. I start chuckling to myself and I don't say anything to myself. (Why Me???)

So friends, the moral of the entire story is when we come across something unfavourable, we hear this sentence (Why Me???) coming from within but when we experience something pleasant, we keep quiet. Have faith, our life is a wonderful combination of sweet and sour ingredients, and we've to relish it!
Look, various magnificent opportunities are waiting for us as the Almighty is biased and He wishes all the best gifts for each of us. We only need to explore those gifts in form of possibilities!!
Hence, don't say "Why Me???" Say, "it's Me!!!" 

Mamta Sharma

Friday, 9 September 2016

Scared to Take Risk: No Risk No Progress!!!

Are We Be Ready To Take Risk In Our Lives? 

Well, I'm pondering about several different issues which have confused me entirely and I'm really not sure about the topic of my blog today. I think, this happens to most of us. Many often, we're in some complex state of mind. We find ourselves in dilemma. We get ourselves standing at a forked road and are not able to decide which road to be taken. In short, this is a very complicated situation and taking risk is the only option left with us.

So, I think the topic of my blog is clear now and this is Are We Be Ready To Take Risk In Our Lives? And the answer is ‘YES’. Sometimes it’s not possible to play a safe game and to achieve the next level; we’ll have to be determined to take risk. But for this, we’ll have to persuade ourselves. As no outsider (even our closest relative or friend) can help us at that point of time. 

When I meet up people during my motivational sessions, I experience that many of them are filled with mammoth energy and have vibrant persona yet they are compelled to live average lives. Why? Despite their extraordinary attributes, they live ordinary lives as they are scared of taking risk. Well, we’ve heard that opportunity knocks once but I feel that opportunities come to us several time in different forms though we’re not able to recognize them and unfortunately, we're not ready to embrace them.

Why are we obligated to live a life which we’d never ever imagined for ourselves? So, I dare those people who are dynamic and have passion for their lives, to take risks. Till the next opportunity knocks at our door, we should endeavor to prepare ourselves for that moment. I mean waiting desperately for our turn is not enough as it frustrates us. So, till that moment, we’ve got time to excel our skills, knowledge and wit which could definitely assist us while taking risk
Mamta Sharma

Thursday, 8 September 2016

It's Not A Hero But A Villain Who Makes a Movie Blockbuster!!!

During my childhood, I used to have a sort of sympathy with the hero as he was tortured and bothered by some villain. I used to be so thrilled and excited that I used to imagine myself at the hero's place to take his revenge. But when I grew a bit older, I found that no movie could be imagined without a villain as he is like the most significant ingredient in the entire recipe which prepares a yummy cuisine. Even the handsome most  and dashing hero and the prettiest heroine cannot make a movie smash hit until and unless there's a person with weird expressions, a scar on his face, and disgusting appearance and whose sole concern is to mess with the protagonists. Without his entry, there’s no twist or spice in the film and if any of us doesn’t believe me, he or she can just watch the hit movies which are known more for their grey characters and not for their heroes.

Folks, you might be thinking about my perception which seems to have changed overnight but don’t worry and let me come to the real motive of my blog. The gist of the above paragraph is that we can’t live the lives full of pleasantness and pleasurable things all the time. When I meet people, I find them complaining against the problems they’re facing on account of which they even miss celebrating the small victories or achievements. As we all yearn to attain bigger goals which could make our lives more comfortable and easier. Despite having lots of the best facilities and the fantastic life style, they prefer to focus more on the things they’re struggling to acquire. However they are not familiar with the fact that their lives are adventurous because of their struggle only.

There’s no twist or newness in our lives if we lead to the same monotonous lives. Well, I wish to convey the message that we should enjoy the entry of the villains, I mean, problems and slight difficulties in our lives. Life should not be bed of roses otherwise we won’t be able to see the level of our caliber which we require to fight for our survival.

Till our next interaction, take care and love yourself. Please don’t forget to enjoy and celebrate the small achievements in search of big victories. Don’t loathe villains as they make our lives as adventurous and audacious as a roller costar ride!

Mamta Sharma

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Good Bye Addiction As It's My Life!!!!

Addiction is the stage of dependence on other thing and this eventually leads to helplessness. Moreover, a person who is unable to speak out his mind, gets addicted to something. let me share a real story with you all. It's about a middle aged gentle woman who is introvert and she doesn't like her husband's habit of socialising with people. So, whenever she finds her house filled with the guests, she starts feeling offensive and uncomfortable. However she doesn't have courage to share her feelings with her husband. She told me that in order to suppress her annoyance and frustration, she started taking some pills and now she's entirely addicted to them. 
So addiction and psychology are intermingled. We mock or ridicule a person who's addicted to something yet we don't give a damn to the reasons why h/she has surrendered to some drug or habit. Generally, we blame the poor character or immorality of an addict and we assume that deliberately he/she is not willing to give up this habit and this is the point where we make a mistake. Actually there're certain reasons why a person becomes the victim to some addiction. Sometimes our environment or surroundings push us to the world of addiction.  Many a time, our circumstances compel us to opt this weird means to relieve our minds from our problems for a specific span of time. Lack of determination also plays a negative role in our lives, I mean, when we're not determined or sure about our goals, we imbibe such habits unknowingly and later we realise that there's no coming back.
Addiction causes fatal repercussions on our physical, mental and emotional well being. The foremost thing is that we become dependent on some drug or habit for our survival. It seems, life without that addiction is not possible and this is really painful. I came across two instances which exhibit how difficult and painful life an addict leads to. In the first instance, I found a person from a well-off family, robbing his neighbour in order to get money for liquor. And the another instance is of a sugar patient who despite his heart attack, wanted to smoke as he felt that he would die if he was not allowed to smoke. The habit of addiction weakens us in various issues such as decision making, firmness of will power, character, behaviour, and self-confidence. It also gives birth to several diseases which make us insecure. 
So, I would like to mention here that if we're eager to quit an addiction we need to have firmness of purpose. Once we take a resolution, nothing could budge us from our decision. So we can have power to live a life of freedom if we decide to come out of the trap of addiction
There're a number of organisations which are working to get addicted people cured yet self-help plays the most significant role in its prevention. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Dedicated to All My Students and My Colleagues

I Wish to Remain a Student Throughout My Life!!!
O Gosh! Finally, I’m a teacher and my students have immense expectation from me yet I feel that I’ve a long way to go. I wish to work more and more on my knowledge and skills as whenever I find myself to have acquired a level, some instance crops up which leaves me questioning my own capabilities. And this provides me a new yardstick to measure my calibre and this goes on and on. I really enjoy this entire phenomenon of excelling and accelerating myself as a person. I’m not sure how long it may take to bridge the gap between my current level and the aspired one but definitely my endeavours will lead me to the strategies for change. This thought doesn’t let me settle down and hence, I wish to remain a student throughout my life!!
But while interacting with some people around me, I feel that we’ve limited ourselves. I mean, we’re not receptive to the new things                                                                                  as we’ve become like the cups which're already full. What happens when we pour tea into an over-brimmed cup, the tea goes waste. In the same way, we’re so filled with our existing knowledge that we’re reluctant to make space for the new knowledge and skills. Creating an ambience for learning is an excellent thing and if it becomes the part of our life, we can experience the miraculous changes in our personality as well as in our life. William James, the founder of modern psychology, once said, ‘Most people live- whether physically, intellectually or morally- in a very restricted circle of their potential being. We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.’
So, I wish to dream like my students who always have a new zenith to reach. I wish to aspire like my students who are multi-dimensional. Like my students, I wish to add a new dimension to my ‘self’ each and every moment, I wish to have the energy, vigour and exuberance the way my students have, so that my passion to achieve something new doesn't die out. I wish to make my life more joyful and meaningful. Hence, I love to remain a student Throughout My Life!!! 
Happy Teachers' Day!!

reference: Sharma, R. Leadership Wisdom.  Toronto. Harpest Collins Publisher Ltd.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Dirty Things Fascinate Us!!!

This may sound eerie to most of us but this is true up to some extent that Dirty Things Always Fascinate Us. Let’s replay our train of thoughts since our teen age years, when we used to feel pleasure while viewing those sights which were not meant for us or the movies that our parents asked us not to watch. The scenario has not changed yet. Why does this happen? Why do we have such an urge for uncanny things which are not meant for us as teens or adolescent fellows? In the deep, dark and secluded space of our minds, many such things keep rewinding on and on. Folks, we can’t overlook this fact that people get attracted towards black and uncanny things which are considered banned in our civilized society.
So, should we not raise this concern? Should we not discuss the reasons behind this psychology which leads to several other problems? Indeed, we should. The increasing number of juvenile crimes has compelled us to discuss this issue. In our so called modern society, where things have changed rapidly, social norms have not changed a bit.

In our teen years, when several physical and psychological changes take place in our body, we get confused and sometime very scared. In a country like India, teens don’t prefer to share any such problem with their parents nor do the parents encourage their children to talk about such prohibited issues which are considered social taboo. 

  • Poverty

In a poor family where life starts in a tiny room and ends in the same room, when children lose their innocence, they don’t even know. 

  • Modern Technology

In a middle or upper middle-class family, computer system, and now smart phones introduce a weird world of fantasy and adventure to teens. Unfortunately, there's no one who could answer to their curiosity and they fall easy prey to crap and junk behaviour.

  • Lack of Time 

Presently parents are not able to spend time with their children because of their busy schedule. This has left the children secluded and aloof.

  • Education Pedagogy Until and unless we  redesign our  prevalent education system, we can't think of positive changes.

Parents have a Bigger and Active Role to Play in this regard. They must handle the queries of their children pertaining to sexual relation, hormonal changes and their attraction towards the opposite sex.
After our families, schools are the places where children spend most of their time and their teachers or counselors can help them most
NGOs can also conduct the sessions on the specific issues related to child psychology and sexual behaviour. 

If we really concerned for deteriorating societal condition, we will have to change our perception. Blaming teens for their unusual behaviour in this regard will lead us nowhere so it's better to interact over the issues which not only disturb teens only but our entire social system.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Stop Dancing To Other’s Tune!!

 Stop Dancing To Other’s Tune!!
We still remember the story of a pied piper whose tune helped some villagers to get rid of excessive rats which caused them crop damage. The pied piper’s magic tune used to leave the rats spellbound and these could easily be driven out of the village. But the same piper trapped the children of that village when he was not paid his dues by the villagers. What a fantastic childhood story it was! Sometimes I feel that we’re still dancing to the tune of the strange pied pipers whose number has increased now. We’re charmed by them and we find it almost impossible to move even our little finger as per our wish. Why are we so guided by others’ perception?

Unfortunately, we’re not aware with our own identity and wishes or desires. Today, in the morning, I met up a gentle-lady who has a wonderful personality and fluent communication skills; she belongs to a well-to-do family. She is lucky to have all the ingredients in her life which people can't even imagine for. Yet she doesn’t seem gratified with anything around her. She keeps whining about her surroundings, people or the rapidly changing scenario. Besides, she keeps repeating the tales of her negative experience frequently which shows the level of her dissatisfaction.

Folks, the above real instance manifests how we keep dancing on others’ tune and let me tell you that the term ‘other’ refers to the situation, occurrences, and the people around us. One nasty idea, one unpleasant statement by others can make us feel offensive and we lose our peace of mind. At that juncture, we stop valuing our most invaluable possession. One compliment or comment becomes so powerful that we forget about the existence of the pleasant aspects of our lives. So, it's vital to ask few questions from ourselves, such as how can others make us feel stressed or on the cloud nine? Are we so fragile and gullible that anybody can make or mar our internal pleasantness? The outside pleasantness will lose its vitality in case we don't have inside internal peace. Moreover, the constant replay and rewind of our bad memories don’t let us to be at ease. Oh Gosh! Are we going to live the rest of our lives this way? Like the dumb-driven cattle, we’re ruining our hours, days, months and years because of the petty outside factors which very often don’t matter to us. 
Let’s discuss the essence of how to get in the role of the pied piper so that we could make our devastation, dejection, sorrowfulness, irritation, apprehension, hatred and jealousy to disappear on our tunes.

  • We’ll have to Change Our Nature

I read somewhere that our basic nature never changes yet we can make efforts to modify our nature or habits which cause problems to us. In order to revive the peace of mind, we can take a resolution to not to contemplate over the instances or people which lead us to the unpleasant state. Though this is not that easy yet we can try.
  • We Can’t Control Others But Ourselves

Why do we feel miserable because of the others’ behaviour? And who’re we to let others know that they are at fault? We can control ourselves not others. After we start believing in this wonderful philosophy, we can see the gradual but positive change in our attitude. We’ll eventually stop having loads of expectation from others.This will surely lessen our anger and annoyance for others. 
  • Intrinsic Motivation Can Help Us

Well, if we rely on our intrinsic motivation, we can live in a blissful state and the outside factors will surely become negligible. If we feel blissful and pleasant internally, no outside occurrence can prune our happiness. This might sound uncanny to many of us but this is the reality.
  • When Self-Evaluation Is High

In the present world, we’ve trained our ears to hear nice things about ourselves. How’s it possible to expect from others to assess us the way we wish? No sooner we find anyone pointing towards our drawbacks, we become offensive. This is a ridiculous but a naked truth that we have a very high self-worth which aggravates the situation.
  • At the End

Well, each and every moment of our life should be owned by us. We own our life and we should have its reign in our hands. We must decide how we wish to engineer it. So next time, when any of us ever feels unpleasant because of others’ behaviour, we'd take deep breath and would let the offender (person or incident) go and we should remind ourselves that we’ve several dreams to fulfil. In no case, we'd dance on others' tune. Since, living a life without vivacity and enthusiasm is like a life without life.