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Anger Management (Hindi)


5 Changes in order to get immediate Confidence!

Friends, let me mention that we should never get scared of change. This is true that we lose several things when a change occurs however we should also not forget that change may lead to a wonderful transformation.
Now let's discuss what kind of changes may transform our life. A positive change can help us to transform our entire life.

If we know who we really are then we never ever look up to others in order to judge our own 'Selves'. So the first change is stop looking to others for their judgement about you.We often trust others' perception when it comes to assessment of our personality or perception which exhibits our low self-esteem. Hence, believing in us is the second significant change in our behaviour that is also known as 'Self Belief.' The third very important change is a change in our habits. Actually we are slave to our habits which bring us misery. Therefore, if we are determined to change our habits, we can see us excelling each and every moment.T…

Stress and Meditation

There's no cure for our stress until and unless we control our negative emotions to bother us. Do you remember last you when you felt totally relaxed and stress free? Actually, this is our habit to trouble our minds for trivial issues. Now let me share few funny reasons of stress.

We get stressed when our maid is on an informed leave.We said something to someone and now we are worried to think what person might be thinking about us.We get stressed by someone's criticism or harsh words. People don't like 'ME' is something that troubles us like anything.My boss takes more work from 'ME' in comparison to others.Others have much better lives than I have, is a painful thought.
So, let me you that there's an unending list of reasons. Reason may be any however if we don't try to get rid of our stress, it will lead to immense emotional and physical problems in our lives.
Let me share a very simple meditation with you all.

Lie flat on the floor or sit in a har…
15 Ways to Acquire Real Beauty and Radiance
Hello friends, we all wish to look beautiful as everybody loves attention. This is one all-important human attribute. We all want people around us to love and like us and when it comes to how to lookattractive, we leave no stone upturned. I feel that there's nothing wrong with this burning desire since this is our birth right to look pretty, confident and attractive. 
Therefore, today I'm going to share 5 simple but useful ways with which we can acquire more beauty and radiance.
Body Care
Never forget to wash your face before going to bed.Apply night cream according to your skin type.Apply sunscreen to guard your delicate skin before stepping out of your house.Take a clean up at least once in a month to get a clean and smooth skin.Exfoliate your skin with some herbal scrub at least once in three days (or as per your need). Consult your dermatologist if you have a sensitive skin.  Folks, the suggestions mentioned above are known to eve…
Dear Parents,
I'm writing this open letter to you on the behalf of all the teen age children. Please let me mention that several things hurt them and affect their attitude, behaviour and personality badly. I wish to share that they are familiar with your intentions about them. kids don't listen to your advice? Why do you think that they are behaving like mutineers?
They know that that you care for them and the fact is that they also care for you. Then why do problems occur? Why is there a gap between you and them? Why do you keep saying that your

Let me give you the reason since they are going through their adolescence and this is a transitional stage from childhood to adulthood. They are curious, confused and flabbergasted sometimes. They need your emotional support.

Few Don'ts

Please don't compare them with their siblings or other kids.Please don't keep pointing out to their mistakes all the time.Please don't narrating how you were more obedient in your teen…

Change is the Only Permanent Thing!!!

Isn’t it amazing to see how we grow from slapdash kids to responsible teens to caring adults? What happens in the course that makes us so responsible and mature now? Isn’t it like a seed which is sown in the beginning and which grows into a giant tree? As I sit here, thinking silently about my growth, enduring the growth, enduring the changes, I wonder about some questions which don’t have any answer. But it is because of these unanswered questions that I am able to narrate the endless journey.  Friends, let me share a story that I read as a kid. It described a male bird which takes lots of pain to build a nest and the female bird takes shelter in it and lays eggs. After some time the offspring come out of the eggs. The entire nest echoes with the chirping of baby birds. The mother bird nourishes its babies with great efforts. When the birds learn to fly, they fly off to a different place leaving behind the beautiful nest their parent birds in it. It made me wonder…how they could so ea…


I wish to FLY, I wish to soar high and high. I wish to fathom the height in the sky, I wish to FLY.
But how? Please go through the blog which will surely make our desire to FLY possible and definite.
Hello folks. today I wish to bring to the table a very significant issue. Before I commence my writing formally, I would like to ask you few questions, “Have you ever fallen in love with someone”?  It’s really great! How many times have you whispered to your girlfriend or boy friend or spouse, ‘I love you sweetheart’? How many times we lie to make others realize that we love our partner. Such as, you look terrific today. (Though we have not even noticed what he or she is wearing today.) So now let me know have you ever told yourself, ‘I love myself’. Does it sound surreal? No? Is it a blunder to exhibit love for our own selves? But let me mention that I’ve borne the brunt of showcasing my enormous love for my ‘self’.
So, today, I am going to elaborate on how pleasant it is to fall in love with …

10 Ways to Influence People

Well, folks, everyone wishes to be noticed in this overcrowded world. Everybody yearns to stand out in crowd. I think you also feel the same. There are lots of tricks which we adopt to influence people. We join several courses to be more impressive and effective. This is our burning desire to win the heart of people around us. Since praises, admiration and accolades are liked by everyone. Since our childhood, we develop a sort of willingness and inclination to acquire these. Today I'm going to share some very simple attributes which will help us to behave more impressively and effectively. So gear up and go through these magical techniques to transform you and your entire personality. We don't have to shout at the top of our voice to be noticed. Believe in action instead of words. Confess your mistakes as accepting our mistakes is not the sign of weakness but it needs immense guts and courage. Be a good listener. Listening is a wonderful skill which requires too much patience an…

8 Ways to Overcome Stress

Hello folks, how are you all? I hope you all liked my yesterday's blog. So, yesterday, we were talking about why we should not get stressed out. It's really next to impossible to remain cool during tough situations. But if we really love ourselves, we'll have to overcome our habits of getting stressed out and worried. Today, I tried to calm a peer of mine who lost his anger due to people's casual behaviour. The intensity of his anger was too much as his face was red and his eyes were bulging. This incidence compelled me to introspect how much we suffer due to extrinsic factors. So, today I am sharing the ways which help us to come out of our stress and worries. Please try to understand this tricks are very simple but effective.
You are stressed because of something very serious and you feel that you are screwed up and there's nothing left to lose.

Smile from ear to ear and and throw back your shoulders. (You might be thinking that there's something wrong with m…