Our Time Will Come!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Friends...some times nothing goes as per our wishes...it seems, we are getting weaker and weaker...despite our best efforts, nothing positive happens. There is no ray of hope...the entire world seems like our enemy...even the best friends, family and well wishers also seem very far...and we are aloof, dejected and disappointed. This is the time when we decide to give up...we stop having self belief...we feel that everyone is our enemy...Don't worry...and be positive...don't be apprehensive...our failures are not the end of the world. If we are in crisis...we should muster our courage to fight with it. In addition to that, we should stop paying any attention to the world....what people would think about us...what would they say at our failure....how would people react if we happen to make some error??? Friends...if we really wish to be at ease and want to lead to meaningful lives...we'll have to stop thinking absurd. Appeasing people is not the goal of our lives...as we are here for our selves...and we won't let ourselves down. So friends...please go through the following poem which I composed yesterday...I'm sure you would like it.
Time may be tough,
Paths may be rough.
People may not be supportive,
Our voice may be unassertive.
Our body may be worn out,
Our legs may be tired out.
Despite prevailing darkness everywhere,
Despite no one familiar anywhere.
Remember your inner voice and confidence,
Remember there is a light of His existence.
Don’t let your faith in Him fade away,
Winter before spring has gone away.
No darkness can overcome light for a long,
No winter before the spring can prolong.
Your day will come one day,

Have patience and wait for that day.

So till our next meeting, take care...be safe, healthy and happy...love yourself and learn to flow with the circumstances so that you, without losing your energy and hope, can get the destination. Since each lock has its key and each problem has its solution...We are never alone...a positive energy is flowing with us...only we have to learn to recognize it and then to use it for our own benefit.

Mamta Sharma


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