Time is Money!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? I have been occupied these days hence, I couldn't talk to you.
Well folks, today our discourse shall revolve around the importance of time. We all are familiar with the fact that time is money, yet it is quite hilarious that we waste time, and keep saying I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF. So how can we stop time to fly? How can we get smart with time? How can we get extra time? Well folks, just rack your brains and  come up with some valuable outcome. 

Friends, this is the time of SMART WORK not of HARD WORK. I mean to say that it doesn't matter what amount of time we are spending to get a work done, but what matters is how much we achieve in the given time period. Time Management is an essential life skill which helps us to be more productive. So this is crystal clear that Time Management ensures our success.
Let me tell you friends, that there are specifically three Time Killers which prevent us to be more productive. The very first Time Killer is Laziness, the next Time Killer is Indecision and the third Time Waster is being Inactive. 

Hence, it is a must to overcome these three demons to avoid time wasting and to live our lives successfully. But how can we do so? The very first thing is to make a priority list. We keep complaining that despite lots of work, we are unable to get the positive result. This is due to the lack of proper priority list. We can wake up early so that we can have extra time to do our work. Folks, if we want to get rid of indecision, and anxiety, meditation can help us. Since it helps us to have control over our thoughts. Moreover, regular mediation helps us to concentrate on the right things which results into optimism and this will surely help us to take the right decisions. 
We'll have to acquire the skill of delegation of work and labour division. The mastery over these two skills can make us to save our time. Further, we'll have to be our best critic in order to find out the reasons of our inefficiency. Once we  figure out these reasons, it'll be easier for us to avoid the disturbance which creeps in our daily routine. So sleeping at the right time, waking up at the right time and thinking in the right direction can help us to manege our time and to be more productive.
So it is time to wind up, till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy, and happy, love yourself and learn how to manage your time.
Mamta Sharma


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