Life Without You Maa

Dear Mom,
This long journey of life would have been more beautiful, had you been there with me. How happy you would have been to see me blossoming in terms of knowledge, progress, and maturity. Mom, today on this wonderful occasion, I want to tell you that I miss you very much. I regret the fact that you never gave any priority to yourself. You never paid any heed to your desires and aspirations. The old memories are still alive in my mind, when you would keep sitting beside me when I was not feeling well. Mom, you sacrificed your precious life in order to raise me up and to give me a quality life. I always took your love and care for granted, as you had become my habit. Like we can’t survive without breathing yet we never realize its significance in our lives. We think of it only when we feel suffocated. Mom, I miss you more when I find myself aloof and lonely in this world. Mom, I want to say sorry for my unreasonable behavior and vent of anger. Had you been there with me, I would have helped you to achieve your dreams; the places you wanted to visit, the people you wanted to meet, and the things you wanted to do. Now when I’ve become mature and older, I’ve come to realize, your sacrifices and immense love for me but it's too late. You left me for your ultimate journey to the heavenly abode yet you will reside in my heart forever. Mom, I will work harder to fulfill your expectation which you had from me and I'm sure that one day, you will be proud of me, mom

I Love you, Mom


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