This shall too pass

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? What's new in your life? Well...our journey of life seems very tough majority of us are disillusioned and keep acknowledging the persistent resistance in the form of various fears and apprehensions. Would we get a good job? What would happen after when we would become old? What would happen at the time of death? so on and so forth...Innumerable negative thoughts enter our minds through different sources, such as the type of people we meet, the kind of occurrences that take place in our personal or professional lives etc. These negative vibes, fears and apprehensions don't let us settle for a while. Sometimes, we are afraid of our own shadow. So what to be done to overcome such problems? Folks, we can't flee from these negative thought...since the more we would ignore them, with more intensity, they would bounce back to us. Moreover their impact on us is so profound that several other problems crop up such low mood (depression), irritation, frustration, despair and emptiness etc.So it is essential to confront them with great confidence and valor. I've already described the immense strength of our internal self in my previous blogs. So let me tell you friends that there is no hindrance on our way to attaining self control. It can be done easily, if we have perseverance and determination to do so. These days people are familiar with the significance of their physical strength to live a quality life  and in order to do so, many of us go out for walk, do exercise, try to have healthy food but what about our mental health? Are we taking enough steps to have mental fitness?. How can we be strong mentally and emotionally? The answer is...we'll have to train our minds, emotions, and the way of thinking. We must endeavor to do self actualization and believe me it seems very difficult in the beginning but once we are expert in it, there is no impediment. 
So the next time, when your suffer from low mood and your mind lets you know that you are not able to control the situation because you are feeble and puny, you will have to get rid of this thought. can you refrain yourself from such negative reining your negative emotions. Develop a habit of spending some time with yourself. Make meditation the part of your routine and just after waking up and before turning in, pray and tell your 'Self' that you don't have to worry everything is possible as you are very powerful. You are beyond all the petty worldly affairs. Try to read positive literature, meet optimist people and pray and keep yourself reminding that nothing in this world is permanent...everything changes in due course of time...the same happens with us also...just think and tell me if you agree with me...This shall too pass...
Mamta Sharma


  1. Interesting read..... You have touched upon a very genuine problem. indeed meditation and giving time to one self in this fast world is a real healing. Keep it up.


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