Life of Detachment in Attachment!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well friends, we all know that death is the ultimate reality of life. One who is born will have to die one day. Yet we own this world as if we have drunk the elixir of immortality. In order to make our lives comfortable, we endeavored to acquire materialistic things which proves to be a wild goose chase. So what I feel is, it is futile to accumulate immense wealth since it has been with us till we are alive. Death will snatch everything from us one day. So we should be believe of detachment in the attachment. 

No one wishes to die,
They own the world as if they would never die;
They say they never lie,
But often lie about not to die;
This world seems so magnificent
As a never lasting place luminous and brilliant,
If God Himself asks human
May he wish to go to heaven?
He agrees joyously
To the Heaven’s journey,  
But after knowing the truth
Vanishes his joy and mirth;
He wills to be the inhabitant
Of the place called Heaven
Without leaving this world outstanding
This comprises his valuables, and relatives demanding;
His greed knows no bound,
And forgets to have smiles but is always frowned;
Live as if there’s no tomorrow,
Detach from this world and feel no sorrow;
Humanity, charity and Sympathy,

They are Godly traits and ability. 
Till our next meeting, take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and learn to do charity.
Mamta Sharma
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