Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nature's Preaching!!

Hello Everyone,
Happy Sunday. Well friends...each day is a new day with its new opportunities, challenges, and accept it with open arms and live it  to its full.
Kindly read the following poem and leave your valuable comments.

See this world, crammed with pleasure everywhere,
Colours of Nature are scattered all over.
Happy are the stars in darkness and glitter,
Preach us to overcome the ignorance and jitters
See the sky high, though far
Full of mystic fantasy and bizarre;
And teaches us to touch the crest,
Preaching by trees is unique and the best
Since we’re told to be humble and generous,
Uncanny is the glee showered by the rippling rivers
Makes us heading on and on but be courteous.
Beams of the sun are so bright,
Illuminate the entire world equally with their light.
Standstills are the hills and the mountains,
Show us the way to be courageous in the problem’s curtains.
It’s so easy to lead this life, if we work assiduously,

Leave everything onto Him, if we want to live cheerfully.

Till our next meeting...take care and love yourself, healthy, safe and happy and please believe in action to change your life in the positive way.
Mamta Sharma

Yardstick for Success!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well...sometimes it is fantastic to learn something new without any intention of learning as it compels us to introspect about certain issues. Today the similar instance happened with me when I came across a statement, made by my colleague while having a discourse, regarding how we change drastically in the course of time. He is a young man who has an excellent expertise in fine arts and who progressed incredibly during his studies. He was always curious to learn and wanted to conduct his research in photography…since there is a lot of scope in this field and a very few people have explored different aspects in this regard. But he couldn’t understand what happened afterwards…as he lost his vigor and vitality of learning new things. He had to chew over the ways which could help him to adjust in his new working environment such as coping up with his new boss, manipulating with the workplace politics, manoeuvring the different work culture. He got engrossed with these unavoidable but unnecessary activities that he got deviated from the real passion of his life...his curiosity to learn which would perfect his art and personality. Now taking classes, checking assignments, and mentoring students was all, he used to be busy with throughout the day. Well friends…does this happen with you as well??…Do you ever contemplate about the amount of time you devote to self learning?
Let me tell you that the basic difference between a child and grownup is that...a child is always eager to learn but when the same child grows up…he starts behaving in a very strange and weird way…since he reckons that his phase of learning has got over…"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..." he tells himself... He doesn’t have time to learn and study further. After all...he has to look after his family and economical issues…and he keeps chasing the new ways to multiply his money but still faces the brunt of financial crunches. While counselling one of my friends, who was going through a grey phase in her life in terms of finance, I suggested her to join some on-line course to groom her personality and brush up her skills but her response bewildered me, when she said, I have learnt a lot…and now it is time to get an effective way to mint money…Friends, the moment we develop this mindset…we, ourselves prevent us to go ahead. Skill development, personality grooming and knowledge enhancement are something that go hand in hand throughout our lives. Now this is up to us…how we make a balance between our livelihood and acquiring these essential requisites, which help us to live our lives successfully.
In the present scenario, there are unprecedented opportunities and possibilities due to modern technology….everybody knows that but are we able to get advantage of this current phenomenon ?What I feel that earning money is secondary...once we commence learning and change our perception...materialistic acquirement is not a big deal. But on account of our ignorance, we keep running after petty things and at the end land up into nothing...this situation creates depression and frustration...
Success is something you attract by becoming attractive to the market place.
Jim Rohn
Do we know about the new rage or trend which is going on in our field? How much extra time do we invest to have a bright future? The general perception is to invest money in some scheme to multiply it for our rainy day. But why don’t we decide some yardstick to gauge our own development and believe me, if we do so…it will have amazing impact on lives. Since money and wealth is not permanent but our qualities and skill development will be there with us forever...In order to get success, we will have to learn where we are lacking and why we are lagging behind…then with a firm determination…we will have to set our goals…then it is important to decide on to how to manage our time in order to optimise it in the most possible way…we’ll have a check on our time schedule….the amount of time we waste in gossiping, social networking sites or in inefficient activity. So we need behaviour, attitude and skill to change our behaviour.

I think it is sufficient for take care of yourself, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and begin learning to change your perception...each of us has immense strength and we are capable enough to change our lives...
Mamta Sharma.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Early Bird Catches the Worm!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? How's life going? Today I woke up a little late...generally I am very energetic on week-ends but today I was feeling lethargic...though I woke up late by half an hour only but it seemed too late. It is my habit to pay my reverence to the rising sun just after waking up as it fills me with lots of positive energy but today I found the sun shining brightly and I was unable to concentrate on my prayers. The worst thing which happened was that I forgot to carry my mobile phone which is an inseparable part of my life. Well...Friends, today I wish to talk to you regarding waking up early and its advantages. Basically I come across three kinds of categories of people who have diverse perception in terms of early rising.. The first category includes the people who despise early rising as they feel life is the other name of chilling out and relaxing...and morning is the best time to give rest to the body. The second category consists of people who want to wake up early but they are not determined. They make resolution before they sleep every night, set alarm but are unable to stick to their resolution and they hit the snooze button of their alarm clock and sleep again. Yes I do agree with such people as it seems very tempting to hit the snooze button as soon as as the alarm goes off. The last category has people who wake up early and enjoy the positiveness of the early hour.
So let me discuss the this category with you all. There are innumerable benefits of early rising which can change our perception, personality and even our lives. You must be thinking how it is is very much possible..

When you get up early in the morning, we have a long day to work and to make our strategies for the entire day...As soon as you wake up please don't jump out of bed at once since our mind along with our body needs some time to be regain its advice is to first pray for a while just with your eyes closed...we should show our gratitude to the Almighty for granting us one more day to live and explore the new things. Then come out of bed and can do some yoga asana or physical exercise...or can go out for a walk...Experiencing freshness of early hour rejuvenates us...don't worry you still have lots of time to get ready for your work. After freshening up, don't forget to take a glass of lukewarm water as it is important for several things such digestion, skin, hair, weight loss and several other diseases. Now comes the very essential part of our morning and it is having breakfast...breakfast...means when we break our fast after a long duration of 12 hours or so...friends we should never ever skip our is really a very important and unavoidable meal of our entire day. Having whole fruits is better than having fruit juice. I try to have variety in my breakfast everyday for which I plan one day before. Sorry for elaborating on my points about morning rituals minutely....I was talking about the benefits of early rising. So I shared the first advantage of early rising which is that we have immense time and we don't have to rush in haphazard way and we start out day in a very calm and peaceful manner.
The other benefit of rising early is we won't have to drive or ride fast while commuting from our place to we don't need to. We can keep our calm even at the time of traffic jam because we have time.
So let me compile my entire discourse in brief...Early rising has wonderful impact on our physical, mental well-being...we have time to juggle with various duties that we have to perform through out the day. We avoid irritation by doing everything on time as we are more optimistic and productive...
So let me wind up my conversation with you...till the next meeting take care of yourself, be safe, healthy and happy...inculcate the habit of rising early...

Mamta Sharma.

No one is Alien Here!!!!

Hello Everyone,
In the present scenario...we are living in no one trusts anyone...people all over the world are battling with various theories, such as all the strangers are arsonists, enemies, and will maltreat us etc. There is fear, chaos, uncertainty, and dilemma among all of us. So what is to be done?? Should we let such negative thoughts come across our minds to snatch the heavenly qualities like love, trust, care, peace, belief, humanity etc? God made this wonderful universe for us, His children, so that we can live a carefree life...we can propagate the divinity in the form of love and beauty...but look at our helplessness...since we ourselves have created problems and mess everywhere...Elaborating on the same points...I composed the poem No one is Alien Here! 

No one is alien here,
We all are akin to each other;
Scarlet blood flows in all of us,
But the colour of skin may differ,
Voice, a wonderful gift by Him,
But the language may differ,
Brain, a brilliant gift by Him,
But thoughts may differ,
Skills, a fantastic gift by Him,
But caliber may differ,
Who’s created the difference in human hither?
It’s created by us, not by Him.
Why there is hatred, jealousy and differences?
Why there is bloodshed and riots?
Awake and be acquainted with the beauty of the world,
Politeness, sympathy, love and empathy,
The greatest treasure of mirth,
Enrich yourself with them as they worth,
Magnificent and glorious this world will become,
No distinction, no partition, no boundaries will be,

The cause of inhumanity in humans then.

So till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy, and yourself...and be positive...and live a carefree life.
Mamta Sharma.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Moments Of Solitude!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well...Friends sometimes we feel like spending our time with ourselves...far from maddening hullabaloo of this world...we want no one around shows that you want to have introspection about something that has a profound impact on your if you are going through this yearning for solitude...don't it is a good sign...but come up with some positive perception after this brooding...No matter how terrible the situation is...tell yourself that you are going to prove youself to the rest of the all the god made things around us convey the message of being confident, carefree and optimist...So read this poem of mine and don't forget to leave your comments..
I feel the moments of solitude
Sad and dejected;
Left alone and rejected
Whom to take solace and
Change the attitude;
Who am I?  Several questions arise
Heart, full of morose, repents and cries
The splendid world seems go up side down
I feel the moments of solitude
Here comes my soul for my rescue
Why to bother, the fleshly dress
Will be tattered
See a river gargling,
A flower blooming
A bird chirping
Lonely they are, but do scatter
Glee at the nook and corner
Hence you too feel cheerful
And fill this earth with your smile and laughter.

So till our next meeting...take care of yourself, be positive, be safe, happy and healthy...and don't forget that all the changes and occurrences, that take place in our life, are due to some specific never lose your faith in this life happily is difficult but not impossible.
Mamta Sharma. 

Nervousness: Part and Parcel of Life

Hello Everyone,
Let me share my poem Nervousness: Part and Parcel of Life with you.
Nervousness is a very common phenomenon in our lives...We go through this feeling now and then. It can't be separated from our lives...since this emerges whether we want it or not. If any of you is suffers from jittery very often...don't feel guilty...because it never sees any difference between poor or rich, young or mature, illiterate or highly qualified... So please go though the poem and leave your comments...

It happens sometimes
We have dancing butterflies
No words only the expressions
Shuddering, shaking due to lack of courage and confidence.
We become the slave
Of that moment grave
This is nothing else but nervousness
This victimizes us with relentlessness.
How callous this feeling is
As it spares no one whoever it is.
Then nothing matters to us
Only jittery, apprehension and unrest
Nervousness appears again and again
As it is the part and parcel of happiness and pain.

So be happy, safe and healthy, love yourself and don't have even a jot of self-accusation when you are nervous...

because it is the part and parcel of life.
Mamta Sharma.

We can do...and we'll do!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? 

Well...while talking to my listeners during motivation classes or counselling sessions….I often meet diverse people who are from different age-group, choice, taste and background. These people may be different from each other at certain issues…but I find a similar link between all of them….NOBODY IS SATISFIED WITH HIS/HER LIFE… Each of them is confused and is in dilemma…Each of them keeps bickering about what he doesn't have….how much dejected he is….how his life is devoid of any interest and charm…. How his friend is doing pretty well in his life…but he, despite rigorous work and intellect, is not getting positive returns….I get little perturbed, when I hear most of them complaining against God….they say why God is callous to them in each and every aspect of their life…
The most disturbing thing is…that people tend to discuss about their problems, sufferings, dejection and failures but they never ponder about what the Almighty has gifted to them. Friends…the biggest gift that He has given us is the gift of life…we are born as humans and are equipped with several qualities that are rare in the other species in the Universe.
Well…after talking to several people, I come across two categories of people: one includes people who are suffering from self-pity and are pessimist…they feel that they only have problems and the rest of the world is enjoying and celebrating life…the people of this category have apprehension all the time…they are timid to face the situation and like blame game. Now comes the other category which consists people who have riches and life seems a piece of cake for them…but they are scared of losing their wealth or pleasures of life and hence they never trust the rest of the world. They seem arrogant and never forget to boast of their materialistic acquirements to everyone. In either category…life is not considered important…people are unsure about their goals…what they want from their lives...We hardly know that God has already provided us the essentials to live extraordinary lives…yet we keep waiting for support from Him in each and every walk of life.  
Let me tell you the key to success…
The first and foremost habit that we should focus on is to stop whining about the type of lives…we are leading to…since mere complaining can’t help us at all. God puts you in different situations but His intention is not to trouble us but to look at how we utilize our qualities even in adverse circumstances…we should always remember that we can never survive on our own with His support… He wants us to believe in deeds with the help of with we can go ahead to fulfil our dreams….
Setting our Goals is the next significant step…since by setting our goals, we steer our lives in the right direction. Once we set our goals…we step forward towards the progress and betterment in our lives…but most of us have problem of not being able to implement our strategies…You keep telling yourself that you have to put in your best efforts to procure your goals.
So the third step is intertwined with the aforementioned steps and here it is…we'll have to train ourself to achieve that goal… e.g. if we want to be confident within a certain period of time…we should practice and try to gather information that may help us to be more and more confident. Reading books on confidence…listening to lectures that tell us how to acquire abundance of confidence…and when we realize that we have improved a little…we should learn to come out of our comfort zone and start interacting with the people.

To have Self- belief is another pivotal step to reach our goal…Generally we like to hear others’ perception about what we can do in our lives…and we lose our courage when we hear others saying this work is not for you or you don’t deserve to achieve…We must stop listening to others’ viewpoints as it hinders us to move ahead and it  makes us to lose our faith in ourselves.
So it is time to  wind up...take happy and safe...and don't forget to set and work on your goals...
Mamta Sharma.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Relations...the Precious Treasure!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well…friends while conducting motivation sessions…I do tell my audience that if they really want to succeed in their lives…they will have to value their relations. Since no success is complete without our close friends, family members and our well-wishers. Our lives with glittering success is not enough and we need our people around us to celebrate...the people...who understand us and who are always there to take care of emotional well-being. Friends...let me give the example of Pratyusha Banerjee, an emerging actor of television, who ended her life by committing suicide recently...what made her taking such an extreme step??…Don't you was a herculean task for a girl like her who belonged to a middle class family... to hog limelight in the television industry...She was appreciated for her wonderful and natural acting skills ...and the answer is lack of emotional we must comprehend how essential our family is for our strong emotional development ...Now it’s time to share my poem with you all. Well, this is true that almost all of us take our relations and friends for granted as we assume that they will have to support us  and this assumption seems to have given us a license to hurt them…but we should be grateful to God for such a divine gift. If you don’t agree with me…then please take out some time to visit an orphanage to find a number of children who are always in hope to be the part of a family...or an old age home...where the weak, tired and shattered souls keep waiting for their family members to visit them once a while...I've shared two different situations with both the cases...there are the people who don't know what relations are...

Relations are Precious!

Relations are precious treasure,
There’s some thread that binds us together?
Relation should be loved and nourished
They should be enjoyed and cherished,
It’s quite stunning and bewildering
That we waste them in confusion and bickering;
Do we ever value our relations?
Only an orphan can mention their significance,
Relations are hard to find
Don’t lose them and be kind;
After spending the life entire,
When we put off this worldly attire
We’d be free from every bond
 Would depart to be lost whether petite or honed;
So we are here for a short span of time,
Then why not to value the relations Divine?

So now it's time to say goodnight ...take care of safe, healthy and yourself...and don't forget to care for your near and dear ones...the happiness and excitement for a celebration would be manifold...if you are with your family.
Mamta Sharma.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

To Err is Human but don't make it your Habit

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? Let me tell you conversing with you daily has become my habit...I can't  resist myself from writing blogs...since you all have become an inseparable part of my life. So today...let's discuss how habits can change our personality, nature and life entirely....

But before I commence discussing what habits is significant to talk about we know To err is human and to forgive is divine. So friends, we are humans and deliberately or unknowingly I keep making some or the other mistake in our do you deal with such situation when you feel that loss is irreparable on account of your mistake? Does it send shivers down your spine? Friends, this is a general tendency to not to hold ourselves responsible for our own mistakes and we put in our best efforts to let the world know that we are innocent...and we end up lying which leads to more mess...then starts a never ending series of lies...We should not making mistakes our habit...because Old habits die hard and believe me it affects our personality badly. It is better to let your near and dear know about the error you made...or it would keep haunting you in future and you'd never feel at ease.
Mistake is something,
That makes you regret each and every moment,
Mistake is something,
That interrupts your progress vehement;
This is like a grave
That gets you buried every day,
As only you know it and save,
In your mind and soul and repay,
It’s said to err is human,
But it’s tough to seek for mercy;
It’s done not deliberately for we’re not superhuman;
Though it leads to repercussions very murky;
Mistake may happen at any age,
It’s not because of childhood or immaturity,
So why to carry the burden in rage
Pardon yourself as it won’t snatch your purity;
Making mistake is very natural
But not realizing or accepting it is beastly,
So don’t feel like a culprit since it’s not unnatural,
Try, Try and Try hard and you’ll overcome it easily.

In my next blog, we will discuss how habits make us don't forget to read it.
Take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them the next time.
Mamta Sharma.

Enjoy the Pain of Learning

Learn as if you were to live forever.     -- Mahatma Gandhi
Hello Everyone,
How are you all?  Well…while reading today’s The Times of India, I came across the  interview of Salman Khan in which while answering to one of the scribes' questions, he provided information about his upcoming movie for which he is working hard so that he can get into the skin of the character (I assume it is the role of a wrestler). He talked about the tough training he’s been going through by fighting the real wrestlers who, during the shoot, throw him on the ground and it hurts…He said. One fascinating statement which made in his interview was…'I’m trying to enjoy that pain of learning’. However we appreciate each and every sentence asserted by a celebrity like Salman Khan but I reckon that this is not mere a it unravels the philosophy of life. Learning is a requisite on which the structure of our entire life stands as it is the only motivating factor which is vital to steer our lives in correct direction. It is said that the moment…one stops learning…he stops living. Learning new thing is significant in several aspects so let's discuss them:


Since we all know…how essential our confidence is for living our lives successfully therefore I've prioritize it. Our confidence cannot be procured from the outside world as lies within..and it makes us extraordinary people. Nobody likes rejection and so we want to be accepted by the rest of the world…it is required for us to have self acceptance. So we'll have to figure out where we lack and by learning the relevant skills, we can change our persona. For Learning new skills imbibe self confidence which comes from higher self esteem. 


Happiness is defined in different ways by different people...because generally we associate it with worldly and materialistic acquirement..but I believe that no definition can describe happiness as it is a feeling which is very hard to describe. for example acquiring a great sum of money can make someone on the top of the world on the one hand...while on the other hand serving a needy can also make the other person on the cloud nine.… Many a time…even a wealthy person also suffers from unhappiness. But Believe me if you learn some new skill, language, or you explore some astonishing land...nothing can gauge your happiness because it is manifold.


My encounter with such dull and tedious people is a very common phenomenon in my life…these people are unsure about their goals…what I feel that they either need self motivation or a counselor who can guide them to recognize their own potential. So in this situation...learning like a gentle breeze which always rejuvenating…it not only unleashes our hidden potential but also removes the monotony of our life. Since following the same routine or rut everyday, makes us forgetting the real aim of our life

Age is no Bar

The best aspect of learning is that learning is beyond our age and there is no hindrance to learn something new. We need high spirit and curiosity to equip ourselves with the unique qualities which will help us to grow professionally and personally.

Now the question arises to us is….what to be learned…

We can get perfection in a new language such as English, Spanish, French or German etc. Jim Rohn, a well-known American motivational trainer says knowledge of more than one language can get us extra bucks. If we have time…we can get ourselves enrolled in some language school or we can choose any online course such as Coursera or any MOOC. YouTube can also be very useful in this regard. Learning how to play a musical instrument or singing a new song also gives us immense happiness. This is the age of computer and several new computer programs and languages help us to develop our skills which not only build up our confidence but also be fruitful for successful careers. Learning photography or preparing a new dish also gives lots of satisfaction for creating new. Apart from gaining satisfaction...we can make our learning experience the source of our income as well.

You might be thinking that I’m deviating from the real topic which is Enjoying the pain of learning….no friends…not at all. I’m still stuck to the same point…which is learning…let me share my experience with you all…last to last month when I decided to learn driving,…it was like a mammoth task for me…being a working woman…I had to juggle with several things which wound me up entirely.…getting up early to prepare my breakfast and lunch, getting my son ready for his school and reaching my office at 9 A.M. was not easy at all but I managed somehow and after my hectic 18 days of learning how to drive…when I started driving on my own..It filled me with enormous confidence and positivism. So learning comes through pain but we forget about it later because we enjoy when confidence of being self-dependent changes our lives and future.

So friends you can endeavor to have an immaculate personality, life, and nature by inculcating new skills….but you will have to manage your time…and to create a passion to change yourself…once you commence working on yourself….there is no looking back. This will surely guide you to cash in the opportunities that come your way.

So this is time to wind up…

Be safe, healthy and happy…take care of yourself…love yourself and always be open to learn new things to change the direction of your life.


Mamta Sharma.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Trouble and Prayer

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? I came across a woman...her wrinkled face...expressionless eyes...and hunched back were narrating the story of her pathetic condition...She came and stood at some distance with me. Firstly I couldn't understand why she was standing in such a she was quiet and didn't seem a beggar and moreover it was ten 10 O' clock. In the meanwhile my friend came back after getting her dinner packed and gestured me to start the scooter...without wasting a moment, I unzipped my handbag and groped for some change to give to the old lady. I could feel tears in her eyes and a faint smile on her dull face...This was a trivial instance...and I wish to draw your attention towards problems, sufferings, want and scarcity. Often I keep thinking why people undergo you ever think why humans suffer? On account of these sufferings...sometimes life seems very tough and people end up taking extreme steps . I become overwhelmed and dejected to see people's problems..their troubles...I have heard  several intellectuals saying that we'll have to put up with the problems because of our Prarabdha i.e. the karmas of our past birth. But I can't elaborate the concept of Prarabdha due to lack of in-depth knowledge of spirituality. However, I know one obvious thing that our karmas should be pure and well-intended and  believe me a perfect blend of Karmas, diligence and prayer can make everything possible. We can overcome all the impediments and obstacles if we know which direction, we are heading to....with the help of right strategies and surely the Almighty's name in our hearts. Friends...let me tell you all..prayers can make our lives easier...
Pray  and see the result
So now I'm sharing one more poem of mine which I'd written a long time back...but there is no change in my perception...I still believe prayer is a belief with the help of which we can stand firmly when the entire world has gone topsy-turvy as we are never alone...He's there in each and every circumstance to usher us through the winding paths of life.
Trouble and Prayer
I suffered and went through a bad phase
Since I was a girl who lost her father,
This loss made the life tough and in haze,
But consoled I was that even I was accompanied by my mother;
Life was not a piece of cake,
As all the pleasures seemed to turn their back
My life and future was at stake;
All my relatives seemed to have disappeared Oh heck,
I still remember the prayers of my mother feeble,
How she strengthened my belief in the Almighty,
But none seemed to change, I felt rebel,
Yet it became my habit to kneel down to the Almighty
And this gave me strength to move forward,
Without any qualms but optimism,
There came the light which ushered,
To the success golden as my prayers answered.

So it's time to turn in as it is already midnight. Take safe and others...keep smiling...and don't forget to pray...

Mamta Sharma


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Originality Vs Artificiality

Hello Everyone,
Please go through my poem I'm sharing with you all and never ever let yourself down no matter how tough the situation is....since we all have abundance of power which has immense and consistent source of confidence and will power...which can also be called intrinsic strength...and if we recognize this power lying within us...nothing will be impossible for we have to start talking to ourselves when we don't have anyone around us...spending some quality time with our 'selves' can make us comprehend our 'real selves'. At the end of the is originality which let's train our selves to overcome each and every hurdle which comes on our way to success and contentment. The name of my poem is Originality Vs Artificiality

You like to stand in shadow,
Whereas others stand in the sun and shine,
Diffidence has surrounded you in vain,
You are perfect with your imperfections,
There’s no need to be embarrassed 
And throwing pity party on you, puzzled
It’s good to know the shortcomings in you
But it’s no good to pick the holes in you.
Look this world is full of opportunities,
And you deserve the best possibilities.
Regard yourself for being honest
This is the time to fulfill what you promised.
You are such a lovely person
Devoid of worldly wisdom,
But true to you self and to the world outside,
With innocence, compassion and virtues but no pride,                                    
So shine with you confidence and high self esteem,
Shine with your virtues and love for yourself extreme.
The world would be yours one day,
Its originality but not the artificiality reaches you high some day.

So take safe and yourself...
Mamta Sharma.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

You and the World

Hello everyone,
How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying Sunday morning...I came across an English proverb while reading today's Times of India...the proverb was..The world will see us as we see ourselves...everybody knows about this fact...moreover we are hesitant to follow it practically...friends, often we look up at others for their feedback about us...this is really hilarious. We know about ourselves more than the rest of the world but still we keep looking for others' opinion about us. For e.g. if we purchase a new dress or car or anything else we exhibit it to others and seek for their perception. 'Is that OK?' is our first question...why do we make our best to get others' nod all the time...what does our confidence say? However it is often good to take feedback from others but how can we rely that?
Let's come back to the point with which I started my blog...the world will see us the way we see ourselves...this plays a pivot role in our lives and success. Confidence is requisite for our lives in terms of success, achievement and acquiring contentment. How to procure it possible to gain from the outside world or it lies inside us..? Accelerate your minds and try to get the answers to these questions mentioned before.
Friends, we'll have to remember if we regard ourselves and don't look down upon us...the remaining world will accept us in that way. But this is not an easy task...this is human nature to appease others and we wish to be accepted by others...If we want to succeed in our lives...we'll have to change the trend of getting others' approval for what we do...we'll to change the directions of our thought process. We'll have to stop thinking what people will say...indeed the entire world will embrace us if we're well intended and we don't have any doubt about our deeds...So my message is Arise...move trust in without any expectations for yourself...know the rage of the time...never hesitate to learn because learning is beyond any age, class, religion or gender, keep working on your personality...and never forget to imbibe heavenly qualities such as sympathy, empathy, mercy and day you will emerge as invincible..But always remember to figure out the hairline difference between confidence and over-confidence...

So let me wind up this discourse...till the next safe and healthy..create something life is a precious gift by the Almighty...
Mamta Sharma.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? Today I have several things to share with you...There's a word bore which we keep using in our day to day discourse.
So I'm thinking to share more words which have the same meaning but are used in different situations. Let me share an instance with you
There is a beautiful woman in my neighbourhood. She is witty but I find her a real bore when she starts talking about her knowledge of cuisine. Once I happened to have dinner at her place...and as usual she started babbling about the dishes which she had prepared. As a generous and humble guest, I praised the dishes, she had prepared and had to nod with her points but I found the food really it didn't taste anything. Her consistent jabber and long-winded explanation about how she makes mouth-watering dishes, made the conversation very monotonous. My happiness and zeal of having food with that intellectual woman disappeared as the meeting got dull and tedious. I managed to swallow down the the food somehow and had to assure her to come over lunch some day,

So the story is over...Hang on for moment....What are you pondering about?...Could you find the synonyms of bore? OK  let me tell you...The synonyms of bore are: bland (while describing food), long-winded (when speech is boring because it is too long), monotonous (is about something that you listen to), dull (when something or someone is boring), tedious (a boring activity).

So now it's time to say bye...we'll meet again and will talk about some interesting topics...till then be safe and healthy, happy and take care.
Mamta Sharma.

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Mom I miss you..

O mother I wish you were here! (Poem)

O mother I wish you were here!
Holding my hand and sitting very near;
There was a time when you were there,
For your guidance, love and care;
But now I feel myself in a Deep Ocean alone,
 Yelling your name but I know you are gone;

O mother I wish you were here!
Holding my hand and sitting very near.

You seemed to be out of sight,
But your memoirs inside are very bright;
No relation can make me contented,
As the bond between us can never be sedated;

O mother I wish you were here!
Holding my hand and sitting very near.

How I wish to share my feelings of bereavements,
Feelings of failure, my passion, and little achievements;
How hard it is to forget your affection,

O mother I wish you were here!
Holding my hand and sitting very near.

Life is full of complexities and thorny deceits,
 How to get solace but I won‘t retreat;
As you always wished me to touch the sky,
So I‘ll keep marching till I reach very high;
 But even the victory seems to lie
And my heart still sinks and does cry;

O mother I wish you were here!
Holding my hand and sitting very near.
I Luv you Mumma
Mamta Sharma

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Failure is a secret to Success!

Failure is a secret to Success!
Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Friends…yesterday I met up one of my acquaintances who used to be a bright student in his school-time. Now he is working in the private sector and is not contented with his work, life and status. I know…that he is diligent, sincere and honest and dedicated to his job. And hence, after my meeting with him got over…I kept thinking, why despite being equipped with several good qualities, he couldn't exhibit his talent to the rest of the world…why can’t he  be considered a successful person and why couldn't he achieve success in his life as per his expectations. What do you say? What is the yardstick of success in our lives?  How can we become successful?
I reckon that failure is never talked about as failures stupefy usNobody desires for failures…this is believed that failure should not be displayed since it is not glittering and impressive like success. People look down upon the unsuccessful people. Due to slump…sometimes even the most industrious and highly motivated people also suffer from lack of self-reliance as they start questioning their own skills and potentials. is essential to figure out the real hindrances on our way to success. Sometimes we are reluctant to accept our failures….but many a time we are hesitant to hold our weak strategies responsible for our failures. Let me tell you…we, ourselves are responsible for our deeds.
We must ensure…what we want from us. But this doesn't happen. We are fickle-minded…on the one hand we yearn to achieve something but on the other hand…we doubt our own potential by saying it is not possible. The moment, we become sceptical…we lose our chance to achieve that goal. As we don’t have an organized mind…it keeps wandering off. Therefore the first step on our way to success is to have a belief in ourselves. And the next step after setting goal is to start putting in the adequate efforts to acquire that goal. Since the Almighty has given immense power to us but He cannot help us until we help ourselves. Don’t be doubtful…everything is possible. 

Let me take your leave now.
Love yourself, Be safe, healthy and Take care.
Mamta Sharma.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Happy Sunday

Hello Everyone,
Happy we all know that Sunday is the first day of the week but we all keep waiting for this amazing day since it is like a fresh, gentle breeze which rejuvenates us after a long hectic week of rigorous work. So on this fantastic day, I would like to suggest you all to enjoy it by spending time with your family and hanging out with your friends, go for shopping, watch the new release.....toady's message is life a precious gift of God and we should live it to its full. But don't forget to take out some time for your workout session and meditation. Your physical and mental fitness is a must for your well-being.
Well it's time to go to work for me as I'm at work.
Love yourself, Be safe, healthy and happy and Take care.
Mamta Sharma

Friday, 15 April 2016

Healthy Habits

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? Sorry for being away from all of you for one entire day…let me tell you that I look forward to talk to you all. But it was due to a snag in the internet connection. Anyway it is good to have healthy habits. Today I woke up late and I couldn't have my breakfast….Do you know why it is called ‘Breakfast’? Because by having our breakfast, we break our fast after waking up in the morning. So it is very important to wake up early so that we don’t start our day in haphazard way.  So we will talk about the benefits of early rising in my next bog. I am about to reach my college….so love yourself, be safe and healthy and take care.

Mamta Sharma
Wake up Early (

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Tiredness: a Psychological Feeling.

Dear All,
How are you doing? I just came back from my workplace and was feeling quite tired. a cup of strong tea refreshed me and now I am all set to talk to you all.
I'm tired...let me rest for a while..Please.
(pic from
 So today, I want to discuss something which plays a vital role in our lives and this is tiredness.
So is tiredness...physical...or...psychological? Do you know that physical tiredness can be removed after taking rest for a while but it is really very tough to overcome our psychological tiredness or fatigue. There is a saying in Hindi, 'man ke hare haar hai, man ke jeete jeet' ( 'म न  के हा र  है , मन  के जीते जीत') which means feeling tired or rejuvenated is a person's own attitude. So dear friends..let's don't get dominated by this negative feeling. Since life means to move forward and to stop is like putting a full stop to our success. No gains. Life is for a very short span of time but lots of work is to be done during this period. We will have to choose if we want to rest and live in scarcity or we want to work, grow and to be happy. We need to manage our time in such a way so that we can take care of our health also. Furthermore, we have weekends for rest and enjoyment. If we really wish to move ahead in our lives..we will have to stop pampering ourselves for the wrong reasons. "Get up and work..even the Almighty also wants us to live the best lives..."
I can do everything..
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So we'll talk in the next meeting..till then take safe and love yourself. Bye Mamta Sharma

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Happiness is a Feeling.

Hello All,
In one of my blogs..I had asked you how we all can be happy..what is the cause of real happiness..if it is because of materialistic things, success, friendship or something I want to discuss happiness with you all. Happiness is a feeling which we all have when life seems favorable to us. but what...when things don't go according to our expectations! We lose our patience, we start comparing our lives with others who appear happy and gratified to us...we even don't hesitate to blame the Almighty for each and every unexpected occurrence in our lives...Now let me tell you the reason...the state of happiness/unhappiness is due to our attitude....a person who has positive attitude accepts the challenges and moves ahead but a person who has negative timid because he is unable to muster his courage to confront the reality.
So dear readers...we have to remember that we all have immense power in ourselves...but we keep wandering to find this source...We don't have to look up to others for happiness. It can be achieved if we have the first thing that we have to remember is to love ourselves and then the next step is to find out our strengths and weaknesses and to work on them...third step is to shape our abilities like a gardener prunes the plants for their better growth and shape. Wait...few steps are are still remaining...the next very important step is to learn new things...for instance, if any of us has interest in singing or sports, s/he should learn it...if we can do something for others to make them happy...we should come forward. Sometimes making others happy also gives us a kind of satisfaction...and one last thing is that the Supreme Power is there to take care of all of let's be honest with ourselves...and work everyday in such a way as if this is our last day in this world...I don't know if you agree with me or not...but this is what I want to share with all of you..and if you also have tell me..take care and bye..
Mamta Sharma

Monday, 11 April 2016

perfection and ourselves

Hey All,
How are you doing? Today I wanna talk to you all about perfection and ourselves..we all know that there are loads of dreams that we have for a better future and to have that...we need to have perfection. We keep encouraging ourselves to perfect our personality, deeds, career, relations and almost everything. Sometimes we succeed but sometimes we what happens, when we find all our efforts, to have perfection, have gone in vain. Now the real struggle commences....we become very hard on ourselves...we push ourselves hard and hard to do better. No matter how much potential we have...we are not gratified. Since we wish to obtain perfection at any cost...but we should hold on for a second...and should ponder about the things that we have already achieved. Nobody is perfect in this is simply not possible to have 100% perfection. Sometimes our 'selves' wish to be be be care for...So it is better to relax for a while, if things don't take place according to our expectations...what we have to do is to be happy..and to love diligence, patience and confidence..always have the best results...
Rest in the next discourse..till then take care and bye.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Idiom/Phrases 2

Hello All,
You know phrases/idioms play a vital role in our day to day communication but when we speak of them, we have to keep in mind the value of their usage as it is the usage that gives a special meaning to a word or phrase. One thing that I would like to mention here is that the largest number of idioms are those that result from the addition of prepositions after verbs.
So let's discuss the following idioms that have the word 'look':
1. Look forward to:
Meaning: to wait for with expectations
We all have been looking forward to the winter holidays.
2. Look at:
Meaning: to see
Usage: Let me look at those beautiful dolls.
3. Look into:
Meaning: to examine
I request you to look into the matter and take some strict action.
4. Look after:
Meaning: to take care of
5. Look down upon:
Meaning: to despise
Usage: It is his habit to look down upon the person he talks with.
6. To look for:
Meaning: to be in search of
Usage: The police are looking for the thief.
Kindly leave your comment and tell me if you like these idioms.
Mamta Sharma