To Err is Human but don't make it your Habit

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? Let me tell you conversing with you daily has become my habit...I can't  resist myself from writing blogs...since you all have become an inseparable part of my life. So today...let's discuss how habits can change our personality, nature and life entirely....

But before I commence discussing what habits is significant to talk about we know To err is human and to forgive is divine. So friends, we are humans and deliberately or unknowingly I keep making some or the other mistake in our do you deal with such situation when you feel that loss is irreparable on account of your mistake? Does it send shivers down your spine? Friends, this is a general tendency to not to hold ourselves responsible for our own mistakes and we put in our best efforts to let the world know that we are innocent...and we end up lying which leads to more mess...then starts a never ending series of lies...We should not making mistakes our habit...because Old habits die hard and believe me it affects our personality badly. It is better to let your near and dear know about the error you made...or it would keep haunting you in future and you'd never feel at ease.
Mistake is something,
That makes you regret each and every moment,
Mistake is something,
That interrupts your progress vehement;
This is like a grave
That gets you buried every day,
As only you know it and save,
In your mind and soul and repay,
It’s said to err is human,
But it’s tough to seek for mercy;
It’s done not deliberately for we’re not superhuman;
Though it leads to repercussions very murky;
Mistake may happen at any age,
It’s not because of childhood or immaturity,
So why to carry the burden in rage
Pardon yourself as it won’t snatch your purity;
Making mistake is very natural
But not realizing or accepting it is beastly,
So don’t feel like a culprit since it’s not unnatural,
Try, Try and Try hard and you’ll overcome it easily.

In my next blog, we will discuss how habits make us don't forget to read it.
Take care, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and learn from your mistakes so that you don't make them the next time.
Mamta Sharma.


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