Happiness is a Feeling.

Hello All,
In one of my blogs..I had asked you how we all can be happy..what is the cause of real happiness..if it is because of materialistic things, success, friendship or something else...today I want to discuss happiness with you all. Happiness is a feeling which we all have when life seems favorable to us. but what...when things don't go according to our expectations! We lose our patience, we start comparing our lives with others who appear happy and gratified to us...we even don't hesitate to blame the Almighty for each and every unexpected occurrence in our lives...Now let me tell you the reason...the state of happiness/unhappiness is due to our attitude....a person who has positive attitude accepts the challenges and moves ahead but a person who has negative attitude...is timid because he is unable to muster his courage to confront the reality.
So dear readers...we have to remember that we all have immense power in ourselves...but we keep wandering to find this source...We don't have to look up to others for happiness. It can be achieved if we have self-reliance...so the first thing that we have to remember is to love ourselves and then the next step is to find out our strengths and weaknesses and to work on them...third step is to shape our abilities like a gardener prunes the plants for their better growth and shape. Wait...few steps are are still remaining...the next very important step is to learn new things...for instance, if any of us has interest in singing or sports, s/he should learn it...if we can do something for others to make them happy...we should come forward. Sometimes making others happy also gives us a kind of satisfaction...and one last thing is that the Supreme Power is there to take care of all of us...so let's be honest with ourselves...and work everyday in such a way as if this is our last day in this world...I don't know if you agree with me or not...but this is what I want to share with all of you..and if you also have something..do tell me..take care and bye..
Mamta Sharma


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