Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? Today I have several things to share with you...There's a word bore which we keep using in our day to day discourse.
So I'm thinking to share more words which have the same meaning but are used in different situations. Let me share an instance with you
There is a beautiful woman in my neighbourhood. She is witty but I find her a real bore when she starts talking about her knowledge of cuisine. Once I happened to have dinner at her place...and as usual she started babbling about the dishes which she had prepared. As a generous and humble guest, I praised the dishes, she had prepared and had to nod with her points but I found the food really bland.as it didn't taste anything. Her consistent jabber and long-winded explanation about how she makes mouth-watering dishes, made the conversation very monotonous. My happiness and zeal of having food with that intellectual woman disappeared as the meeting got dull and tedious. I managed to swallow down the the food somehow and had to assure her to come over lunch some day,

So the story is over...Hang on for moment....What are you pondering about?...Could you find the synonyms of bore? OK  let me tell you...The synonyms of bore are: bland (while describing food), long-winded (when speech is boring because it is too long), monotonous (is about something that you listen to), dull (when something or someone is boring), tedious (a boring activity).

So now it's time to say bye...we'll meet again and will talk about some interesting topics...till then be safe and healthy, happy and take care.
Mamta Sharma.

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