Nature's Preaching!!

Hello Everyone,
Happy Sunday. Well friends...each day is a new day with its new opportunities, challenges, and accept it with open arms and live it  to its full.
Kindly read the following poem and leave your valuable comments.

See this world, crammed with pleasure everywhere,
Colours of Nature are scattered all over.
Happy are the stars in darkness and glitter,
Preach us to overcome the ignorance and jitters
See the sky high, though far
Full of mystic fantasy and bizarre;
And teaches us to touch the crest,
Preaching by trees is unique and the best
Since we’re told to be humble and generous,
Uncanny is the glee showered by the rippling rivers
Makes us heading on and on but be courteous.
Beams of the sun are so bright,
Illuminate the entire world equally with their light.
Standstills are the hills and the mountains,
Show us the way to be courageous in the problem’s curtains.
It’s so easy to lead this life, if we work assiduously,

Leave everything onto Him, if we want to live cheerfully.

Till our next meeting...take care and love yourself, healthy, safe and happy and please believe in action to change your life in the positive way.
Mamta Sharma


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