Idiom/Phrases 2

Hello All,
You know phrases/idioms play a vital role in our day to day communication but when we speak of them, we have to keep in mind the value of their usage as it is the usage that gives a special meaning to a word or phrase. One thing that I would like to mention here is that the largest number of idioms are those that result from the addition of prepositions after verbs.
So let's discuss the following idioms that have the word 'look':
1. Look forward to:
Meaning: to wait for with expectations
We all have been looking forward to the winter holidays.
2. Look at:
Meaning: to see
Usage: Let me look at those beautiful dolls.
3. Look into:
Meaning: to examine
I request you to look into the matter and take some strict action.
4. Look after:
Meaning: to take care of
5. Look down upon:
Meaning: to despise
Usage: It is his habit to look down upon the person he talks with.
6. To look for:
Meaning: to be in search of
Usage: The police are looking for the thief.
Kindly leave your comment and tell me if you like these idioms.
Mamta Sharma


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