Relations...the Precious Treasure!!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well…friends while conducting motivation sessions…I do tell my audience that if they really want to succeed in their lives…they will have to value their relations. Since no success is complete without our close friends, family members and our well-wishers. Our lives with glittering success is not enough and we need our people around us to celebrate...the people...who understand us and who are always there to take care of emotional well-being. Friends...let me give the example of Pratyusha Banerjee, an emerging actor of television, who ended her life by committing suicide recently...what made her taking such an extreme step??…Don't you was a herculean task for a girl like her who belonged to a middle class family... to hog limelight in the television industry...She was appreciated for her wonderful and natural acting skills ...and the answer is lack of emotional we must comprehend how essential our family is for our strong emotional development ...Now it’s time to share my poem with you all. Well, this is true that almost all of us take our relations and friends for granted as we assume that they will have to support us  and this assumption seems to have given us a license to hurt them…but we should be grateful to God for such a divine gift. If you don’t agree with me…then please take out some time to visit an orphanage to find a number of children who are always in hope to be the part of a family...or an old age home...where the weak, tired and shattered souls keep waiting for their family members to visit them once a while...I've shared two different situations with both the cases...there are the people who don't know what relations are...

Relations are Precious!

Relations are precious treasure,
There’s some thread that binds us together?
Relation should be loved and nourished
They should be enjoyed and cherished,
It’s quite stunning and bewildering
That we waste them in confusion and bickering;
Do we ever value our relations?
Only an orphan can mention their significance,
Relations are hard to find
Don’t lose them and be kind;
After spending the life entire,
When we put off this worldly attire
We’d be free from every bond
 Would depart to be lost whether petite or honed;
So we are here for a short span of time,
Then why not to value the relations Divine?

So now it's time to say goodnight ...take care of safe, healthy and yourself...and don't forget to care for your near and dear ones...the happiness and excitement for a celebration would be manifold...if you are with your family.
Mamta Sharma.


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