Moments Of Solitude!

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Well...Friends sometimes we feel like spending our time with ourselves...far from maddening hullabaloo of this world...we want no one around shows that you want to have introspection about something that has a profound impact on your if you are going through this yearning for solitude...don't it is a good sign...but come up with some positive perception after this brooding...No matter how terrible the situation is...tell yourself that you are going to prove youself to the rest of the all the god made things around us convey the message of being confident, carefree and optimist...So read this poem of mine and don't forget to leave your comments..
I feel the moments of solitude
Sad and dejected;
Left alone and rejected
Whom to take solace and
Change the attitude;
Who am I?  Several questions arise
Heart, full of morose, repents and cries
The splendid world seems go up side down
I feel the moments of solitude
Here comes my soul for my rescue
Why to bother, the fleshly dress
Will be tattered
See a river gargling,
A flower blooming
A bird chirping
Lonely they are, but do scatter
Glee at the nook and corner
Hence you too feel cheerful
And fill this earth with your smile and laughter.

So till our next meeting...take care of yourself, be positive, be safe, happy and healthy...and don't forget that all the changes and occurrences, that take place in our life, are due to some specific never lose your faith in this life happily is difficult but not impossible.
Mamta Sharma. 


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