Trouble and Prayer

Hello Everyone,
How are you all? I came across a woman...her wrinkled face...expressionless eyes...and hunched back were narrating the story of her pathetic condition...She came and stood at some distance with me. Firstly I couldn't understand why she was standing in such a she was quiet and didn't seem a beggar and moreover it was ten 10 O' clock. In the meanwhile my friend came back after getting her dinner packed and gestured me to start the scooter...without wasting a moment, I unzipped my handbag and groped for some change to give to the old lady. I could feel tears in her eyes and a faint smile on her dull face...This was a trivial instance...and I wish to draw your attention towards problems, sufferings, want and scarcity. Often I keep thinking why people undergo you ever think why humans suffer? On account of these sufferings...sometimes life seems very tough and people end up taking extreme steps . I become overwhelmed and dejected to see people's problems..their troubles...I have heard  several intellectuals saying that we'll have to put up with the problems because of our Prarabdha i.e. the karmas of our past birth. But I can't elaborate the concept of Prarabdha due to lack of in-depth knowledge of spirituality. However, I know one obvious thing that our karmas should be pure and well-intended and  believe me a perfect blend of Karmas, diligence and prayer can make everything possible. We can overcome all the impediments and obstacles if we know which direction, we are heading to....with the help of right strategies and surely the Almighty's name in our hearts. Friends...let me tell you all..prayers can make our lives easier...
Pray  and see the result
So now I'm sharing one more poem of mine which I'd written a long time back...but there is no change in my perception...I still believe prayer is a belief with the help of which we can stand firmly when the entire world has gone topsy-turvy as we are never alone...He's there in each and every circumstance to usher us through the winding paths of life.
Trouble and Prayer
I suffered and went through a bad phase
Since I was a girl who lost her father,
This loss made the life tough and in haze,
But consoled I was that even I was accompanied by my mother;
Life was not a piece of cake,
As all the pleasures seemed to turn their back
My life and future was at stake;
All my relatives seemed to have disappeared Oh heck,
I still remember the prayers of my mother feeble,
How she strengthened my belief in the Almighty,
But none seemed to change, I felt rebel,
Yet it became my habit to kneel down to the Almighty
And this gave me strength to move forward,
Without any qualms but optimism,
There came the light which ushered,
To the success golden as my prayers answered.

So it's time to turn in as it is already midnight. Take safe and others...keep smiling...and don't forget to pray...

Mamta Sharma



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