Failure is a secret to Success!

Failure is a secret to Success!
Hello Everyone,
How are you all? Friends…yesterday I met up one of my acquaintances who used to be a bright student in his school-time. Now he is working in the private sector and is not contented with his work, life and status. I know…that he is diligent, sincere and honest and dedicated to his job. And hence, after my meeting with him got over…I kept thinking, why despite being equipped with several good qualities, he couldn't exhibit his talent to the rest of the world…why can’t he  be considered a successful person and why couldn't he achieve success in his life as per his expectations. What do you say? What is the yardstick of success in our lives?  How can we become successful?
I reckon that failure is never talked about as failures stupefy usNobody desires for failures…this is believed that failure should not be displayed since it is not glittering and impressive like success. People look down upon the unsuccessful people. Due to slump…sometimes even the most industrious and highly motivated people also suffer from lack of self-reliance as they start questioning their own skills and potentials. is essential to figure out the real hindrances on our way to success. Sometimes we are reluctant to accept our failures….but many a time we are hesitant to hold our weak strategies responsible for our failures. Let me tell you…we, ourselves are responsible for our deeds.
We must ensure…what we want from us. But this doesn't happen. We are fickle-minded…on the one hand we yearn to achieve something but on the other hand…we doubt our own potential by saying it is not possible. The moment, we become sceptical…we lose our chance to achieve that goal. As we don’t have an organized mind…it keeps wandering off. Therefore the first step on our way to success is to have a belief in ourselves. And the next step after setting goal is to start putting in the adequate efforts to acquire that goal. Since the Almighty has given immense power to us but He cannot help us until we help ourselves. Don’t be doubtful…everything is possible. 

Let me take your leave now.
Love yourself, Be safe, healthy and Take care.
Mamta Sharma.


  1. As the famous poem of Robert frost echoes... Two paths diverged in d wood nd i cud only take one...many a times...few significant fecisions act as a fulcrum in d life of an invidual taking calculated risks is d order of d day blokes

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