No one is Alien Here!!!!

Hello Everyone,
In the present scenario...we are living in no one trusts anyone...people all over the world are battling with various theories, such as all the strangers are arsonists, enemies, and will maltreat us etc. There is fear, chaos, uncertainty, and dilemma among all of us. So what is to be done?? Should we let such negative thoughts come across our minds to snatch the heavenly qualities like love, trust, care, peace, belief, humanity etc? God made this wonderful universe for us, His children, so that we can live a carefree life...we can propagate the divinity in the form of love and beauty...but look at our helplessness...since we ourselves have created problems and mess everywhere...Elaborating on the same points...I composed the poem No one is Alien Here! 

No one is alien here,
We all are akin to each other;
Scarlet blood flows in all of us,
But the colour of skin may differ,
Voice, a wonderful gift by Him,
But the language may differ,
Brain, a brilliant gift by Him,
But thoughts may differ,
Skills, a fantastic gift by Him,
But caliber may differ,
Who’s created the difference in human hither?
It’s created by us, not by Him.
Why there is hatred, jealousy and differences?
Why there is bloodshed and riots?
Awake and be acquainted with the beauty of the world,
Politeness, sympathy, love and empathy,
The greatest treasure of mirth,
Enrich yourself with them as they worth,
Magnificent and glorious this world will become,
No distinction, no partition, no boundaries will be,

The cause of inhumanity in humans then.

So till our next meeting...take care, be safe, healthy, and yourself...and be positive...and live a carefree life.
Mamta Sharma.


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