Yardstick for Success!!!

Hello Everyone,

Well...sometimes it is fantastic to learn something new without any intention of learning as it compels us to introspect about certain issues. Today the similar instance happened with me when I came across a statement, made by my colleague while having a discourse, regarding how we change drastically in the course of time. He is a young man who has an excellent expertise in fine arts and who progressed incredibly during his studies. He was always curious to learn and wanted to conduct his research in photography…since there is a lot of scope in this field and a very few people have explored different aspects in this regard. But he couldn’t understand what happened afterwards…as he lost his vigor and vitality of learning new things. He had to chew over the ways which could help him to adjust in his new working environment such as coping up with his new boss, manipulating with the workplace politics, manoeuvring the different work culture. He got engrossed with these unavoidable but unnecessary activities that he got deviated from the real passion of his life...his curiosity to learn which would perfect his art and personality. Now taking classes, checking assignments, and mentoring students was all, he used to be busy with throughout the day. Well friends…does this happen with you as well??…Do you ever contemplate about the amount of time you devote to self learning?
Let me tell you that the basic difference between a child and grownup is that...a child is always eager to learn but when the same child grows up…he starts behaving in a very strange and weird way…since he reckons that his phase of learning has got over…"ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..." he tells himself... He doesn’t have time to learn and study further. After all...he has to look after his family and economical issues…and he keeps chasing the new ways to multiply his money but still faces the brunt of financial crunches. While counselling one of my friends, who was going through a grey phase in her life in terms of finance, I suggested her to join some on-line course to groom her personality and brush up her skills but her response bewildered me, when she said, I have learnt a lot…and now it is time to get an effective way to mint money…Friends, the moment we develop this mindset…we, ourselves prevent us to go ahead. Skill development, personality grooming and knowledge enhancement are something that go hand in hand throughout our lives. Now this is up to us…how we make a balance between our livelihood and acquiring these essential requisites, which help us to live our lives successfully.
In the present scenario, there are unprecedented opportunities and possibilities due to modern technology….everybody knows that but are we able to get advantage of this current phenomenon ?What I feel that earning money is secondary...once we commence learning and change our perception...materialistic acquirement is not a big deal. But on account of our ignorance, we keep running after petty things and at the end land up into nothing...this situation creates depression and frustration...
Success is something you attract by becoming attractive to the market place.
Jim Rohn
Do we know about the new rage or trend which is going on in our field? How much extra time do we invest to have a bright future? The general perception is to invest money in some scheme to multiply it for our rainy day. But why don’t we decide some yardstick to gauge our own development and believe me, if we do so…it will have amazing impact on lives. Since money and wealth is not permanent but our qualities and skill development will be there with us forever...In order to get success, we will have to learn where we are lacking and why we are lagging behind…then with a firm determination…we will have to set our goals…then it is important to decide on to how to manage our time in order to optimise it in the most possible way…we’ll have a check on our time schedule….the amount of time we waste in gossiping, social networking sites or in inefficient activity. So we need behaviour, attitude and skill to change our behaviour.

I think it is sufficient for today...so take care of yourself, be safe, healthy and happy, love yourself and begin learning to change your perception...each of us has immense strength and we are capable enough to change our lives...
Mamta Sharma.


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