Early Bird Catches the Worm!!

Hello Everyone,
How are you doing? How's life going? Today I woke up a little late...generally I am very energetic on week-ends but today I was feeling lethargic...though I woke up late by half an hour only but it seemed too late. It is my habit to pay my reverence to the rising sun just after waking up as it fills me with lots of positive energy but today I found the sun shining brightly and I was unable to concentrate on my prayers. The worst thing which happened was that I forgot to carry my mobile phone which is an inseparable part of my life. Well...Friends, today I wish to talk to you regarding waking up early and its advantages. Basically I come across three kinds of categories of people who have diverse perception in terms of early rising.. The first category includes the people who despise early rising as they feel life is the other name of chilling out and relaxing...and morning is the best time to give rest to the body. The second category consists of people who want to wake up early but they are not determined. They make resolution before they sleep every night, set alarm but are unable to stick to their resolution and they hit the snooze button of their alarm clock and sleep again. Yes I do agree with such people as it seems very tempting to hit the snooze button as soon as as the alarm goes off. The last category has people who wake up early and enjoy the positiveness of the early hour.
So let me discuss the this category with you all. There are innumerable benefits of early rising which can change our perception, personality and even our lives. You must be thinking how it is possible...yes...it is very much possible..

When you get up early in the morning, we have a long day to work and to make our strategies for the entire day...As soon as you wake up please don't jump out of bed at once since our mind along with our body needs some time to be regain its conciousness...my advice is to first pray for a while just with your eyes closed...we should show our gratitude to the Almighty for granting us one more day to live and explore the new things. Then come out of bed and can do some yoga asana or physical exercise...or can go out for a walk...Experiencing freshness of early hour rejuvenates us...don't worry you still have lots of time to get ready for your work. After freshening up, don't forget to take a glass of lukewarm water as it is important for several things such digestion, skin, hair, weight loss and several other diseases. Now comes the very essential part of our morning and it is having breakfast...breakfast...means when we break our fast after a long duration of 12 hours or so...friends we should never ever skip our breakfast...it is really a very important and unavoidable meal of our entire day. Having whole fruits is better than having fruit juice. I try to have variety in my breakfast everyday for which I plan one day before. Sorry for elaborating on my points about morning rituals minutely....I was talking about the benefits of early rising. So I shared the first advantage of early rising which is that we have immense time and we don't have to rush in haphazard way and we start out day in a very calm and peaceful manner.
The other benefit of rising early is we won't have to drive or ride fast while commuting from our place to workplace...as we don't need to. We can keep our calm even at the time of traffic jam because we have time.
So let me compile my entire discourse in brief...Early rising has wonderful impact on our physical, mental well-being...we have time to juggle with various duties that we have to perform through out the day. We avoid irritation by doing everything on time as we are more optimistic and productive...
So let me wind up my conversation with you...till the next meeting take care of yourself, be safe, healthy and happy...inculcate the habit of rising early...

Mamta Sharma.


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