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Hello Everyone,
How are you all? 

Well...while talking to my listeners during motivation classes or counselling sessions….I often meet diverse people who are from different age-group, choice, taste and background. These people may be different from each other at certain issues…but I find a similar link between all of them….NOBODY IS SATISFIED WITH HIS/HER LIFE… Each of them is confused and is in dilemma…Each of them keeps bickering about what he doesn't have….how much dejected he is….how his life is devoid of any interest and charm…. How his friend is doing pretty well in his life…but he, despite rigorous work and intellect, is not getting positive returns….I get little perturbed, when I hear most of them complaining against God….they say why God is callous to them in each and every aspect of their life…
The most disturbing thing is…that people tend to discuss about their problems, sufferings, dejection and failures but they never ponder about what the Almighty has gifted to them. Friends…the biggest gift that He has given us is the gift of life…we are born as humans and are equipped with several qualities that are rare in the other species in the Universe.
Well…after talking to several people, I come across two categories of people: one includes people who are suffering from self-pity and are pessimist…they feel that they only have problems and the rest of the world is enjoying and celebrating life…the people of this category have apprehension all the time…they are timid to face the situation and like blame game. Now comes the other category which consists people who have riches and life seems a piece of cake for them…but they are scared of losing their wealth or pleasures of life and hence they never trust the rest of the world. They seem arrogant and never forget to boast of their materialistic acquirements to everyone. In either category…life is not considered important…people are unsure about their goals…what they want from their lives...We hardly know that God has already provided us the essentials to live extraordinary lives…yet we keep waiting for support from Him in each and every walk of life.  
Let me tell you the key to success…
The first and foremost habit that we should focus on is to stop whining about the type of lives…we are leading to…since mere complaining can’t help us at all. God puts you in different situations but His intention is not to trouble us but to look at how we utilize our qualities even in adverse circumstances…we should always remember that we can never survive on our own with His support… He wants us to believe in deeds with the help of with we can go ahead to fulfil our dreams….
Setting our Goals is the next significant step…since by setting our goals, we steer our lives in the right direction. Once we set our goals…we step forward towards the progress and betterment in our lives…but most of us have problem of not being able to implement our strategies…You keep telling yourself that you have to put in your best efforts to procure your goals.
So the third step is intertwined with the aforementioned steps and here it is…we'll have to train ourself to achieve that goal… e.g. if we want to be confident within a certain period of time…we should practice and try to gather information that may help us to be more and more confident. Reading books on confidence…listening to lectures that tell us how to acquire abundance of confidence…and when we realize that we have improved a little…we should learn to come out of our comfort zone and start interacting with the people.

To have Self- belief is another pivotal step to reach our goal…Generally we like to hear others’ perception about what we can do in our lives…and we lose our courage when we hear others saying this work is not for you or you don’t deserve to achieve…We must stop listening to others’ viewpoints as it hinders us to move ahead and it  makes us to lose our faith in ourselves.
So it is time to  wind up...take care...be happy and safe...and don't forget to set and work on your goals...
Mamta Sharma.
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