Tiredness: a Psychological Feeling.

Dear All,
How are you doing? I just came back from my workplace and was feeling quite tired. a cup of strong tea refreshed me and now I am all set to talk to you all.
I'm tired...let me rest for a while..Please.
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 So today, I want to discuss something which plays a vital role in our lives and this is tiredness.
So is tiredness...physical...or...psychological? Do you know that physical tiredness can be removed after taking rest for a while but it is really very tough to overcome our psychological tiredness or fatigue. There is a saying in Hindi, 'man ke hare haar hai, man ke jeete jeet' ( 'म न  के हा र  है , मन  के जीते जीत') which means feeling tired or rejuvenated is a person's own attitude. So dear friends..let's don't get dominated by this negative feeling. Since life means to move forward and to stop is like putting a full stop to our success. No pains..no gains. Life is for a very short span of time but lots of work is to be done during this period. We will have to choose if we want to rest and live in scarcity or we want to work, grow and to be happy. We need to manage our time in such a way so that we can take care of our health also. Furthermore, we have weekends for rest and enjoyment. If we really wish to move ahead in our lives..we will have to stop pampering ourselves for the wrong reasons. "Get up and work..even the Almighty also wants us to live the best lives..."
I can do everything..
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So we'll talk in the next meeting..till then take care..be safe and love yourself. Bye Mamta Sharma


  1. Saksham Mishra Lazy Sam
    So true nd very well articulated in ur aphoristic style....tiredness is actually nothing bt a state of mind...as v say 'everything is in d mind' ...best example is of our PM or even shahrukh khan...these people sleep just fr 3-4 hrs and work manifold than us...not only this they are more jaunty nd proactive than us...there will b plenty of tym fr us to rest ven v vil b in our grave...so till v r alive y nt do smthng dt mkes a difference...not to forget...pain is temporary...glory lasts fr ever
    Just now

  2. Thanx for such a fantastic comment!

  3. Thanx for such a fantastic comment!


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