Enjoy the Pain of Learning

Learn as if you were to live forever.     -- Mahatma Gandhi
Hello Everyone,
How are you all?  Well…while reading today’s The Times of India, I came across the  interview of Salman Khan in which while answering to one of the scribes' questions, he provided information about his upcoming movie for which he is working hard so that he can get into the skin of the character (I assume it is the role of a wrestler). He talked about the tough training he’s been going through by fighting the real wrestlers who, during the shoot, throw him on the ground and it hurts…He said. One fascinating statement which made in his interview was…'I’m trying to enjoy that pain of learning’. However we appreciate each and every sentence asserted by a celebrity like Salman Khan but I reckon that this is not mere a sentence...as it unravels the philosophy of life. Learning is a requisite on which the structure of our entire life stands as it is the only motivating factor which is vital to steer our lives in correct direction. It is said that the moment…one stops learning…he stops living. Learning new thing is significant in several aspects so let's discuss them:


Since we all know…how essential our confidence is for living our lives successfully therefore I've prioritize it. Our confidence cannot be procured from the outside world as lies within..and it makes us extraordinary people. Nobody likes rejection and so we want to be accepted by the rest of the world…it is required for us to have self acceptance. So we'll have to figure out where we lack and by learning the relevant skills, we can change our persona. For Learning new skills imbibe self confidence which comes from higher self esteem. 


Happiness is defined in different ways by different people...because generally we associate it with worldly and materialistic acquirement..but I believe that no definition can describe happiness as it is a feeling which is very hard to describe. for example acquiring a great sum of money can make someone on the top of the world on the one hand...while on the other hand serving a needy can also make the other person on the cloud nine.… Many a time…even a wealthy person also suffers from unhappiness. But Believe me if you learn some new skill, language, or you explore some astonishing land...nothing can gauge your happiness because it is manifold.


My encounter with such dull and tedious people is a very common phenomenon in my life…these people are unsure about their goals…what I feel that they either need self motivation or a counselor who can guide them to recognize their own potential. So in this situation...learning like a gentle breeze which always rejuvenating…it not only unleashes our hidden potential but also removes the monotony of our life. Since following the same routine or rut everyday, makes us forgetting the real aim of our life

Age is no Bar

The best aspect of learning is that learning is beyond our age and there is no hindrance to learn something new. We need high spirit and curiosity to equip ourselves with the unique qualities which will help us to grow professionally and personally.

Now the question arises to us is….what to be learned…

We can get perfection in a new language such as English, Spanish, French or German etc. Jim Rohn, a well-known American motivational trainer says knowledge of more than one language can get us extra bucks. If we have time…we can get ourselves enrolled in some language school or we can choose any online course such as Coursera or any MOOC. YouTube can also be very useful in this regard. Learning how to play a musical instrument or singing a new song also gives us immense happiness. This is the age of computer and several new computer programs and languages help us to develop our skills which not only build up our confidence but also be fruitful for successful careers. Learning photography or preparing a new dish also gives lots of satisfaction for creating new. Apart from gaining satisfaction...we can make our learning experience the source of our income as well.

You might be thinking that I’m deviating from the real topic which is Enjoying the pain of learning….no friends…not at all. I’m still stuck to the same point…which is learning…let me share my experience with you all…last to last month when I decided to learn driving,…it was like a mammoth task for me…being a working woman…I had to juggle with several things which wound me up entirely.…getting up early to prepare my breakfast and lunch, getting my son ready for his school and reaching my office at 9 A.M. was not easy at all but I managed somehow and after my hectic 18 days of learning how to drive…when I started driving on my own..It filled me with enormous confidence and positivism. So learning comes through pain but we forget about it later because we enjoy when confidence of being self-dependent changes our lives and future.

So friends you can endeavor to have an immaculate personality, life, and nature by inculcating new skills….but you will have to manage your time…and to create a passion to change yourself…once you commence working on yourself….there is no looking back. This will surely guide you to cash in the opportunities that come your way.

So this is time to wind up…

Be safe, healthy and happy…take care of yourself…love yourself and always be open to learn new things to change the direction of your life.


Mamta Sharma.
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