Originality Vs Artificiality

Hello Everyone,
Please go through my poem I'm sharing with you all and never ever let yourself down no matter how tough the situation is....since we all have abundance of power which has immense and consistent source of confidence and will power...which can also be called intrinsic strength...and if we recognize this power lying within us...nothing will be impossible for us...so we have to start talking to ourselves when we don't have anyone around us...spending some quality time with our 'selves' can make us comprehend our 'real selves'. At the end of the day..it is originality which matters...so let's train our selves to overcome each and every hurdle which comes on our way to success and contentment. The name of my poem is Originality Vs Artificiality

You like to stand in shadow,
Whereas others stand in the sun and shine,
Diffidence has surrounded you in vain,
You are perfect with your imperfections,
There’s no need to be embarrassed 
And throwing pity party on you, puzzled
It’s good to know the shortcomings in you
But it’s no good to pick the holes in you.
Look this world is full of opportunities,
And you deserve the best possibilities.
Regard yourself for being honest
This is the time to fulfill what you promised.
You are such a lovely person
Devoid of worldly wisdom,
But true to you self and to the world outside,
With innocence, compassion and virtues but no pride,                                    
So shine with you confidence and high self esteem,
Shine with your virtues and love for yourself extreme.
The world would be yours one day,
Its originality but not the artificiality reaches you high some day.

So take care...be safe and healthy...love yourself...
Mamta Sharma.


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