perfection and ourselves

Hey All,
How are you doing? Today I wanna talk to you all about perfection and ourselves..we all know that there are loads of dreams that we have for a better future and to have that...we need to have perfection. We keep encouraging ourselves to perfect our personality, deeds, career, relations and almost everything. Sometimes we succeed but sometimes we what happens, when we find all our efforts, to have perfection, have gone in vain. Now the real struggle commences....we become very hard on ourselves...we push ourselves hard and hard to do better. No matter how much potential we have...we are not gratified. Since we wish to obtain perfection at any cost...but we should hold on for a second...and should ponder about the things that we have already achieved. Nobody is perfect in this is simply not possible to have 100% perfection. Sometimes our 'selves' wish to be be be care for...So it is better to relax for a while, if things don't take place according to our expectations...what we have to do is to be happy..and to love diligence, patience and confidence..always have the best results...
Rest in the next discourse..till then take care and bye.


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