You and the World

Hello everyone,
How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying Sunday morning...I came across an English proverb while reading today's Times of India...the proverb was..The world will see us as we see ourselves...everybody knows about this fact...moreover we are hesitant to follow it practically...friends, often we look up at others for their feedback about us...this is really hilarious. We know about ourselves more than the rest of the world but still we keep looking for others' opinion about us. For e.g. if we purchase a new dress or car or anything else we exhibit it to others and seek for their perception. 'Is that OK?' is our first question...why do we make our best to get others' nod all the time...what does our confidence say? However it is often good to take feedback from others but how can we rely that?
Let's come back to the point with which I started my blog...the world will see us the way we see ourselves...this plays a pivot role in our lives and success. Confidence is requisite for our lives in terms of success, achievement and acquiring contentment. How to procure it possible to gain from the outside world or it lies inside us..? Accelerate your minds and try to get the answers to these questions mentioned before.
Friends, we'll have to remember if we regard ourselves and don't look down upon us...the remaining world will accept us in that way. But this is not an easy task...this is human nature to appease others and we wish to be accepted by others...If we want to succeed in our lives...we'll have to change the trend of getting others' approval for what we do...we'll to change the directions of our thought process. We'll have to stop thinking what people will say...indeed the entire world will embrace us if we're well intended and we don't have any doubt about our deeds...So my message is Arise...move trust in without any expectations for yourself...know the rage of the time...never hesitate to learn because learning is beyond any age, class, religion or gender, keep working on your personality...and never forget to imbibe heavenly qualities such as sympathy, empathy, mercy and day you will emerge as invincible..But always remember to figure out the hairline difference between confidence and over-confidence...

So let me wind up this discourse...till the next safe and healthy..create something life is a precious gift by the Almighty...
Mamta Sharma.


  1. Hii...its gd series of thoughts...but where is the book?

  2. Hello...thank you for your feedback...I need more such comments to boost up my morale as a writer...Regards.


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