Nervousness: Part and Parcel of Life

Hello Everyone,
Let me share my poem Nervousness: Part and Parcel of Life with you.
Nervousness is a very common phenomenon in our lives...We go through this feeling now and then. It can't be separated from our lives...since this emerges whether we want it or not. If any of you is suffers from jittery very often...don't feel guilty...because it never sees any difference between poor or rich, young or mature, illiterate or highly qualified... So please go though the poem and leave your comments...

It happens sometimes
We have dancing butterflies
No words only the expressions
Shuddering, shaking due to lack of courage and confidence.
We become the slave
Of that moment grave
This is nothing else but nervousness
This victimizes us with relentlessness.
How callous this feeling is
As it spares no one whoever it is.
Then nothing matters to us
Only jittery, apprehension and unrest
Nervousness appears again and again
As it is the part and parcel of happiness and pain.

So be happy, safe and healthy, love yourself and don't have even a jot of self-accusation when you are nervous...

because it is the part and parcel of life.
Mamta Sharma.


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